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  1. Hey Knap, Have you updated the beowulf4231KnapP107All cups to the 19.3.2 ? It turned out brilliantly for me in the 19.2, and i wanted to try it again in the 19.3
  2. Hey Knap, have you changed anything from the 19.1.4 beowulf 442 to these? Or is it the same as the attacking one?
  3. Hey Knap! Have you changed anything from the 19.1.4 beowulf 442 to the 19.1.5 442 attacking? Or is it the same?
  4. I just had to download and install the new GeForce NVidia Windows 10 driver and everything is ok now thank you all for the concern and the support
  5. Nah, still doesn't work. I try to run it in compatibility with 7 and XP and none of them worked. I get that fm 2015 isn't suported to run with windows 10, what i dont get is why some people can and some can't.
  6. But you can open the game ? I have crash dump when i try to open it, and before the upgrade to win10 it was ok...
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