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  1. Thanks, guys! Let it roll it is then
  2. That's a much, much easier group, so what do we reckon? Re-do the draw until we get a comparatively hard one? Or let it ride with the new group after the crash? I'll leave it up to you guys
  3. Or not - my PC crashed and we're back before the second leg of the FH game.
  4. We've been given a right short end of the stick with that one. Fiorentina are the worst 4th seed we could have gotten, and this isn't the Cork of 2019 - they knocked Sevilla out last year.
  5. We're pretty evenly matched with Partizan, so this'll be interesting.
  6. They were a bit tricky, but nothing we couldn't handle We should sail past the Icelanders
  7. No idea if this is of any use/interest, but here are the past winners of the 3rd tier of Germany in my save...
  8. An absolute legend, Toccaceli will be the first person to be added to our Hall of Fame
  9. I don't remember ever playing them before, but apparently they beat us in 2031. We'll see how it goes this time
  10. It's been threatening to happen for a while, but we have our first big team bowing out of the Premier League, as Chelsea drop down to the Championship.
  11. We're back, and hopefully we should be back with a place in the Europa League Groups.
  12. I think we'll give you that promotion as a reward for the 20 years in the 4th tier
  13. No updates yet - I haven't had the chance to play it for a little bit, but that should change soon He looks class!
  14. Cheers! I essentially holiday the entire domestic season at this point, although I make an exception for the Playoff Final (although on the years I've holidayed too far and accidentally gone past it, we've still won it anyway ) You're not really missing anything, sadly. Now that we're a stronger team than we were before, I basically use our First Qualifying game as the sharpness warm-up for the harder games to come. Back before we weren't that strong, though, it was just a case of desperately trying to arrange match practice training sessions before the game so we're at more of a 50% sharpness than a 40% sharpness Oh no
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