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  1. Away games are ridiculous this year. The game completely disregards your team's quality.
  2. I often tell them to specifically mark their man(i.e the right winger to specifically mark the opposition's left-back)
  3. Could have sworn i've seen this exact thread in the past.. Strange deja vu.. Anyway, out of all the frustrations i've had with FM, injuries at international duties is something I have never suffered from, in every FM i've played. Threads like this make me grateful really.
  4. The game forces you to be dynamic. You can't stick with the same tactic. The other teams adapt, and so should you.
  5. Analysis showed Buffon with 18 saves.. Tried to keep going, got crash dumps soon after(and I have it pre-ordered from Steam). Gave up on that save.
  6. Penalties are rarely missed. Unless of course, it's the 108th minute and you are the underdog
  7. Fluidity counts for nothing in the match engine. The ME is relying on rigid attack patterns and strict animations which throws fluidity out the window. I don't know what patch you're playing with(I play 15.3.2) that your IF are acting like they "should" be but it's not the case for me. And I always tell them to roam.
  8. I highlighted the most critical mistake. They don't play like that. In order for the role to be utilised properly they need to roam to that position. Instead they are out-wide, only they cut inside with the ball; Basically they are inside only when they have the ball. That's not how an inside forward acts like. Maybe SI connected the terms 'Cut Inside' with 'Inside Forward'. If they did, they made a crucial mistake in programming the role's behaviour. Robben acts exactly like how the IF acts in FM, but he his not an inside forward in real life. He is essentially a winger with freedom to do whatever he likes with the ball. which reminds me that in reality the winger doesn't always stays stuck with the ball wide like it does in FM. Another mistake by SI.
  9. Well then why calling him an inside forward? The real-life inside forward is not the same as the FM's inside-roaming-flank player, because the IF is not a flank player. Aside from that, it doesn't matter that it's a hasbeen role. The role known as the Inside Forward in real life football is different from how it is portrayed by FM. From my understanding, the roaming-flank-player you are speaking of is a Raumdeuter. He has 'move into channels' and 'roam from positions' automatically active, just like how you described it. But even in the RMD's case FM is wrong in description. "The Raumdeuter does not need technique but instead relies on off the ball movements, like some sort of a wide poacher." What a way of misinforming players. Every player positioned out-wide needs technique, even Thomas Muller(who I find to play best as an F9 hence my name) had to adapt and develop his technique. Beforehand he played as a classic second-striker. Basically my conclusion from this remains a bit the same - The Inside Forward is not suitable for wide forward positions. It should be used on an AMCR\L positions. The Standard role for a wide forward(or 'roaming-flank-player') should be the Raumdeuer. The description for BOTH roles should be changed to be more accurate.
  10. An Inside forward is called as such because he is positioned in an acutely-wide deep forward position(you may call it AMCR\L area). He is not positioned at wide forward positions. he is not a wide player who cuts inside(as much as it fits the name of the role, this is not the case). The IF is a second striker positioned a bit wider. It is not an opinion of mine, it's an historical fact of football tactics. Thats how the role is used in this magical land called reality beyond the FM logic. But FM is intended to be realistic and accurate. The inside forward is not used in an accurate fashion since FM14.
  11. The 'Inside Forward' role should indeed make it's return to the 'Attacking midfielder(Centre)[AMC]' position. The inside forward is the opposite of the outside forward(Winger). While a winger serves as a wide dribbler - some sort of a wide advanced forward - The inside forward serves more of a second striker that's bending in position toward the flanks but narrow nonetheless; that in complete contrast to the tactic creator's tip, describing the IF as a wide player bending to the middle. As such the inside forward should be ideally used in an AMCR\L position, But it's no longer available at said position since FM14. Bring the IF back to it's true position, SI, for the sake of any future FM player positioning Lionel Messi as an AMCR.
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