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  1. dont think its a glitch but I am also having heaps of trouble defending set pieces. It does seem to improve slightly when I select defending set pieces in pre match prep and set it to high or very high.
  2. Thanks for the reponse Santy. I thought as much about setting up Jones. Getting any consistency out of him is near impossible. He must have a very low hidden consistency stat.
  3. Hey fellow Stoke fans. Is anyone having success with K. Jones? Tried him in many positions in a 442 and 4231. As a poacher he has good physical stats and off the ball but lacks composure, finishing, anticipation and first touch and generally misses many 1on1's. As a target man support he is solid but not spetacular. He seems to occasionally play well as a complete forward possiblly again due to his great physicals. Does anyone give him particluar instructions or found a role that suits?
  4. It working now I have downloaded and will test out this evening after work and comment. Looks very promising.
  5. This definately used to be possible. I did it wall the time. Should be re-introduced.
  6. How and where do people play Kakuta? I have tried him in the AML position as a Winger (with no changes) but he doesnt play well there. I think he could be a useful Inside forward even though he is left footed.
  7. Ganso has gone completely cold in my current save. After a cracking season I cant get him to play very well in either the MC or AMC position as an advanced playmaker attack or occasionally treq. I think he is being marked out of the game by the AI and I cant find a way around it. Any ideas on how to counter this?
  8. I think SEGA tried to implement to many changes to the game this year and many of the changes have been added half assed and unfinished. This will mean that FM 2012 will be a year where the game will be polished meaning it will practically be a patch of FM 2011.
  9. I gave it a 6. Im more concerned about how set pieces reset after most games and the in-effectiveness of the playmaker function and the broken target man function. In 14 league games I have yet to see my playmaker play a through ball to my Inside forward who is a run onto ball target man. I patch is needed desperately.
  10. Thats rubbish. I would be bloody enraged if I were you. It seems like a definate bug/issue with the game/match engine. How else could you explain the above results. I could understand a few hard luck games but not that many.
  11. I have had a fair bit of trouble setting up a 4-2-3-1 Tactic on FM11. Could you elaborate on the player roles and the team instructions please?
  12. How do people set him up tactically? I cant seem to get many assist from him playing him in either the AMC slot as a adv playmaker on either support or attack mode using the tactics creater settings for the role. I have tried to play him in the MC slot using the same adv playmaker instructions and still not much luck. Any ideas? My formations is either a standard 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1.
  13. FM11 - Vladimir Weiss

    Just bought him for my Stoke team. He has started slowly but I hope he can turn it on once he settles. I'm play him in AMR position as Winger Attack.
  14. I have done a fair bit of testing with this tool and it is great to use to get a guage of what roles to use your players in. However just used stats of many random world class and solid La Liga & EPL players and what I have found is: 1: Central Defenders best role always seems to be limited defender. 2: I have not been able to find a complete striker (this may be due to the number a stats required for position). 3: I have not been able to find a box to box forward (this may be due to the number a stats required for position).