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  1. We're back, and hopefully we should be back with a place in the Europa League Groups.
  2. I think we'll give you that promotion as a reward for the 20 years in the 4th tier
  3. No updates yet - I haven't had the chance to play it for a little bit, but that should change soon He looks class!
  4. Cheers! I essentially holiday the entire domestic season at this point, although I make an exception for the Playoff Final (although on the years I've holidayed too far and accidentally gone past it, we've still won it anyway ) You're not really missing anything, sadly. Now that we're a stronger team than we were before, I basically use our First Qualifying game as the sharpness warm-up for the harder games to come. Back before we weren't that strong, though, it was just a case of desperately trying to arrange match practice training sessions before the game so we're at more of a 50% sharpness than a 40% sharpness Oh no
  5. As far as I can tell, none of them have made it past the 1st Round of EL Qualifying yet
  6. That's a nasty draw this early on
  7. Youth Intake Day! Nothing doing this year.
  8. Well that didn't quite play out how I thought it would
  9. Well, I've found the least catchy stadium name in existence...
  10. I don't see us getting through, but we should be able to pip Sturm Graz to 3rd.
  11. We should be able to get back into the Europa Groups.
  12. We'll win a penalty shootout one day...
  13. Steaua make it through to face us this time.
  14. We never really got out of first gear against them in either leg. We'll need to step it up against...
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