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  1. Exceptional. I feel this thread sums up team sports very well. They are about space and creating superiorities. This thread has given me some food for thought for some of my own tactics.
  2. That quote about the regista I remember someone quoting into one of my threads, which was about the difference between regista and other roles, and I absolutely loved that post Looks interesting as I prefer 3/5 at the back with a defensive midfielder(position not role), so I am going to follow to see if there are any ideas I could try and implement
  3. Fair enough. I noticed it said you were a mod a few days before this announcement, but not Cleon and RTH not being mods until just now.
  4. If you lack strikers you could retrain some of your midfielders into strikers if they suit the way you want your striker to play What is your tactic/ formation and roles then we could work out what the best type of striker you need
  5. First picture(white box) shows where the shots went in or out the goal Second pic shows where the shots were taken from and the general direction
  6. First thing,on an attacking note, I notice is on the left wing, you have a full back support and an inside forward attack. This means you have not really got any one on the left at all as the inside forward cuts in and the fullback doesn't really give any threat down the wing, only an option to others before passing the ball to someone else. Although you have Look for overlap, the fullback won't really overlap as it is more defensive. 2 Inside Forwards makes you quite predictable, where every time they get the ball they try to come inside. I would recommend; Fullback support and Winger attack On a defensive note, in midfield, although a CM defend is defensive, it might be better with a DLP defend as CM defend isn't really as good a holder in front of the defence as say a DLP because in the centre of midfield they like to try to get forward a bit and defend a bit deeper too. Also being away you might want to try counter. This does not mean they will just counter, but it will mean they will be slightly more cautious whilst being able to attack like you wish. With these changes I would recommend this: Counter Fluid GK (Defend) FbL (Support), CD (Defend), CD (Defend), WingbackR (Attack) BBM (Support), DLP (Defend) WL (Attack), APM (Support), IFR (Support) CF (Attack)
  7. Hi I am not an expert but I believe that your midfield is weak because the Regista will roam about and the Box to Box Midfielder will be running up and down the pitch. As the Advanced Playmaker is attacking to try and link midfield with attack, you will be exposed defensively as all of them will get forward. You would be better of with some kind of sitter/holder like Anchor Man, Deep Lying Playmaker (Defend), Defensive Midfielder (Defend) etc. If you wanted to keep the Regista, then I would recommend changing the Box to Box Midfielder to a Deep Lying Playmaker (defend) or Central Midfielder (Defend). On another note, as your Left Winger is cutting inside, no one is giving support on the Left wing so you could change your FB(s) to a WB(s/a) to provide more width. Also Retain Possession and Pass Shorter which is not a good idea generally because it will mean you make lots of passes but you won't risk losing the ball so you are playing almost just like Man United, Keep ball. I would take Retain Possession off and keep Pass Shorter on. Then you will keep possession but still attempt to create chances.
  8. Thanks guys this advice has helped a lot. So do you think this would work well. 4-2-3-1 Control, Fluid --------------------------CF(a) IF(s)---------------------AP(s)---------------------RMD(a) -------------------A(d)----------RGA(s) CWB(a)----------CD(d)----------CD©----------FB(s) ---------------------------SK(d) TI: Pass Shorter, Work Ball into Box, Push Higher Up, Close Down More, Higher Tempo, Be More Expressive
  9. Hi I have had FM15 for 6-7 months now but I haven't been able to work out what a Regista is and how it is different to other roles like Deep Lying Playmaker or Roaming Playmaker etc. From the description it is described as follows; The Regista is a more aggressive version of the Deep Lying Playmaker suitable for possession-oriented systems that press high up the pitch. Given complete freedom to dictate play from deep positions, the Regista offers a dynamic and unpredictable creative outlet from behind the attack who seeks to maintain intense pressure by constantly looking for new chances as his more advanced teammates get into goalscoring positions. When I look at the Player Instructions, I see that a Regista has More Risky Passes and Roam from Position coded into the role. This in my opinion sounds a lot like a Roaming Playmaker but in a deeper position, not going as far forward. Is this right? Also if this is the case, does he attract the ball like a Playmaker? Also would he be a suitable holder/sitter? Thanks
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