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  1. I wondered what peoples' thoughts were on using narrow width along with two attacking wide players who cut inside - isn't that rather one-dimensional & easier to predict & defend against? Or is it Muller's link up play that makes this tactic tick? I ask as I often see recommendations to play one winger to provide width with the IW or IF on the other side of the pitch cutting inside. Strangely, I had most success when playing with two IF after changing my settings to play with more width. I assumed that this was because the players stretched the pitch before cutting inside - does that sound right?
  2. Why would faster transitions suit him more? Because of his speed, agility & balance? My team is more dominant & so I play a 4231 with my front 5 pressing high & looking to quickly counter when they win the ball. This would suit a player like him right? Thanks!
  3. Would the increased risk taking also cause him to potentially lose the ball more? As he would play riskier passes & try & play his way out of trouble?
  4. I guess that's more realistic. At least we know we'll likely to get some improvement in at least one attribute. Thanks for your update!
  5. If I remember correctly, the last post he made was attacked by another poster quite aggressively. I can't find the posts now so I'd imagine they've been deleted. I remember thinking at the time that it's the sort of ungrateful response that would put me off helping other players and being a mod & he hasn't returned since. It's a real shame as he's a great guy & if he doesn't return it will be a will lose to the FM community.
  6. A BWM isn’t the best idea for a holding midfielder as he’ll leave his position to chase the ball with no DM behind to cover. I’d switch him to a CM(d). You could also use a DLP(d) if you have someone with good positioning etc & ball-playing skills. In that case I’d also recommend changing your AP to an AM to avoid having two playmakers close to each other. I’d avoid having both the AM & PF on attack duty, one or the other. As your formation is top heavy, I’d recommend giving PIs to your front four so that they close down as much as possible so that you win the ball back further upfield. For that reason I’d also recommend a higher LOE. Having two attacking sidemen who cut inside will also allow the position to pack the middle when defending against you. Consider keeping a winger to stretch the opposition.
  7. Nice. I reckon you'd get even better results if you added a few more experienced professionals to the U18 squad as you'd get those 'influenced by the squad' personality bonuses. This would apply to those youngsters who aren't even being mentored. Also, I've since learnt that 'welcoming' new signings is a quick & effective way to give great personality boosts to new signings (providing you have the right player to welcome them).
  8. Hi guys, I've found a 'model citizen' that I can bring in on loan for the season in a back-up role to do some mentoring. He would mentor the younger players in my first team squad or I'd possible stick him in the under 18s to do some mentoring there. Anyone had any success with this?
  9. Agreed, a great read @That There Phil. I’d love to know if you’ve had a different experience when using this approach in FM21? It would be great to hear your thoughts even if they’re just casual observations.
  10. It's great to read that about McShane as I felt a little dishonest when I did this myself in my save but reasoned that it would happen in real life. I'm pretty sure footballers at the end of their careers would happily join a more repeatable club (especially one like Man Utd) & enjoy the facilities as well as doing a bit of mentoring & coaching rather than dropping (far) further down the football pyramid. Noble at West Ham is currently doing something similar (although he's still club captain & a squad player) but Snodgrass stated that he had a similar role before being transferred to West Brom. Anyway, I tried this out in League 2. I signed (saved) a veteran defender (Darren Ward) & agreed that he would be an emergency back-up player & then stuck him in the under 18s. We agreed a wage of £160 per week so it was a small gamble. He'd previously dropped down to the Vanarama South so I figured that this, along with his 'Professional' personality, would stop him from complaining. His World Reputation was 5 silver stars (rated 'okay') which matched the WR of my under 18 players. I'd have preferred it to be higher so that he was more influential but oh well. He had 2 stars for ability though which was joint highest in my under 18 squad so that gave him more influence. His personality was 'professional' which isn't the very best but still better than 'fairly determined' or 'balanced' which made up the personalities of most of my under 18 squad. Upon signing on 12th July 2020 , he found himself alone in the 'others' social group & didn't appear at all on the under 18s hierarchy but I figured this would change after a settling in period. I could have made him captain of the under 18s which would have seen his influence increase at a quicker rate but I forgot & went 'on holiday'. After returning from my holiday on 12th June 2021, I found that Ward is still all alone in the 'others' social group but was made captain by the under 18s manager & is now at the top of the hierarchy in the position of 'team leader'. Wahoo! However, his mentoring influence on the youngsters is still 'light' & he has had no impact on the determination of those that he is mentoring despite the estimated effect being 'significant'. I think this could be because he was not in any of their social groups & many of the players now have a better World Rep than him. However, some of my other players did experience an increase in determination so Ward's presence could have helped the squad as a whole but then again this could be a coincidence. Could I have seen better results if Ward wasn't alone in his social group? I think so yes. Perhaps I could have signed some youngsters at the same time so that he shared a social group with those he was mentoring. Did his ability & lower WR have a negative impact? Probably, maybe a slightly better player with a higher WR would have had more influence but then they may have complained about their lack of playing time. Would have been better if I'd given him a couple of games for the Senior Squad? Possibly, but I'm not sure whether he'd have liked being dropped back into the under 18s squad afterwards. Would a model citizen personality have achieved more? Probably I think the way forward in FM21 is to find youngsters with good personalities & potential & supplement them in the under 18s with multiple experienced players such as Ward & McShane to influence the overall squad personality.
  11. Are they good with both feet & Clarke isn’t? I find that inflates a coaches opinion of a player’s ability. And have they been in good form like the other posters have suggested?
