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  1. Which of these 2 young players would have a better chance of reaching their potential through training/tutoring. Player A personality DETERMINED media handling LEVEL HEADED with determination of 18 Player B personality FAIRLY PROFESSIONAL media handling LEVEL HEADED with determination 14 I'm guessing Player B, but it is just a guess. Thanks
  2. Personalities: Definites: Cases(det): Cases(other): Model Citizen Pro 18-20, Det 18-20, Pre 18-20, Amb 18-20, Loy 18-20, Spo 18-20, Tem 18-20 Model Professional Pro 20, Tem 10-20 Professional Pro 18-19, Tem 10-20 Perfectionist Pro 18-20, Det 18-20, Amb 18-20, Tem 1-9 The above 4 personalities were copied from the OP. This is probably a dumb question but here goes. Is it correct that a player described as a Model Professional can have hidden attributes of sportsmanship and pressure of 1, i.e. only Pro and Tem matter to become a model professional?
  3. Just out of interest, are there any laptops with = spec and a similar price out there?
  4. £580 is about max. Not all that bothered about graphics. Fastish loads and saves + day to day progression is very important
  5. I've just been quoted £580 to build it, was wondering if that was good value
  6. Smurf if you're still online. What would the following desktop play like, and how much would you expect to pay for it Intel i3 4170 cpu asus intel motherboard 8gb ddr3 memory 1tb hard drive 120 gb ssd hard drive nvidia gtx 750 2gb graphics card windows 10 64bit
  7. I think I’ve decided on a reconditioned desk top, mainly for football manager but also web browsing and some word etc. With a budget of up to £350. I usually do just one save for about 20 years. Once I’ve worked my way up the leagues I’ll have loaded the top divisions from 8 Euro leagues and 3 S American leagues. I like to play on key highlights or even just commentary only. If someone could be good enough to point me in the right direction for my needs re processor, ram, hard drive, and anything else I’ll require to play the game fairly quickly. By quick
  8. I usually play on key highlights only so I suppose the graphics aren't all that important for me. About 8 leagues loaded. I would like to have something reasonably fast. Would this be any good? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B015OG3H2W/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza What are the downsides to this laptop? Thanks
  9. Would this be any good for me. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B015OG3H2W/ref=pe_1938951_148512291_pe_epc__1p_3_ti I usually do the matches on key highlights only. I like to load about 8-10 leagues. Just want something that will run fairly quickly. Many thanks.
  10. Technophobe looking for help re laptop costing £300 - £350 I usually play the game mostly on commentary so I'm guessing a graphics card isn't that important for me. I play with 8 European leagues and 3 S American leagues. I'm guessing again that a good fast processor would be my biggest requirement. Anyone know of something out there that would be suitable. Suggestions are welcome.
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