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  1. bizarre really but i can't even add FM to my basket as there is no option to!
  2. Quick thought so quick question - anyone given consideration to hosting FM as a SaaS - save all us poor folk from having to upgrade laptops and having to run on min leagues?
  3. getting a son

    can I buy him for my rangers game - I play with wingers, well this season I do....on another point - where did you get the skin ?
  4. is there anyway to switch off the stadium and crowd generation as I have found this to slow down the gameplay, 3d pitch is fine and always liked it but the stadium and those ridiculously drawn fans seem to be slowing it down as well as offending my eyes.
  5. Thanks SI for listening re stats collecting and DRM. Hopefully the demo will live up to the fact that you have listened on these 2 important issues and will result in the game being the biggest seller ever.
  6. 15 years of playing CM/FM comes to an end then as I realise that my "stats" are being gathered. I guess I will be uninstalling tonight - not such a hardship really as the game has gotten really sh*t in the past few versions. Have to agree with the fanboy comments - I always thought the "I will buy the game even if it is riddled with bugs" brigade were the spotty teenagers who haven't got a clue about anything....seems I was right. It is not a matter of whether they can or whether others do - it is a question of whether they should, and the answer is quite plainly no.
  7. took on Rangers...opening game, away to celtic - defeat 3-0 - next game home to Everton 1-1 (last min equaliser by yakubu) - followed by 3-1 away defeat by Sunderland...not looking good...
  8. '07, '08, '09...

    I am still playing 07, really getting into it, the same as yourself really, only play it couple of times a week and feel no need to have the latest and shiniest version. But I think that is more a society thing than an FM thing...we are a throw away society and are always looking to the newest model of whatever it is. In saying that I am excited by the prospect of 09 and will judge whether to buy based on the demo when it comes out. I could quite happily carry on with 07 but I am eager to see if the new features make the game play more enjoyable and a little less repetitive.
  9. Linux Support

    Pity. Lads if you don't know what I am on about then you don't need to know.
  10. Linux Support

    Is Linux support being considered for the future versions of FM?
  11. Linux Support

    Is Linux support being considered for the future versions of FM?