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  1. Go to league tables >> League One so you can see the entire league table >> right click each team and get team report from scouts >> each time a report comes back they’ll recommend the players you can sign from those clubs on loan who will actually join you. Plenty of 4 stars will pop up. Then once you’ve saturated that do the same for League Two. Also bear in mind players from clubs in higher leagues geographically close to your club are more likely to consider joining you. So if you’re Telford, check Walsall, Shrewsbury, Coventry straight away. Blyth would be Sunderland, Carlisle, Boro. Etc. As for Bosmans, offer every free agent who pops up in scouting reports a 4 week trial. There attributes will become more unmasked the longer they are on trial. Sign the ones who are 4 stars plus or have preferable attributes. Also go to your league >> news >> transfer rumours and see who’s being linked to other clubs, scout those players, cheeky way of finding and poaching the good ones. Found some of the best players that way. Also get a DoF >> go to transfers >> request suggestions in positions you need both free transfer and loan and scout those. Make sure your DoF has good JPA.
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