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  1. As far as I can tell, none of them have made it past the 1st Round of EL Qualifying yet
  2. That's a nasty draw this early on
  3. Youth Intake Day! Nothing doing this year.
  4. Well that didn't quite play out how I thought it would
  5. Well, I've found the least catchy stadium name in existence...
  6. I don't see us getting through, but we should be able to pip Sturm Graz to 3rd.
  7. We should be able to get back into the Europa Groups.
  8. We'll win a penalty shootout one day...
  9. Steaua make it through to face us this time.
  10. We never really got out of first gear against them in either leg. We'll need to step it up against...
  11. I think these are the final set of upgrades we need! I'm not really sure what upgraded the data analysis facilities do, but it's cheap
  12. Youth Intake Day! Two decent CBs through this year. Albani might not have the greatest potential (according to our assistant) but he's a giant!
  13. Cheers! This is a save I have right after his intake: https://gofile.io/?c=lGIqU6 Cheers! I agree with what @nsd said. I think we've been really lucky with some of the players we've had coming through - I've never had anybody anywhere near as good as Giovagnoli, and I don't expect us to get a player as good as him through ever again It's not just him, though, because players like Manuel Zavoli (YP37) are also absolute quality for us. I think this is probably the best San Giovanni team I've ever had, and we're not really that far into the save. I guess you could class it as a kind of 'Golden Generation' for us - I'm hoping that with our facilities pumped up we can keep producing quality players, but it is possible that we have a bit of a dry spell where we're not producing talent up to the level of the players we've already had through. We'll see!
  14. I'm really happy with that. We got a point, scored in half our games, and only Liverpool really turned us over. Really good stuff
  15. We're going to get absolutely battered
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