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  1. So, how come, in another test I did over the same time frame, when I trade away a single player that has a $2 Mil cap hit and the cap DOES go down by $2 Mil. That doesn't quite fit into what you have said above. If it were to be the same then my cap hit s/b $400,000, but it ain't....... So I don't know what's goin' on.....
  2. Well....simming is complete for 9 days.... from Sept 3 to Sept 12 and start of training camp..... No difference in Salary Cap..... still at 75,485,000.... I still think it's a bug.....
  3. So I will sim it a week and see if the cap hit is different. My guess..... NO...
  4. That's exactly why I think its a bug. If you take there combined salaries, the reduction in cap after the trades s/b about $1.8 Mil. It showed that on the trade page when I made the trade. After the trade It only reduced it a little over $200,000 on the Salary Cap page.
  5. Top 23 salaries are only $71Mil +- . I would be good with the AHL salary at the reduced rate but Archibald's contract was a full hit and I believe that it should have reduced the salary cap by 1.117 Mil at a minimum.
  6. Sept. 03 2020 just before the preseason. Fluery was in the last year of his initial 3 year deal and had an AHL salary of $103,000. Archibald had 2 years left at 1.1Mil and 1.3Mil and his avg salary was 1.117 Mil. Both had played the full previous season in the AHL.
  7. - Load save game - VEGAS PRE-DRAFT 2020-09-03.sav - See that you are over the Salary by approx. $500,000 - Initiate trade with New York Rangers... Josh Archibald (1.1 Mil) and Cale Fluery ($695,000) from Las Vegas to the Rangers for 2021 4th (DAL) and 2022 4th (NYR) - See that the Salary Cap should decrease from 75,645,000 to 73,750,000 - Make trade -Confirm trade in e-mail -Continue game 1 turn -Go to Salary Cap chart page and see that the Cap has only gone down to $75,485,000 not the $73,750,000 on the trade page from the previous day.
  8. So last night I am going thru season 2 of the Sharks challenge thru the training camp and then a few days after. As you know most teams start sending waiver players to the minors and all I do is look at who's listed on that page and not even go to the waiver page. Well low and behold I get a screen wanting to know what Status James Reimer is going to be on my team as I'd claimed him on waivers...... I immediately saved the game at that point and I'm going to send in an bug report if you think you can find out anything.
  9. Sorry, I couldn't as well....
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