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  1. Do you have a mirrored version ready? BWM on the right side DLP on the left.
  2. So you created that possession tactic just to play in cups with youngsters or you will get into that in the future?
  3. Off topic but how do you select tactics for the youth team? I can't select on the tactics screen nor the youth tasks screen.
  4. How does it depend on the system though? I don't understand how the player movement when he dribbles depends on the system? Can you explain?
  5. I thought so but even an IF with stay wider, and cut inside from both wings PPM, doesn't make that diagonal run ( I used Bailey who even is left footed). The player always go out to the byline and tries to cross but closer to the sideline than to the box.
  6. I was looking for the right way to put it and that's exactly it : Diagonal run. Get the ball wide and go straight to goal and look for a cross when you're close. Just like Sané does. He never goes to the byline unless he's in the box.
  7. Yes I'm playing with just one striker, sometimes in the AM position because I find the striker doesn't help much when my team is defending. I think I will insist on the IF for now. Will try to update later.
  8. How do I get my wingers to behave like Sané does for City? I want my winger to receive the ball wide, which is easy and can be done in different ways, but then after he gets the ball he tends to dribble wide and cross from the byline.I'm playing with Leverkusen and I tried Bailey in different roles like IF, Winger, Inverted Winger and he always does the same: Gets the ball wide, runs to the byline ( playing on the left) and tries to cross. What I want to achieve is after he gets the ball wide he only crosses when he reaches the box, or when he's closer to the box, like Sané does IMO. Do you have any idea or previous experience that worked?
  9. One thing you see in Napoli that I don't know how to replicate is their fullbacks. They never push up at the same time, they play like you learn when you're a youngster kind of. If one go up the other stays back. And both to that, you see Ghoulam go up more because he's on Hamsik and Insigne side, but Hysaj does the same.
  10. drigaco

    Swap positions with.

    Thanks for the answer, but when I do this the option to swap positions with is not there, so I can't swap the wingers for example.
  11. How can you swap positions and add specific instructions to each player for position, for example I have a winger on the left and an inside forward on the right and I want them to swap but when they swap I wan't a winger on the right and a inside forward on the left, or whatever. So they keep swapping but stict to their specific instructions for that position.
  12. I know that this is not a thread about Bielsa but today I saw his first match with Lille in Ligue 1 and his teams play exactly the same. Started with a defensive midfielder in case Nantes didn't play with 2 strikers but as soon as the game starts the defensive midfielder drops inbetween the centre backs, just like Javi Martinez did at Bilbao. One thing I would like is a player filter for Bielsa, he left Lazio because they didn't buy the players he wanted and at Lille he spend some money but he brought exactly the players he wanted,seems like he does a very good job at watching games and scouting. I don't know how he pulled it of at Bilbao but he did a very good job.
  13. drigaco

    Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Yeah I see that, but on the first screenshot of the team bellow Formation, Player Roles and Duties you have the left winger as an advanced playmaker but on the second screenshot you have an IF. They are both IF according to you, the 1st one might confuse some people.
  14. drigaco

    Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    On the PIs you have an Advanced Playmaker but on the second screenshot where you show your starting eleven you have an IF there.
  15. Just watched your video, got a few questions : Don't you think Kanté gets forward a lot? It could be a good thing but he doesn't get into the opponent box that much in a game. He scored that goal against ManU but they weren't defending by that time. Other thing to point out is that we need another role on the CB. We can't replicate what Alaba ( Pep's Bayern), Kolarov ( recently in city) or Azpi ( chelsea) do. If we have a IWB because of 1/2 examples we need to have another role for the CB for the same reason. An Anchor Man or Half Back don't do what they do IRL. They don't come down to the backline and they don't cross or go wide or even shoot(Kolarov). Other than that I think you got it all, the double AP is our only choice to replicate that system and if Costa is scoring goals you got the attacking part right.