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  1. It took extra time, but we grabbed the winner to retain the league title again.
  2. We made some chances! Why not use the money from the European run to fund (what I think) are the last facility upgrades
  3. Youth Intake Day! I love me a massive, no nonsense CB
  4. Unfortunately, he's completely Italian, with not even a Sammarinese second nationality However... I didn't think we'd have any chance of convincing him to stay, but now the transfer window has opened he's agreed to a new (effectively) seven year deal!
  5. And we're through again! We nicked a goal away from home in a pretty even game, and then our parking the bus at home resulting in Ludogorets just panicking and hitting potshots every time they got 30 yards from goal. They never really threatened us seriously despite all their possession, and we're through! Oh no
  6. About that... Bizarrely our only win was over Trabzonspor, but we drew every game with both Partizani (who also beat them!) and Zurich to seal second place in the group
  7. We should be able to beat Partizani, at least? Zurich and Trabzonspor will probably be too strong for us.
  8. We made that harder than we needed to Dundalk again!
  9. I'm still there, but nothing really interesting has happened aside from the Nations League which I posted a little bit ago. We're still grinding away, but we're still ranked 195th in the world so there's lots to do
  10. Youth Intake Day! Nobody worth tagging, but a couple interesting nationalties.
  11. We completely fell apart away from home. Really poor.
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