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  1. The 352 was pre-patch, I never dared to use it anymore when facing this tactic, that is why I tried my way around all those different tactics. So basically you are saying, just play your usual tactic, but beware of the AM-players, put them on man-marking (specific)?
  2. All these tactics wins the serie A with close to 20 points, so I don't think I am too far off the mark. Anyway, what happens is: - 3-5-2: Tactic I used season 2012-2014 - AML/AMR got behind my wingbacks all the time (but that was before run-with-ball-bug was fixed (if it is really fixed, which I doubt)) - 4-4-2: Used ML and MR man-marking (specific) their AML/AMR - seemed to work, untill AMC and ST played their way through. Opposition DL/DR get far too much space. - 4-1-4-1: Worked the best for keeping AMs at bay. My ML/MR/DMC on manmarking (specific) and DCL manmarking their ST, with DCR at cover. - 4-1-3-1-1: Only tactic creating chances against them, but only used after being behind. Still, would be ok to hear any suggestions on how you play these teams (if anyone does)?
  3. These are some of the tactics that I have trained 100% - I tweak them, according to what happens in the match. But recently, when facing Real, there is no time for any tweaking, they hammer me. So I have tried to man mark (man management) all their AM-players and their striker. That didn't work so well. And then I tried playing even more offensive. Would be ok to hear from some of the other users of this forum, what tactic that works for them especially on this tactic.
  4. I have tried all the tactics in the book. I have tried all the different mentalities. I have tried training def. set pieces, def movement.
  5. Any suggestions how to defend against this tactic, with a team like Juventus?
  6. Run-with-ball-bug. There is no way to defend! Sooner or later they will break free from either tight-man-marking, zonal, double marking with ML,DL,MR,DR or whatever. 3 defensive-line, wingbacks. And often 1-0 is enough to lose out in the CL-finals.
  7. I can see (I am watching all my games comprehensive at least, often full-time) I have problems defending against fast wingers. Any suggestions on how to defend against these type of players.
  8. Just to let you know. The tactic works like crazy (except from getting the dlc to cover the dl position when ml is too high when opposition has the ball). Training ball control and att. movement. Ahead 13 points in serie a, beating PSG 4 - 1 o.a and Manu 6 - 1 in the CL. Thanks!
  9. And by the way, as I unticked everything 70-80% didn't change that much! GK + 3 DC changed on mentality. Almost every other player, the sliders didn't change that much.
  10. OK. How does mentality work then? How does closing down work then (as I don't understand how it works together with creative freedom and def. line)? How does creative freedom work then (as I don't understand how it works together with closing down and def. line)? How does defensive line work then (as I don't understand how it works together with closing down and creative freedom)? My thought is: - Why is there player tweaking? As you guys give advices to leave it to default, I guess you have found out that this works the best. - Why would I want to use shouts at the beginning of a game? The gameplan should be set before the game starts. Would find it funny to see Mourinho standing out the sideline from minute 1 shouting NEW orders to his players. On previous versions of FM I have used player tweaking, to get the best out of my players. To exploit the strenghts of a player and cover up the weaknesses. (ie. a player with high stamina, with higher closing down, a player with low pace in a defensive line laying lower etc.) I am not saying I have any kind of right-answer-book available (I am the one asking for help). And I have always ended up with pretty good results using these strategies (player tweaking). I am a bit puzzled of the answers, leave the tactic to default. Are you saying set up a 3-5-2, and then start the game? Is that the way FM works now? Has it always been like this (as I have used hours and hours tweaking)?
  11. I have 6 other formations based on this. Based on who is playing and what the gamesituation is like.
  12. Introduction: One of the things I find most intrigueing with FM, is how to build a tactic around the strenghts of your squad. Not just read through the forums, getting nice advices from the experts of football programming, and then make a tactic out of these advices and maybe even search through the "best players"-lists to find your dream purchases. As I am a Juventus fan I am trying to build a tactic around the strengths of the Juventus team, and make a tactic like they use IRL. Problem: 1. I don't see how I can make the DCL play DL when ML is out of position (Chiellini is DL just as much as he is DCL, IRL, as ML (Asamoah) is very attacking minded) 2. I "never" seem to win the ball back. Players close back down to my own last-20 yards, then start to close down. 3. As I "never" have the ball, the offense is very weak. The strengths of Pirlo and Vucinic cannot be used at all. I though I have made a tactic to keep A LOT of possession. Instead it is the opponent that have most possession. 4. I put all my players on zonal defense - but as it didn't seem to work at all, I put most of them on man defense. Not sure if it made a lot of difference. I have been in discussions on previous FMs about zonal/man (don't see the point in starting it up again). Just mention it here, as my screenshots, most of them say man-defence. Although most of my games I have been playing zonal (on all players). And I am interested knowing how zonal/man works on this issue of FM. Shape/formation: The Team: - - - -------- ----------- - - Any suggestions to help me with the problems mentioned above? Thanks!
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