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  1. Top tactic that conceds less goals. But i am doing amazing with the wulf442 p101! Ty @knap
  2. @knap wich tactic is more consistent defensively? WulfP101 or sympathy p108, in an sub top team like Sporting Portugal appointed to be 3rd in Portugal.
  3. Where have you got 20.2.4? I have 20.2.3 yet and nothing on steam...
  4. I always do, and i always have steam online, i have updated the day the patch come out...
  5. Has something changed this weekend? Played until friday and i was top of the league undefeated and qualified to the 2nd round Europa League. Started today the March month and it is what you can see...
  6. @knap in the sicilian 4222 should i re-train Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Portugal to a DM or a RM ?
  7. Can you share it ? Either i'm blind or i didn't find it on the list
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