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  1. Chaps - I've managed to set up the Champions' League with the correct fixtures in the group stage for this season, drop me a PM and I'll send you the link (subject to Paypal charge of £1 just to warn you - I'm thinking of making a donation somewhere, suggestions welcome). So if you fancy negotiating a group containing Man City, Napoli, Villarreal and Bayern etc. feel free to drop me a line. Incidentally, I've got a similar file with the group stages of the 2011-12 Europa League that you'll also get, so getting Stoke/Fulham/Spurs/Brum out of their group with your own brand of football is up to you. Both files work independently of any other update files so no restrictions as far as I can tell. The issue that I haven't managed to crack is getting the correct host stadiums as well as the processing of the fixtures for the knock-out rounds. Cheers Previews:-
  2. comam55

    Wallys update

    welcome back!! wally - your updates are great but the competition histories annoy me - I've posted before that if you enter 2011 in the histories, it's better than sticking in 2010 - it's probably the OCD in me but it looks much better with 2011 instead - also the team records will be more accurate. Anyway to sort and include in your updates please? As currently I have to do it meself everytime I get one of your updates!
  3. comam55

    Wallys update

    great update man, spot on - not sure if you're aware though that in the competition histories you are able to set a competition to 2011 even though game starts in 2010. It won't mess up things like Charity Shield/Super Cup as the game reads the last entry as the most recent. You will have 2011 duplicates at the end of that first season though but just wanted to let you know for future edits.
  4. You've done well to get that far, I had a little play around before the WC started, it's quite complex and you need to be a bit lucky...Would be good to get an update once the group phase is finished so that the last 16/knock out ties are the same as in RL?...