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  1. Yeah I got that idea from your videos, maybe I didn't explain myself in my question, what I want to know is why do you stop at the defensive mentality, why don't go all the way to contain? Is there any specific reason?
  2. Why do you limit yourself talking about the mentality with the defensive one, why don't you ever talk about the contain mentality? Isn't it the less risky one? Also how do you think OI can influence the pressing, like pressing other teams fullbacks and making them go wide, like Klopp's teams do, do you think that's important in FM and gegenpressing in particular? Sorry if you answered this questions already.
  3. Can you show the screenshots? Or some more info about your tactic so we can try it.
  4. But then you don't defend as 5-4-1 or even 5-2 when the strikers don't want to defend.
  5. One thing I notice in the Chelsea matches is that the wingbacks don't do a lot of crosses from the byline, I don't know if you mentioned it already, but Moses cuts inside a lot with the ball and Alonso passes to Hazard and makes the run to open space, I don't know if you agree or not.
  6. Any more info pls? Like all instructions and stuff. Thought I'd give it a try.
  7. Thanks for the thread. I have those worries too with my forwards, since i play with a possession based team i usually change between the Complete and the F9. I will try your ideas and will see how it works. I can see I have problems because most of the times my strikers are below 6.5 at half-time and i always change them with the other striker on the bench and even the other striker ends with 6.6 or below most of the times.
  8. Yes you're right,in the 2012/2013 season they played costa/falcao and i forgot that. So those tactics emulate atleti pre-griezman?
  9. So you're considering they played two different 4-4-2. Can you explain this please? I think they always played the same 4-4-2 with griezman or arda or diego or villa behind the other striker ( Costa,falcao,mandzukic,etc).
  10. Did you work on set pieces too? considering set pieces are very important on the scoring part of simeone idea
  11. they should be an extra midfielder when the team has the ball, like alaba when he's playing at LB. you can see it this season against arsenal or wolfsburg
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