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  1. Retro

    Your Mastermind subject

    Simon V de Montfort Edward III The Hundred Years War 1337-1360 Would need to brush up on all of those though. My other specialist topics would be too big and difficult to break down (e.g. History of the English Language).
  2. Retro

    Syria Chemical attack dangerous times ahead

    I haven't got the faintest idea what the best course of action to take in Syria is and I don't support any political party so I can't even politicise it while forgetting about the people in Syria who are in a dire situation either way.
  3. Retro

    Far Cry 5

    I've never thought FC2 was the best game - it was just my favourite game. It's a bit like Fallout 4 which is nowhere near the best game, or even best RPG, but it's got something that's caused me to plough a lot of hours into it. But in reality, I was looking for FC5 videos, this popped up and I thought of you. I'm surprised how well FC2 has stood up considering it was released almost a decade ago.
  4. Retro

    Far Cry 5

    **** you @Gimpy
  5. It was me. Thanks Gimpy. Although the deal appears to be finished now.
  6. Retro

    Transgender first for Australian football

    Yes, I think they should be treated the same... ...which means they won't be able to play under the current drugs laws in every professional sport.
  7. Yeah, I've been following the progress of this game for years. For a while it seemed like it was never going to come out of beta on PC or for consoles but things have really come together the last year or so. It may be confirmation bias but everything I hear about it is positive.
  8. Retro

    Over-privileged Gaming Setup

    I suck at games so yeah, probably.
  9. Retro

    Over-privileged Monitor Question

    Certainly seems like the kind of thing I'm looking for and a decent price too.
  10. This question is completely unrelated to my gaming setup question as I was always going to do this whatever decision I made there. Since 2011 I have owned an iMac which has been a great machine but last year we bought a PC for my work and my wife's business and so that has now taken the iMac's place on the desk. I like to do digital artwork and the display on the iMac is immensely good for that, but the monitors I'm using now are old and weren't particularly good even at the time I bought them : they certainly don't compare to the iMac display. So, OTF can anyone advise me or recommend a monitor that would be similar to the iMac display? For those who have not seen the iMac display, they have a glossy feel rather than the matte finish that many monitors have and the quality is excellent. Doesn't need to be 4k, but capability for better than HD would be beneficial. Some people I have spoken to suggest that I need an IPS panel. As for price, would like to keep it below £400 and size between 24" and 27" (give or take). Suggestions, recommendations etc would be appreciated.
  11. Retro

    Over-privileged Gaming Setup

    So in a predictable show of economic restraint, I have decided to do nothing. I did bring the PC downstairs and tried it on my 4k TV and it looked great and performance was good, but keeping it downstairs is not practical for either me or my wife. But I will pick up a Steam Link if I see one dirt cheap as Gimpy suggested. I just can't justify buying an Xbox One S or X and I'm not ready to retire my PS4 yet. So I will continue my campaign on PS4 with its limited mod support but I bought the GOTY edition on PC so I can play with the Creation Kit and have a campaign using mods like Sim Settlements for those times when I do want to hide away in the office. Thanks for the suggestions all - the discussion has made me feel I have made the right decision... unless I change my mind.
  12. Retro

    Over-privileged Gaming Setup

    I've got 4k Netflix and Amazon Prime via my Sony Smart TV - although to be fair, the Amazon Prime software doesn't work very well (lip synch issues). The justification would have to come from future games mostly. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that sounds like it was made for me and apparently it will have some Xbox One X enhancements, but if developers in general are going to utilise the increased power of the PS 4 Pro and Xbox One X then it could be worth it over the next few years. At the moment though I'd still prefer to way to get my PC working downstairs if I can. I might bring the desktop PC downstairs tonight and try it out on the big TV to see what it looks like.
  13. Retro

    Over-privileged Gaming Setup

    If I was to go down the Xbox One X route I would have to justify it beyond simply allowing me to play Fallout 4 with mods. I thought that was obvious.
  14. Retro

    Over-privileged Gaming Setup

    Absolutely. I've got an old Samsung 22" TV that I can get out and put on a coffee table and I've got a long HDMI cable I just take out of the 4k TV and pop in the small one. Either that or she uses the small TV/iPad and I use the 4k TV. Either way, we're sat together and can still interact and chat. We've only been doing this since I got Fallout 4 and it's worked really well and the reason I started the thread is because I really prefer it to shutting myself away as well.
  15. Retro

    Over-privileged Gaming Setup

    pfffft - I loved it.