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  1. I've played the game on a Mac for years and never had a problem. You'll be fine.
  2. Always start off a game with Wisla Krakow, the team I support.
  3. I believe it is a 26 man squad. I don't think there are any restrictions on foreign players. There were no restrictions on the transfer window; Cleveland added and dropped players throughout the season. I believe match day squad is 18, with 5 possible subs.
  4. If you need any help getting this accurate in NPSL, let me know. I can help with that.
  5. As a fan of my local NPSL side (AFC Cleveland), I'm extremely excited for this. Will you be adding the new NPSL teams for this database? Also, Cleveland-Detroit-Buffalo compete for the Rust Belt Cup. AFC Cleveland won it in 2012.
  6. Columbus: Columbus Crew, has to be that Cleveland: Crooked River FC (in honor of the Cuyahoga River), Cleveland Admirals Cincinnati: Cincinnati Royals, Cincinnati Kings Toledo: Ugh, not sure about Toledo. Maybe just use the Toledo Rockets Dayton Bombers? SOmething relating to the Air Force base there Parma Invaders? That's one of the big high schools in Parma. There's a large Serbian and Ukrainian population in Parma, maybe something incorporating that
  7. This is incredible. I created something like this in FM11, but not to this extent. I had a 6-tier national league system for the US and put it on footing with the other American sports and soccer in the rest of the world. What names do you have for Ohio teams? In my database, I definitely gave Cleveland an edge.
  8. I know nobody has posted in this thread for awhile, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this database. I may not remember much of the Soviet Union, but this is a lot of fun.
  9. @ MSCCG - adding the NCAA would be one of the stupidest things SI could do. The USL is more important to American soccer than college. And to my knowledge, the leagues were removed because the guy in charge of American research didn't want to devote as much time to the leagues.
  10. The Thunder are really having a rough season this year, eh? Were you there for the Open Cup game against Cleveland?
  11. People forget that the USL used to be playable back when Eidos was putting out the old game
  12. If anyone is interested and you're on facebook, search for this group: Football Manager/WSM Data Research Team (MLS/USL/CSL)
  13. I'm a season ticket holder for Cleveland. It would be very fun to manage them in the game.
  14. USL first division is about level with some lower Championship teams and the top League 1 teams. USL-2 is on par with League two, maybe lower league 1. Plus, there are already stats for all the players, the leagues just need to be made playable. As GoGa said, the league is way less complex than MLS is. @buzzing_hornet - the USL leagues have been established and have had a foot-hold far longer than MLS has. The teams are doing well. USL-1 teams are starting to build 10k-15k seater stadiums. Things are looking up for LL football in the US.
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