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  1. I GOT IT WORKING!!! Kiitos Riz for making the best series ever!
  2. Thanks, that was quick! If I select all compatibility options, especially the run in res... one it loads a black screen then straight to desktop. Oh well at least I have it back in my collection.
  3. Hello Riz/All! I bought EHM 2005, very excited to play again but it just won't load on Win 10 :S Any tips? I've tried the usual compatibility mode ect. thanks
  4. It seems to override it yes. So only the EIHL is official. It's nice but having an official EIHL plus faked EPL/NIHL is very odd.
  5. But then if the game allowed to you get promoted, even though in real you can't, people would complain
  6. It'd be very nice for Riz to give us some insight into the arena business. Even teams that rent the arena there is the option to build one.. can that ever happen?
  7. Maybe the wording on the enhanced vs Standard league types could be fixed? If you select a league on standard, while you can't pick a team from the start you can still take jobs in that league and it will become enhanced once you do.
  8. So its realistic then, whats the issue?
  9. Not everything is a bug and remember its just a game it isn't a real life copy of what's going on
  10. That was quick, thanks! Is it 100% confirmed? I seen in a random Beijing english language newspaper that is a done deal? Any way yes I am! Be interesting to see 1 what they name the team and 2 how they work out who the chinese players are going to be. Im thinking some canadian players might be rushed through some passports to represent them Would be better placed in Harbin but living and working in Beijing as a hockey player will be a decent life im sure!
  11. Got it, no problem! Thanks for taking the time to reply Riz, we love you!
  12. First off thank you so much Riz and team for adding the Euro competitions and especially the updated Asian rules The Continental Cup has Israeli, Turkish and Serbian teams... it seems odd as we can't use them is that a sign of some to come?
  13. They do actually look pretty slick! Nice work on that and the rest of course
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