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  1. Well, to sum things up, I won the Premier League, ECC and FA Cup in my first season... turns out Van Der Sar is actually quite good at the age of 38. I'm expecting a big decline soon (his mental stats are terrible). It was close in the end though, with narrow victories and results going my way. I am bored of it though, so I doubt I will continue this save, to be honest. I haven't tried a BSP team yet so I may opt for that.
  2. I've been unable to play as my PSP keeps turning itself off (and sometimes, during the middle of the night, on by itself). I can barely start the game up and if I manage, can't get through the 1st leg of the ECC against Bayern Munich without it turning itself off and losing all the data. I want to throw it against the wall... stupid thing.
  3. Somehow, I went on a winning streak (still going) and am currently 1st in the league. My strikers really picked up. I've beaten Galatasaray 1-0 away in the first leg of the ECC second round, good start.
  4. So, we have one person who has completed half of the initial challenge? I'm looking more likely to win the ECC than the league, but in 6th place I still have a chance.
  5. End of 2009 update (as in, currently January 3rd). Three managers sacked, with Sporting Albion (18th), Bengeo (19th) and FC Columbus (14th) all looking for replacements. LFC7 Eleven, despite being 20th, are keeping their manager so far. I do not know how FC Columbus is doing so bad on my game. His squad seems to be the best. Cech in goal should be solid. Cole, Gallas and Toure are 3/4 of a pretty solid defence. Fab and Ronaldo should make his midfield up to par... his only weakness is slightly in strikers, but that should be overcome. I'm currently 7th (moving on up). Could have been 6th (overtaking Ridley) if I hadn't lost 2-1 to Robbos in the last game of december after a good win streak. North Bushey are 1st, Lucky Goals second and AFC Leeds third. I'm 8 points from top. I want to buy some defenders :'( At least I managed to top my ECC Group, with Villareal thankfully beating Inter on the last day to allow me to overtake Inter.
  6. I'm not doing well at home... 12 played, 4 won, 3 drawn, 5 lost. 14th place. 2nd place in my ECC Group, behind Inter, above Villareal.
  7. Well, I lost 3-1 to Ripley, 1-0 to Sporting Chelsea but I managed to get my first win by beating AFC Leeds 2-0. Owned.
  8. Not really... my team sucks so I doubt I can win the ECC. If I get lucky, I could possible manage if I drop to the Euro Cup. Doubt I will win the league though... my defence cannot manage against Rooney, Torres, Aguero, Messi... etc.
  9. Well, I hate Ripley. Season opener and he beat me 3-1... He has Rooney AND Aguero... come on! Also, some lucky guy has Fabregas AND Ronaldo... I have no-one good... my defence is terrible
  10. I also just made him sign a four year contract rather than his current one year. Should win by then. Of course, as I type this, my first friendly is at half-time and I'm losing 1-0 to leeds. Perhaps 3-4-3 isn't the best tactic for me.
  11. This sucks... I have £62m to spend, the board wants the title, but I can't buy anyone
  12. Right, I just found out I have 9 out-and-out strikers... Got GOMIS though, who is awesome. Guess it will have to be 3 strikers then. Eduardo, Gomis and Pavluchenko first choices. I haven't really got the best defense, so I may go for a 3-4-3. So, with a goalkeeper who is 37, how do I stop them retiring until I win a League AND Cup?
  13. Attempt Four: SUCCESSFUL! Cheers Crickie. So, to get the badges I need to save, then exit and return?
  14. Alright, now I don't know what I've done wrong... I have the folder in this location now: E:/PSP/COMMON/FMH2009/changes.txt I renamed his file and the FMH folder to 09... but why doesn't it work?