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  1. October and November: I forgot to take a picture of the league table, but Oisin McVeigh (YP19a) continues to fire us to the top of the league!
  2. Pretty standard Brexit, then. That'll make for a more competitive league when we get up there!
  3. August and September (and a little October): Great start to life in the league, mainly thanks to Oisin McVeigh (YP19a), who is somehow still here!
  4. Yeah, I think we're just going to have to get used to a high turnover of staff at this level, unfortunately!
  5. SI really need to fix this whole regen changing skin bug. I've got a plan for it later in the save, though...
  6. End of Season: A superb end of season sees us go 11 games unbeaten to end the year! The change all came about when we changed our assistant manager (as I'm letting him take charge of matches at this level, he makes the difference!) Here's our new one: He's absolutely superb for this level. If he sticks around all of next season, we'll be right in the mix. EDIT: I forgot to add, our job status was 'very insecure' even after 6 wins on the bounce. If we'd lost once in those 11 games, we'd probably have been fired
  7. We're up to only insecure! If we hadn't got 100% approval rating for the philosophy proposed of 'developing young players' we'd have been out of here a while ago. Good thing that's the point of the save
  8. Youth Intake Day! Delighted with the number of second nationalities we got this year He's way too good for this level. I doubt he's here a month. Ahh, the traditional RB/ST combo. He looks good as a winger, though.
  9. February and March: Much better! Despite now winning 5 on the bounce, our job is still very insecure... With 5 games left, we probably need to manage to climb up to at least 4th if we want to keep our job.
  10. November and December: Can we take a bit of momentum into the new year? We badly need it... The board expected us to win the league... oops? My job is 'Very Insecure' but I haven't been called to a board meeting yet, which is something.
  11. September and October: Not a great start to the season, to say the least.
  12. (Thank you to @Makoto Nakamura for letting me steal his template )
  13. March and April: Only one win in our last four games means... PFC Victoria go up as Champions, while we slide down to fourth. I'm not unhappy that we couldn't hold on - I think our drop in form was more a regression to the mean than any kind of bottlejob, and around midtable is probably about right for us in our first season. Considering we were predicted 9th, it's not too shabby!
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