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  1. We started off so strong, but injuries and suspensions mounted and we just didnt have the depth to push through.
  2. Cheers! We've been able to get a bunch of them, here are our facilities: We do! I have a suspicion their PA's are all quite low, at least relatively speaking. Oh for the day we get a striker with better than 6 finishing Random Estonian dude! There's been quite a few weirder nationalities coming through our intakes so far. It's pretty cool! Cheers! It is Youth Only, yeah. Hopefully we can produce another one like him soon
  3. Youth Intake Day! Hopefully he can live up to his potential.
  4. Cheers! We haven't had much luck this season, but hopefully that'll all even out soon...
  5. All we needed was a point, but we got completely FMed, and Austria Vienna somehow beating Lyon on the last day means we slide down to last place
  6. I thought we'd blown it when they bagged late on, but we go right the other end and smash one in the top corner to progress to the Playoff! Wow! HJK beat Dynamo Kyiv, who I was expecting to play - this seems like a relatively kind draw, but they've beaten us the only time we played, and they must be decent to go past Kyiv. Still, this might be a chance..
  7. Two 0-0 draws as we park the bus for 90/120 minutes before winning on penalties. Perfect We have beaten Ludogorets before...
  8. Youth Intake Day! Hopefully we have a new #1 GK.
  9. I have no idea what Sparta were up to when we beat them 4-0 away in fairness So did I! We're still a long way off that level I think, but what could have been...
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