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  1. 12) Tackles to the win Situation : Everyone in the surface, ball arrives next to the goal line, between all players (total chaos), opponent wont stop tackling the ball until it goes behind the goal line. Extremely unreal !
  2. RED CARD useless tackle from Radonjic, happens too often 10vs11 evrytime u get a red card, players start being stupid Stade de Reims - OM.pkm
  3. Vallecano - Levante@Player 55€ in the ass get some popcorn, watch the game in "key moments", laugh hard, check stats, enjoy the BEST ME EVER Vallecano - Levante.pkm
  4. Galatasaray - OL@Player zombie defending on the unique goal of the match / against cross, against head Galatasaray - Olympique Lyonnais.pkm
  5. 9) Ball stopped at touching line When the player stops the ball at the touchline and forget to break, so opponent/our player takes it back... BUT.... (!) When the other player takes the ball back, he oftens SHOOTBACK?PASSBACK? the ball to the one who didnt stopped at the touchline and just came back... I dont know if u get what im trying to say coz its a bit weird... I'm sure you can easly find .PKM on the forum right now but i will post one soon 10) Shooting/Crosses against the opponent body Might not be a real bug... Or just a problem of instructions... But the percentage of SHOOT/CROSSES "in" the opponent bodies compared to the IA's is too damn a bit high ! especially when your player is high on the flank and want to cross, or shoot... He just stupidly shoot it in the opponent facing him. It also often results in a punitiv counter attack for IA. 11) Stupid heads to clear the ball from defenders When defenders try to clear out the ball no matter the situation and just gives it back stupidly to an opponent... It happens too often. Come on... Make it more realistic... at least when the players has good intelligence/heading/technique attributes...
  6. Hey SI, you're almost there... I guess... You "corrected" some Bugs(mostly "Offensive" bugs) but there are still lot of work to do. When i read the Christmas topic u posted (when you say that Match Engine is actually what you hoped for LEL) i truely think you're not testing the game in the right way (i might be wrong... but if you simulate matches for thousands seasons, u wont still be able to see the Match Engine defaults LMAO) so in order to help you in your work and make this game "enjoyable" here is my recap of the lasting bugs (sorry for my english in advance) : 1) aerial defending (f.e : IA's GK long assist to strikers < central defenders dont want to play arriving aerial ball); 2) zombie defending / lack of combativity / stupid marking? When IA get set pieces; Throws-in, corners and Free kicks; in case you forgot. Defenders suddenly act like if they just dont want to defend and prefer to watch opponents play their game. Noticd that : With my META tactics, 90% of the goals from IA are scored from a ThrowIn/Corner/FreeKick. It just abuses the SET PIECES. So i beg you to fix it ASAP plz! When they dribble into the surface from the flanks, its either a low cross to first post or a cross to someone always free at 2nd post and this, is 90% GOAL and none of the defenders will "try" to stop em / When IA get high on flanks, even if the opponent is "marked" closely and can be tackled but the defender prefers to watch and applause he will manage to make a cross 90% of the time In the contrary, If you watch IA defenders, 90% of the time they will do EVERYTHING to block, contest, tackles, harass, etc... Thats unfair; SI CHEATERS 3) set pieces instructions / IA players are GHOSTS Why do you put defending throws-in instructions if its useless? 55€ for this plz respect us players at least a BIT... and if u REALLY test your game, it should have be fixed in the FIRST BETA.. Put a defending player near the surface in Defending Corners/Freekicks instructions and just look what he's doing ;)... What? Nothing? Thats it, nothing, for 2-3sec. Now check IA's... instantly pressing; SI CHEATERS Im conscious that the match engine cant be perfect and is probabbly something really hard to work on... But when IA's players can "go through" my players bodies when doing heads/dribbles/shoots... And my players CANTdo the same (act like they're physically blocked; thats realist at least)... I call this ******** and cheating. Dont you think the same? 4) IA's GK In an old post from the FM20 BUGS REPORT forum, one of you recognized the IA's GK being too strong (too good? too god? too incre?) and said that it was under review. Please fix it for next patch. No matter team, the attributes, the player, etc... its too unrealistic and unfaired compared to our GK. Its even worst if he gets META attributes (at least 14 in reflexes/1on1...) 5) fouls, red cards, penalites Penalites are not fixed, coz u didnt see what was the real pb = as mentionned above, IA's GK is a God and predict to well. The problem is not the striker's attributes or whatever **** u think it was Too many yellow cards/fouls conceded. Since we try to compense the lack of defending efficiency by our players with indiv. instructions, i admit that its logical... So, just re-adjust it plz. And red cards.... Damn red cards... Given too easily by referee who looks like he's been paid by IA or by SI. You can even add more realism by making him check VAR before throwing red cards evrywhere! 6) one on one im just writing this so everyone can see : SI really did put some efforts into this bug and... personally... if u have A BIT of tactical aknowledge you can find easy and good ways to "avoid" the lack of efficiency on 1on1. Just learn to improve the way you use your strikers. 7) IA efficiency, Key moments / Heads Matchs stats are a bit... I dont know... Stupids? Most of the time, i noticed that IA efficiency ratio is 1Goal/3KeyMoments. Ours are a bit random : can be 1Goal/10-12KeyMoments or 1Goal/2KeyMoments... Im not even watching all the stats anymore but im just comparing ShotsOnGoal/KeyMoments and it looks a bit more accurate. Or maybe not? Simply make it more realistics and erase some of the Key Moments... I might be the only one having this problems but, by playing with "Key Moments" only; i noticed that no matter the attributes of the players, the Heads end 70-80% of the time OVER the goal or on the crossbar. Bug?? 8) NOTES I know it might be the wrong place to post this, but im aware you're working hard on this game. I LOVE THIS GAME, i learned to watch, love and appreciate FOOTBALL thanks to you. I knew nothing about this sport before playing my first FM (FM14). I will never stop playing it. But whats best ? Its playing a game i love and ENJOY it... Im truely sry but this game gets less and less enjoyable and let me think you only think about money now... Prove me wrong and make FM great again plz! I never wrote such a long post on any forum in my life, so you can see how much i want FM to be THE game i enjoy the most. To players : If you're concerned by one or more of those problems above, plz post PKM below to help the testing team. To SI : since you always ask i send you one PKM for the moment but will post more later. Thats a match from my friend's game (he plays AJAX); just check the goals. You will find some of the problems mentionned in this post. GOOD LUCK, and make the FM COMMUNITY the BEST ! Bayer_04_-_Ajax.pkm
  7. Yes they are; also defensive throw in instructions... But "according to THOUSANDS SEASONS of testing, match engine is actually what they hoped for" - SI
  8. Its just broken, no matter what set pieces u make they wont just apply it. Btw, its a bug abused by the IA but np, game is still 55€
  9. AH Sorry its not mine, its one of my friend's match, i'll try to get it
  10. Same Here.. LDC Finals and Bundesliga Champion with Freiburg (in Season 02); good S03 start... Then wild UPDATE appeared (with no ME changes apparently) then... All of my 4 Strikers keeping promises all season long that they will score coz the didnt in 11-14HRS of play LMAO... IA keep scoring ****/FUNNY goals (like tackling my defenders at the goal line haha...) while my strikers keep shooting at keepr when the goal is clear, or shooting outside XD Would upload my save if i could but the file is too big lmao
  11. Because of this ? https://youtu.be/78j3MpSx1GQ Real improvements plz, not 50%... Good luck
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