  12. Thanks again, it all makes for more sense now & I'll watch out for it in the future!
  13. I think that you're definitely onto something here. I just looked at one of the other hopefuls that I sent out on loan to the Isthmian Premier league. He played 26 times & scored an average rating of 7.52 for the season. His attributes haven't changed & Genie Scout tells me that his CA has improved by 1 point but my coach now rates him as a Vanarama National League player (whereas previously he was a Vanarama North/South). This is despite him only playing in the Isthmian Premier & enjoying no attribute increases. So it really does seem that playing well in a far lower league gives my coaches an inaccurate opinion & inflates a player's ability in their eyes?
  14. I agree, they seem to love speed (rightly or wrongly). It's just that this player has always had 15 pace & acceleration but was only regarded by this coach as a National League player. A year later & after a decent performance in that the National League, my coach believes him to be a leading League 2 player (after no increase in attributes). I ignore the stars etc but am just trying to better understand what's made my coach change his mind so drastically.
  15. Yes! He had an average rating of 7.20 over the course of last season. He was played as a striker & scored 21 goals in 42 matches. He also got 8 assists & 9 POM awards. So that would explain why he gained an increase in reputation? He now has the joint highest world rep (1.5 stars) in my squad along with 2 of my experienced players who are internationals for their country. So the coach is judging him as a 'leading League 2' player because he performed well in the National League & enjoyed an increase in his reputation? That's strange! Even stranger is the fact that the rest of my squad enjoyed a full season in League 2 & didn't get an increase in world rep (one of those is an experienced international in his prime & had an average rating of 7.02 but still has a world rep of 1 star). I've had a couple of other young players who are now rated far better by my coach (no world rep increase though) but they have played many games in League 2 & have had clear attribute boosts - wahoo! Just for the record, I'm not concerned about who a higher reputation, I'm just trying to figure out how the AI comes to its conclusions. Thanks again for your great reply.
  16. Thanks, some good points there. The part that has me most confused is the coach's description of the player now being a 'leading' League 2 player whereas he was only rated as a Vanarama League player. Espcially as he's now rated better than some of my alternatives for that posoiton who I feel are better (albeit a little slower). I always took more notice of these written descriptions (compared to the stars anyway). Am I wrong to do so?
  17. Hi guys, Just as I think I'm beginning to get a good grip on understanding the game a spanner gets thrown in the works! The spanner in this case is a 21 year old winger with good potential. Here are his attributes at the beginning of my save: My best judger of CA says he's 'operating at Vanarama National level' & gives him 3 stars. He won't get into my first team (even as a sub) due to his attributes & I considered whether to sell or get him a decent loan but then got a loan offer from Barnet who are in the Vanarama National League. They promised to play him as a winger & give him first team football so I went for it. I then went on holiday for a year to test & my coach now tells me that Bohui is a 'leading' League Two player despite him still being 3 stars & still not possessing attractive attributes. Now I know stars don't mean much so I looked at his progress report for the past 12 months & it shows this: The attribute numbers are exactly the same. So he's not really improved at all? FM Genie Scout tells me that his CA has increased by 2. Would this explain why he's gone from a 'Vanarama National level' player to a 'leading' League Two player despite not actually having an increase in attributes? But then, I don't think that coaches & scouts can see the CA so what gives? I noticed that his reputation has increased since his loan move. Could that be it? I know that I should ignore coach reports but I'm just trying to better understand how the game works. Thanks for any help & insight provided!
  18. I suppose that you're not allowing for the element of 'chance' in your calculations/expectations. That relatively low ambition would also hold him back as its equally as important as professionalism & determination amongst morale & training facilities as mentioned by @Seb Wassellhere: Just a few posts above @Seb Wassell also says: 'Determination, Ambition and Professionalism all contribute exactly the same amount towards the progression score. However a certain progression score does not guarantee a certain level of progression. A progression score only gives the player a certain chance of achieving a certain level of progression. This chance ranges anywhere from 0% to 70%. As such two players with identical attributes could develop very differently. Similar two players with very different attributes could develop identically. In this way it is not possible to reliably test a single attribute's impact on progression through simply collating and monitoring a data set.'
  19. To summarise the discussion I linked, height doesn't matter at all. It's purely cosmetic. The attribute 'jumping reach' has already taken height into consideration therefore, a 5 player who is 5’7” with a jumping reach of 11 will reach the exact same height as a 6’3” player with a jumping reach of 11. I think that it may have been different in earlier installments of FM when the attribute was called 'jumping' & not 'jumping reach' but I'm not certain about that.
  20. Sorry if I’m coming across as argumentative, I’m just trying to help people avoid a common misconception that previously caught me out. ✌️ Yes I agree, the online manual confirms that ‘height’ doesn’t matter, only the jumping reach counts. You can see it being discussed here:
  21. Yes, that's correct, the height is purely cosmetic & only the jumping reach counts for how high a player can reach to head the ball.
  22. Watch the replays & find out what's going wrong. Are the players who you expect to be first to the ball actually winning it? If not, check attributes such as aggression, determination & bravery & compare those to your last CB who you sold. Perhaps they aren't being outjumped but outfought in the air? How about positioning, concentration & anticipation? If they win the ball, are the team scoring from the second ball? If so, consider their heading attribute, if it's poor then they may be winning the ball but heading it straight back into danger. Checking the replays will tell you if there's a pattern & what's going wrong. Also, check that you're not conceding more set pieces than you were previously. If your opponent is getting more set piece opportunities then the probability of them scoring also goes up.
  23. I thought that the jumping reach already takes into account a players height? If so, his height doesn’t matter, it’s just window dressing for immersion purposes. I believe I’ve read that a player who is 5’7” with a jumping reach of 11 will reach the exact same height as a 6’3” player who also has a jumping reach of 11. This players lack of aggression would also hold him back in being the first to get his head to the ball (if all else is equal between him & a more aggressive player).
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