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  1. Regens: Date.

    I know a few more... Japan, China and most of the rest of Asia and the middle east - 8th December Most of Africa (excluding South Africa): 15th January South Africa - 15th August Australia: 30th June Scandanavia: 18th January NOTE; On a leap year, these dates will be a day earlier than listed.
  2. 'Famous' Regens

    I just played Arsenal in the CL quarter finals. The player who scored the winning goal was none other than F1 legend James Hunt!
  3. 15-1?! Pah, that's pathetic. http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/3600/frankypaulrunningriot2ce6.jpg Now THAT'S a hammering.
  4. Nicknames?!?!?!?!?!?!

    My massive Romanian Target man earned the nickname 'Big Show', due to his 194cm height and his wicked jumping ability. Other than that, My tiny Mexican fast striker has been dubbed Rey Mysterio and my psycho goalkeeper is officially 'The Undertaker'. On my Indian save, I was playing a few pre-season friendlies to sort the wheat from the chaff in my team, and my keeper (Rajat Dastidar) first touch of the ball in his first game for the club was a rubbish free-kick which hit the guy standing a few metres away, and he poked it in. He followed this up by punching a corner into his own net and then kicking an opponent to get sent off. He earned the title 'Rajat Disaster' from then on.
  5. Andrea Sassetti - (CM01/02) - Chelsea I'm guessing that this guy is Totti's regen. He broke into the squad at the age of 16 and got EPL top scorer in his first season (ah, the good old days). He surpassed all premiership records and became the best player on the game. Steve Reid (CM03/04)- Carlisle United A Kiwi regen who scored for fun. Played in the looney midfielder role, he averaged over 3 goals a game for 3 seasons for my Carlisle side. Stayed in the side until the age of 39, and even then he was still untouchable. Andrei Botezatu (FM07) - Oxford United Ah, FM07. The year of the targetman. This was one of the better ones in the game. A 6ft 4 Romanian regen, brought to my Oxford side for £50k in the championship, he was literally unplayable for the opposition. A long ball lumped up towards him usually resulted in a goal. A class act. Abdoulaye Touré (FM07) - East Bengal FC A massive Ivorian interational in the Drogba mould, I somehow manged to convince him to come to the Indian League to play for East Bengal FC. He formed a truly lethal strike partnership with another regen fast striker Franky Paul (who also deserves an honourable mention), which yielded an incredible 92 goals in one season. And this was in a season consisting of just 30 games!
  6. Occasionally, the game will do something like this to you. It's the game's way of trying to even things up. Once, I had all 6 left wingers at my club injured within the space of 2 weeks. Coincidenc? I think not.
  7. http//img206.imageshack.us/img206/1391/manupwnedagainou8.jpg I give up.
  8. Argh, hope this works. http://http//img206.imageshack.us/img206/1391/manupwnedagainou8.jpg
  9. I still think mine's the best so far.
  10. This has confirmed what I've always suspected. This game hates Chelsea fans.
  11. I still play FM07, for me it's the best in the series. I tried the demo for FM08 but I was a little underwhelmed and I saw a lot of other people were dissapointed by it, so I probably won't buy it (or at least, until SI make a proper patch). I fancied a change so I've started a game in India with East Bengal to try and lead them to world domination.
  12. I think I've just beaten all of you. My new signing from my Chinese feeder club! http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/5958/mynamewe2.jpg
  13. Player fights, Mass brawls, crowd invasions, streakers, players dying of heart attacks in the middle of games. Just a few things which I'd like to see.