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  1. Dude you don't need to jump in like your the man of steel, Wow I think I clarified enough and it was a wish list there is some wish's. I don't like from you guys, But I don't attack users on here for stupid little things. Such as a wish list idea. All I said was it would be better to see players then dots and you disagree simple. Also I said I was done arguing then you jump in and take sides wow can we just get over everything I get it you don't like my ideas. Also to let you know you can do anything as long as you know how to do it but why mod a game when you don't have to less stress and les
  2. lol so you infact, Don't want that improvement as. I do want the improvement, whats the Issue here is this a wish list or an opinion area? Why should I fight with you over an idea that makes no, Sense who wants just dots you cant even see the player fighting or getting knocked down. At least allow us to see fighting so the game records fights but don't show us fights? Lets improve the game in EA rather than not improve it cause after we play this cause we love it. Seeing a little more than just dots would actually make EHM:EA a lot fun this aint 07 its 2015 hell every other manger have more
  3. Theblueline did it right with making the players, Being able to see the players moving. Even checked and you can even see the goalie saving so this is my wish list to do something like this or make an option for it.
  4. OK what about making the, 2d players more realistic. Like theblueline has that mod, Should be mandatory for the game something like that where we see what our players do not just dots after all it is 2015 right?
  5. Question what about a 3d engine like the Football Manager I know that manager is amazing but adding some features from there to here would be nice like 3d match engine.
  6. I hope you guys can put a siren at the end of each period like this. Also would be cool to have ice customization that would be amazing. [video=youtube;cOpMabBJyuY]
  7. I think adding custom music to the game, Would be cool. All i hear is the same music, Over and over again during face offs?
  8. Having 30 GM net play would be amazing if thats even possible? Also the ability to add a League like NHL? Finally what about customization editing the main menu and themes or maybe if we choose our favorite team the background will change to my teams color scheme and logo?
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