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  1. You guys were all helpful, thank you! I forgot about starting at regular season. I'd still like to see a single game coach now mode for the base game. In addition to learning tactics, it would be cool to manage a team versus a team you want to manage against for one single game to see how the matchup would play out, versus having to play a full career mode campaign just to get there. @Lucas I already have FM Touch download. I am looking at the main menu screen, where is it at? Or did I confuse you about what I'd like to see?
  2. I've been playing Football Manager off and on for years now, and have tried to learn it. It is awesome the amount of depth in the game, but it can get overwhelming for someone like me at the amount of text in the game, and I've come to accept that the only way for soccer beginners and amateurs like me to learn the game is to use the staff responsibilities feature. Every time I start a new save, I have to run through several friendlies before I even reach my first regular season game, and I just don't have the sheer knowledge and ability that other users have to learn from friendlies. I al
  3. I'd like a skin from the full game available for Touch. The touch skin for whatever reason feels more complicated, at least for me. Is there a mod for this by chance that is decent and not too buggy? Otherwise please make it an option!
  4. Hey folks I figured since I already have a thread on my Sounders here I'll post on this thread for now. Anyway when the July transfer window started Clint Dempsey wanted me to increase the squad depth, he was worried the roster was kind of thin. I promised to sign some players in the transfer market. Here's who I signed: Heviel Cordovez, ST Fidelis, ST Sam Hanna, D(L) Gary Madine, ST Ionut Pop, GK I agreed with Dempsey that we are thin on strikers and Goalkeeping depth, so I went ahead and signed these guys. However I couldn't get these guys on my roster immediate, I had to sign them o
  5. Now that's pushing it a bit, isn't it? I thought about turning this into a league bashing thread but I decided to save that for another time.
  6. I just started a new career with West Brom in the English Premier league and I can see the line where it says the % of transfer revenue made available is 100%. So why can't I see the line in my Sounders save?
  7. Just received a message from my board that I can now get 100% of transfer sales into my budget. Of course they do that AFTER I sell Martins and Alonso...
  8. http://imgur.com/QIgeYrq I still don't see the line where it says the % of transfer budget I get. I've looked every more than once. Edit: and here's another page of my finances. http://imgur.com/4ybatlc Edit 2: here's my projections page. http://imgur.com/Wdt8cBP
  9. I get it's not real life but I still found it strange, but I was willing to sell him anyway. My club has made $17M off of transfers and I've received less than $1M for my budget. I will say thouhj, my transfer budget for the end of 2014 season is projected to be $16.85M. Does that explain it? Will I get more of the money in my budget beginning next season?
  10. I am on the finances screen and can't find this anywhere. Where would I find it?
  11. Here's the background. I'm playing as Seattle Sounders FC. Obafemi Martins was told English teams were interested in him, so he tells me he wants to leave the club. It's strange, because in real life he just got a new contract and he's very happy in Seattle. He's the best striker in the league, so I don't understand why he wants him to leave, but then I felt like I could get a lot of money for him and use the money to buy young players and free up a DP slot. I eventually sold him to Southhampton for $10M. Martin's transfer calls for FC Ebedei to receive $150K of the fee, Inter to receive $250
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