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  1. just in pre season at mo but looked at premier league rules just said goal line technology so no var?
  2. Can u watch international matches with the beta ? I was trying to watch an england game inbetween matches tried clicking the fixture but wouldn't let me??
  3. Which save option to you use local or cloud to carry on your save when full version comes out? Thanks in advance
  4. If I pre order download version (fm16) from game do I pay all amount or just £5 like you did with previous box versions unsure never bought download version?
  5. Cheers for all suggestions ill be sorted for fm 16 now?
  6. Would I be able to to that on steam on a tablet? Or does it have to be a pc? Sorry not very good with things like this?
  7. Hi all my laptops letter p is not working is there anyway around that I will be able to put an antivation code without using that letter when I buy or pre order fm 16 like could I request a code without p in it? Any help would be grateful cheers!
  8. Hi all as the thread says moreno not doing too good and Enrique doing rubbish any suggestions please cheers!
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