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  1. Yes this how it is. They can sell the last left back, not that they need the money but because there is a bid from a more reputational club. I can most often ward them of and give the player a balanced pay, so it's not exactly that hard even if they moan sometimes. If you edit a league, all teams, give them a good setup of staff and a balanced squad of players, money to manage this you can always see them deteriorate this - more or less. This is sad - you have to baby sit them.
  2. So I told everyone I offered a new contract that we are aiming for promotion to the top div the coming season. Then the bloody team meting want let me say what is reasonable given the context and ambition. Bla bla avoid relegation at best safe mid. Of course everyone is gutted. The interaction part is so frustrating when it's not well written.
  3. Hi I need some help with changing the minimum wage rules. In the polish divisions there is a €75 p/w minimum rule. Didn't find where to change this other than going to advanced rules - Transfer - Transfer Rules - Player Wage Rules. There set a minimum Full-Time wage but it ended up being added to the original rule not replace it. Anybody who knows about this?
  4. Try 'Move players freely' maybe you also need to have the 'same board'. Take a look at 'Validated current affiliations' just below. Hm... if you mean their players like bought by them I'm not sure this helps.
  5. There is no explanation so it's a bit confusing. I created a new club. No players, staff, money. Link it with a club that used to have a II-team in a lower league. Put the new team in it's place in the league. Affilition is II-team, same board, players move freely, Uses all parent club facilities. In the game it shows these things are in place if you look at the Affiliated Club and staff pages. But if you look at the feeder team's club details via the in game editor it says facilities are much lower than those of the parent club. So how is this meant to be? The feeder clu
  6. You're thinking about the Pre-game editor, I talk about being able to address this in an ongoing game.
  7. FM 17 and it's happened (many times) in earlier versions as well. You got money no problem but the board don't bother with relaying the pitch. It's not even an option to ask them. Make it possible in the in-game editor please!
  8. But shouldn't it effect the general wage structure for staff. If they keep the managers wage down they keep the rest of staffs wages down as well?
  9. Ok, but if you sort of think they belong in the B-team (not ready yet) and want them to play certain matches in the A-team?
  10. Hm... I thought I that SI adviced not to move players between squads back and forth. That they could be less happy.
  11. Of course one would like to know, but if not possible why not just downgrade them?
  12. The assman can tell you things like that "there are to much space between the midfield and the striker" when you set your absolut most defensive tactic the last 3-4 minutes and you are leading by 3 goals. It's like he has no clue to what you are doing and of no worth.
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