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  1. Thank you both! I suppose my next question is - how big a problem is it to play a player out of position (if they have the right attributes for the position)?
  2. Hi everyone, I have my eye on a couple of players who have the right attributes but the parent clubs want them played in their natural position & role. If I accept them contract proposal & then play the player out of the desired position & role, will the club simply cancel the loan after a few games? How long roughly until the player becomes unhappy? Thanks!
  3. Thanks very much for this amazingly helpful thread! I currently only have a F9 who lacks height & strength & I don’t think I’ll be able to get a decent DLF anytime soon. How big a problem is this? Thanks again.
  4. Hi everyone, When I took over my current club in late June, the betting odds showed that my team were expected to finish just above the relegation zone. 90 days later & after bringing in some decent freebies & loan players, the betting odds now show that my club are expected to finish in second place. Does this mean that opposition teams will now set up defensively against me & so defensive counter-attacking tactics probably aren’t my best option? I ask because I’ve read on here that defensive teams often have to change tactics when opponents begin to perceive them as bei
  5. Thank you very much for your reply & help! An update about your evolved playing style would be very welcome indeed. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks! So not pressing with your forwards while playing with a deeper defensive line & line of engagement?
  7. Yeah you're right. I should have been clearer in my original post - my striker lacks the strength required to hold the ball up. His physical attributes favour speed over strength. I think he'd get knocked off the ball if he tried to hold it up. Thanks for your reply by the way.
  8. Hi, first of all, thanks very much for this very well written & informative guide, it’s been very helpful. I have a couple of questions: 1) What do you mean by ‘withdraw the midfield to force the DMs to come out’? 2) My current striker is better suited to a False 9 role, he lacks a couple of the attributes needed to play in the DLF role. I’ve seen a couple of tactics very similar to yours that utilise a F9 instead of a DLF & wondered why you chose to go with a DLF & what positives/negatives it has in your tactic in comparison to a F9. Thanks for in advance for any hel
  9. What would that 'gaining experience after the match' look like? An immediate increase in attributes? Thanks very much!
  10. With the increase in manager AI, will the opposition managers be constantly changing their tactics during a match? Will I need to watch each match & made changes to counter their changes? I think that might be a bit too much for me at this stage as I'm a bit out of touch with FM.
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