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  1. In fm16 I had great success in using tutoring to improve a young players personality. However in fm17 it seems a lot harder to improve. Are others finding it the same? Thanks
  2. Personally I think people get a bit too hung up about tactics being fluid. I've never found it massively important.
  3. Managing Aston Villa I recently signed two German players from German clubs. Both times there was a news message saying the player was pleased to have signed and pleased to be staying in his home nation. Whats that all about?
  4. I read the suggestions from the links provided from Welshace and Cougar. What works for me, so no more constantly updating on start up, is simply to start steam first then FM through steam. After playing and saving my game I then exit steam. So many thanks Welshace and Cougar for your help.
  5. It's the black rectangle saying checking for updates, then installing updates and taking ages every time. I'll try opening steam first and see what happens.
  6. I don't have any other games on steam. When I open FM on the PC only occasionally do I get the steam updating message. When I open FM on the laptop I get the steam updating message every time, and it takes ages to stop. I know I am a technophobe but I'm thinking there must be some glitch on the laptop, I don't believe steam is actually updating every time.
  7. Every time I switch on the laptop and open FM a message comes up saying steam is updating. Surely there can't be updates every time I try to start FM. Is this like windows updates that have failed? Any advice as to how I can stop it. Thanks
  8. 15/3/27 the transfer budget was 111,047,775 the wage budget was 6,000,900. The bank balance was 14,436,551. The net debt was 29,053,342. The transfer debt was (252,705). there was a bank loan of 102,000,000 of which there is 43,740,000 remaining. 6/4/27 I went two routes on separate computers. Route A after spending 93,000,000 on players The transfer budget was 17,676,446. The bank balance was 8,014,903. The net debt was 34,667,833. The transfer debt was (202,164). Bank loan remaining 42,880,000. Route B after spending nothing. The transfer budget was 111,022,738. The bank balance was 7,205,702. The net debt was 35,477,034. The transfer debt was (202,164). Bank loan remaining 42,880,000. 10/4/27 after board sets initial budgets for next season. Route A Transfer budget 143,899,154. Wage budget 6,000,800. Bank balance 7,100,041. The net debt 35,582,695. The transfer debt (202,164) Bank loan remaining 42,880,000. Route B Transfer budget 154,296,794 Wage budget 6,000,800 Bank balance 7,790,246 Net debt 34,892,490 Transfer debt (202,164) Bank loan remaining 42,880,000. So I spent 93million on players yet next seasons budgets show little difference to the budgets where I spent nothing. So spend it or lose it, unless I’m missing something, if I am could someone point it out.
  9. I'm trying an experiment to see what happens to next seasons transfer budget and the bank balance if a) I spend the whole budget or b) err I don't. Thanks for the help.
  10. What I want to do is this. Copy my save onto a laptop, then continue along 2 different routes, one on my pc the other on the laptop. If it is possible and anyone is helpful enough to explain how, please use descriptions that a technophobe will understand. Thanks
  11. I'm managing Man Utd who have massive debts. So I take the opportunity to spend it before I lose it. I often get messages saying I can only retain 30% of transfer money received. I think I'll pay a bit more attention to bank balances etc in future.
  12. There was one season where I had a budget of 60 mil, I only spent 10 mil. The following seasons budget was set at 60 mil again. I find it hard to believe that following a successful season my budget would have gone from 60 to 10 mil + 50 carried over. Also I've noticed what you have in the bank doesn't have much to do with what your transfer budget is.
  13. In my save, about April I get a message saying what next seasons transfer budget is. So make sure you spend whats left of this seasons budget before the board set next seasons budget. I usually spend most of this seasons budget before the end of March.
  14. I'm playing on fm16 also my OS is windows xp. Should I still raise the issue?
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