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  1. I'll be honest, I have no real idea how the Euro Cup II is going to work, but I do know that being 55th out of 55 nations in Europe isn't ideal.
  2. Season Review: If I were to look at this season in hindsight of my expectations at the start - to avoid coming dead last - then it was a clear success, but I'm really disappointed with how it ended. We romped through the first stage unbeaten, earning us a spot in Group 1 for the second stage. We topped that, too, but then bowed out to Folgore in the first playoff game, despite absolutely peppering them in both legs. Conceding four goals from corners will do that to you... Less to complain about in the cup here, as Pennarossa deserved the win. They were the only team I really feared this season, so it'll be interesting to see how they get on next year. Considering we could only name 2 or 3 substitutes most of the year, I think we did pretty well. Hopefully, the influx of Sammarinese... 'talent' we got from the last intake will at least allow us to build our squad depth a little bit, even if the majority of them aren't ready to challenge the first team yet. No real surprises on the NT front. Definitely a long term work here, although only losing by 1 to Scotland was a pleasing start.
  3. Youth Intake Day! Very weird to get a Georgian through, but it looks like a decent enough first intake, with lots of Sammarinese players so that we can actually fill out a squad! (We've only been able to name three substitutes for games this year). He's not exactly going to set the world alight, but he's a decent enough kid and he can play in both the hole and upfront.
  4. Here's our San Giovanni squad. It's almost entirely Italian, which is both disappointing and means we're not going to be able to field much of a bench, as the rules state you can only have 7 foreigners in a match day squad. Our top player is 32 year old Marco Ugolini: We're going to be relying on him for a lot of our goals, as he's clearly a cut above the majority of our team.
  5. There's no time to prepare, as we're thrown into a Qualifying match literally on the first day in the job. I have no time to do anything but to take a quick glance over the squad, and try and cobble together a tactic to take on Scotland. I'm relatively happy with that. If it wasn't for a great strike from the best LB in the world, we'd have nicked a point against them. Nothing like a bit of positivity!
  6. I know we're bad, but our assistant reckons our best bet is to stick seven at the back, play one winger and not bother with the other wing or anybody upfront. Interesting tactics in San Marino... As far as I can tell, I'll keep my job as long as we don't get booted out the league. Without WW3 happening, we should be alright. Three cheers for ambitious chairmen!
  7. Here's the game setup. We've got most European Leagues as View-Only, with only the Sammarinese league playable. We've also loaded all players from clubs in Europe, to hopefully avoid coming up against teams with greyed out players.
  8. Hello... I've tried this challenge a hundred times before, and never done very well. I don't expect that to change this time, either. I'm not very good at FM, and we probably won't win anything, or ever get very far. Updates may also be few and far between as work gets in the way. Now that excellent sales pitch is out the way... I'm going to manage both San Giovanni and the San Marino NT from the off. No reason, really, except I fancy a bit of international management early on. Nothing like an easy challenge, huh? The San Marino NT are the worst international side in the world, and San Giovanni are projected to finish 8th... in a group of 7.
  9. Excellent idea! I should have been doing that all along. I'll get on it next time I load the game up!
  10. The entire squad is rioting because they want a new deal. We've gone from a wage bill of about £1000 a week to probably 8x that, with no sustainable way of actually paying for it once the Rafael Baron money runs out. The board are not the brightest, huh?
  11. Players want up to £1000 a week... we're going to be bankrupt after a season. This is going to be interesting...
  12. Oh my god the board are idio- WHAT ARE YOU DOING WE PLAY IN TIER 8
  13. After 11 years in this league, we've finally done it!
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