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  1. I did not make wholesale changes to the team. Sold - Park - 7.5 mil in 48 months to Sunderland Gibson - 5 mil in 48 months to Sunderland Kuszack on loan (1 mil + 100% wages) to Bayern Welbeck on loan to Burnley Bought - Silva - 15 mil upfront + 20 over 48 months. I've retained the rest of the squad and they are performing admirably well. Rio and Vidic were out for a few weeks but Evans and Brown (sometimes OShea) did a great job in the center. OShea is much maligned...but to me he is just a class squad player purely due to his versatility...great squad player. I preferably play a fluid 4-4-2 with an attacking winger (Silva) and a supporting winger (Valencia) gives a nice balance to the team). Fletcher is a monster in the middle of the park...does his fair share of tackling, scoring and dovetailing Carrick and/or Hargreaves. Upfront the title of the thread says it all...Rooney is a beast...scores from anywhere...tap ins, screamers, headers (surprisingly). Berba is great as a Deep lying Fwd and Owen is awesome as a poacher. I've played for half a season and lead Chelsea by 3 points at the top of the table. Life is good...
  2. FM 10 on mac tiger?

    It worked on mine!!
  3. Darron Gibson from my ManU team has become a wonderkid. I played him for 10-12 odd games in the first season and loaned him to Leicester for the 2nd season where he regularly gets Prem games. http://img140.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture1tk6.png Take a look.
  4. Official FM 08 Good Wonderkids

    Darron Gibson from my ManU team has become a wonderkid. I played him for 10-12 odd games in the first season and loaned him to Leicester for the 2nd season where he regularly gets Prem games. Gibson Take a look.
  5. Finished my first season with the Devils. My team has been playing champagne football to say the least. Ended the league with 99 points and won by a country mile (Chelsea finished 2nd with something like 77 points). I won the Community shield beating Chelsea 2-1, FA cup beating West Ham 3-0 and League Cup beating Chelsea 2-1. I was knocked out of the CL though...thumped 7-4 by Barca in the QF. I was wary of the burgeoning debts so restricted my buys to Zapater for 7 in the summer and Owen in the Jan market for 9M. Sold a whole bunch of average reserve players, Fletcher, Silvestre, Park etc and ended up with 3M in cash reserves after Owen and Zapater. Zapater turned to be a neat little DM cover for Hargreaves. Infact Queiroz now thinks that there isn't much difference between the two! I play a 4-2-3-1 with the following combinations: GK - VDS RB - Gary/O'Shea/Brown CB - Rio/Vidic/Pique/Brown LB - Evra/O'Shea CM (Defensive) - Hargreaves/Zapater CM (Play maker) - Scholsey/Carrick AMR - Ronnie/Nani AMC - Tevez/Anderson AML - Nani/Giggsy FC - Rooney/Saha/Owen I play "Target Man" with ball to feet and the AMC has an arrow upto the striker. The beauty of this little tactic is that all my AMs score tons and tons of goals (my AMs have great long range shots and or good finishing prowess). Ronnie and Tevez topped the charts with 21 goals in the season...Rooney finished with like 17 and Anderson and Saha finished with 14 odd (most of Saha's goals were crappy FA or League cup goals). At the start of the 2nd season, I decided to cash in on Saha for 5M. I got Vagner Love for free in the Bosman transfer. I'm keen to play him ahead of Owen as a backup since Owen has been laying eggs on the pitch! Inter came up with 20M + 20% for Pique and I decided to cash in. Johnny Evans has turned into a 'Wonderkid' and I can't possibly have both of them as my back-ups so decided to cash in on Pique knowing he would turn into quality (I don't believe in having quality all over the place without actually giving anyone a chance to fight for places and shine). I also sold Kusczak (spelling) for 8M +30% to Lazio as there wasn't any difference between him and Foster who is fit again at the start of the 2nd season. I felt I was a little weak in the left back slot so went for that 'Wonderkid' guy from Real (Marcelo)?? He has a release clause of 5.5M...snap him he looks good even though I haven't played him yet. Now my team looks like this - GK - VDS/Foster RB - Gary/O'Shea (please don't sell O'Shea, he is a quality utility player) CB - Rio/Vidic/Brown/Evans LB - Evra/Marcelo DM - OH/Zapater CM - Scholsey/Carrick AMR - Ronnie/Nani AMC - Tevez/Anderson AML - Nani/Giggsy FC - Rooney/Owen/Love I still have about 52M in reserve for future buys. I feel that AMl is something that I have to tackle with. Should I go for Silva....he would cost me a gazillion pounds and I don't see it as a good investment since Nani is a great player himself. Any good young player recommendations for AML? Also I need to find a great play making CM as a replacement for Scholsey...suggestions? Thanks for reading this rather long post ...Cheers!
  6. Downloading....A big thank you to Marc and Neil
  7. Thanks Marc....for the updates. Marc...you are Messiah.... Believe me you are not the only one F5ing every 5 seconds
  8. I am your friend! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> You da man Marc...don't fail your 'Mac' friends now
  9. Probably SI is busy buying wreath for Martin Jol's obituary
  10. Does anybody know when the MAC version of WSM would be out?? I've not received any updates from Amazon yet...dunno whats holding them up?