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  1. @Cult of Football Manager What's your opinion on the positioning of the centerbacks and the way it difficults the positional play? I think I mention this in every thread on Pep/possession, but I think SI should really do something about the way PL on attack don't drop back to help defend and so your CB's stay back with them. My logic is if I push my centerbacks up the striker will follow them so they aren't involved in the attack. But the ME thinks the other way around, so since the striker is up on the byline the centerbacks are also on the byline because of long balls. We see so many attempts to simulate what happens in real life (it's a simulation game after all) but it seems to me that this isn't a concern at all. There is not one real life game where you see a team with ball possession and the CB's are so far away from the rest of the team. It's almost infuriating because this could change the all dynamic of the attack and also defensive organization. Just food for thought.
  2. There's a thread about the 3-1-6 attacking formation where I've brought this up aswell. City is playing like this as well in the last few games with Zinchenko/Aké and even Mendy being the 3rd CB. But since there's so many teams opting to defend with a back 4 and attacking with 3 man in the back line, I think SI will probably do something to support this. Something like the HB holding his position between the CB (instead only in the build up), the FB (D) staying inside and the opposite CB going a bit wide so they can be symmetrical, the DMs/CMs coming deep and staying there aswell in a 3. There's a lot of options that we see in world football that we can't quite replicate in the game yet.
  3. If only the halfback would stay in between the center backs after the initial build up. The only way I can get this to work is with a fb(D) with stay inside PI, but even then it's not really symmetrical with the other CBs. Every 316 we see (Monchengladbach, Liverpool, City, etc.) the team stays with the 3+1 shape in the attacking phase.
  4. Regarding the different formations when attacking and defending I guess it's really hard to put in the game and the best we'll get is base formation + roles/duties. I love structure and positional play and when I try to somehow replicate Pep, or at least the structure (I don't know if this is the best word to describe it) it's really frustrating. For example, City almost always defends in a 4-1-4-1 (of course this is just base formation because pressing triggers make everything change suddenly) but against teams that defend in a 5-4-1/5-3-2 they like to have 6 players vs 5 defenders, so they attack in a 316 structure. It's impossible at this moment to have those 3 players in defence like they do IRL , not with a FB (d) or the HB (d). A bit off-topic but just wanted to complement the fact that it's very hard to replicate this type of movement where your defensive and attacking BASE formations are different.
  5. Having the same issue with SportingCP. Trying to move Gonçalo Inácio from the B team to the main team and he goes back to the B team squad for same reason.
  6. Looking forward to this. Here's a link for one of my favorite football related articles of the year. First part is about structure/formation and the second about chance creation and attacking method. Hope it helps. https://spielverlagerung.com/2020/09/18/analysing-manchester-citys-attack-structural-considerations-and-variations/
  7. What concerns me the most about that image is the distance between the CB and the rest of the team. That has been a problem for a long time, the CB stay too low and not only it affects your offensive play, but it also affects counter pressing. Even if you watch a Liverpool VS City, you see that when the team is attacking their CB push high up which forces the opponent to stay back. Even if you consider the offside rule, no attacker would risk letting 2 CB alone for the sake of taking advantage of the offside rule (the halfway line rule I mean).
  8. But they always defend in a very compact and narrow 433. That very rarely changes. So any replication of Liverpool has to start with a 4123 or flat mid 433.
  9. Agreed. One thing I like is having 3atb when in offensive organisation with the half back staying with the 2 centrebacks. Instead he only drops deep in the build up play than behaves like a normal DM. Jorge Jesus' Flamengo this season has been playing like that every game. I think the HB role applies to something like this year Liverpool where Fabinho drops in the build up play but goes forward when in attack. Edit: And the other thing is that HB movement is only available in DM and plus you only really see him dropping between the CB if he is on the middle. If we want to defend in a 442 we can't have that kind of movement I think.
  10. Raised the same question in other thread and I agree with you. The problem with that specific movement is that you probably don't see any other team in the world playing like that sou you would have to create something just because of City. If you look at just the type of player Guardiola has playing as RCM/LCM they're very unique. I would say only Hoffenheim ( probably am forgetting about other team) play with the same type of player in Demirbay,Bittencourt,Kramaric,etc.
  11. So you think it's more a system problem than a lack of role with that type of movement?
  12. Maybe I should've I said that I want this movement close to the box obviously. The RPM supports the winger as much as another CM in the build up but close to the box he stays back. Neither does he runs inside the box/makes a run behind the defenders nor does he gets close to the winger for the one-two.
  13. What's the best role for the CM to get him close to the winger in a 4-3-3. I thought the mezzala would be the answer but even the mezalla goes inside the box everytime my winger has the ball. Basically if the left winger has the ball I want the left CM close to him to run behind or for one-twos and the right CM goes inside the box for the cross. And vice-versa. Any suggestion on how to get this kind of movement?
  14. Do you have a mirrored version ready? BWM on the right side DLP on the left.
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