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  1. Season Review! Very much a season to forget for us. We relied so heavily on Clifton Belle (YP21a) in prior seasons, and his absence left a massive hole in the team that we couldn't fill. Thankfully, Windsor and Knaphill were terrible, so we were in no danger of relegation, but we need to find a way to bag more goals next season - our top scorer barely broke double digits for the year.
  2. Youth Intake Day! 9 different nationalities represented in this intake, and they're all born in Kingsbury! That's what we love Our new leader at the back I was hoping for a striker in, because we've found it really hard to replace Clifton Belle (as you'll soon see...) but a 4.5* CA CB will do nicely too
  3. We're going to really struggle without Clifton Belle (YP21a), but that's Championship (and ex Premiership) side Wigan!
  4. Season Review! Lots of reasons for optimism following our debut season in the CCL Premier Divison. We lost a lot of games that we were unlucky to lose, and going forward we made no end of chances that we perhaps didn't put away. That bodes well for next season, although I don't think we're ready to seriously challenge for the lone promotion spot yet.
  5. Youth Intake Day! Byrne looks like he could add a bit of power and size to our attacking line.
  6. Not completely sure Sky Sports are gonna care, lad.
  7. I'm under no illusions about our promotion chances, but I don't think we'll be in much danger of going back down
  8. Now that is pretty cool. Alpha and Omega away to the world's first football club.
  9. We're the famous Alpha and Omega and we're going to Wembley!* *If we can win five more qualifying rounds, and then seven real rounds
  10. How's that for a game to start the new season? 5-1 down with 25 minutes left on the clock, it's safe to say we turned it around somewhat...
  11. The FA Cup is my favourite cup competition in the world. I'm so happy to be in it from the very start Cray Valley are in the same level of English Football at us (Tier 9), playing in the Essex Senior League. It's hard to know how good they'll be, but we're at home!
  12. Predicted rock bottom in the new league. Some pretty big grounds for this level!
  13. We didn't win the league in the end, but we're going up for the second consecutive year!
  14. We had a slight stumble against two relegation candidates, but picked our form back up to mean that with two games left... We are going up!
  15. Youth Intake Day! Not a super exciting spread of nationalities this year.
  16. I've changed tactic since that dismal run, and I think it's fair to say results have picked up... I'm not sure how sustainable those results are, but we're top of the tree with 8 games left...
  17. Something interesting I've noticed... Mousehole AFC are based in Cornwall (miles away from anywhere), and start the game in the 10th tier with a Sugar Daddy. They've gotten back to back promotions and are currently in 1st in their league again, and although the sugar daddy has now withdrawn his funding, they've been spending the money wisely... They've got 20/20 for Youth Recruitment (in Tier 8 of England!), 15/20 Junior Coaching, and 10/20 Youth Facilities. That's led to this... That's 6 players with a PA of over 100, who were born right there in Mousehole... a village with a population of 697 The things you find when you go this far down! I wonder if any Mousehole originals will ever get an England cap...
  18. So, this is where we stand coming back to the save... Not an awful position to be in, but our recent form has been a bit shaky...
  19. They bid about 15 times in two days, we rejected all of them
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