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  1. We're a long way off being able to compete in Europe. Although Flora aren't the strongest team...
  2. We're off to Georgia! I've no idea how we'll fare, but it's a fun trip!
  3. Youth Intake Day! Now that's an intake! We are going to be scoring a lot of goals from corners That's our CM pairing sorted. We don't use wingers right now, but we may have to think about it...
  4. Season Review: We keep breezing through the regular season before falling apart in the playoffs. Frustrating. Not much luck in the cup, either.
  5. Youth Intake Day! I like my CBs to be far more physical than these two, but beggers can't be choosers, and they're going to be an integral part of our defense for the forseeable future. Very happy with that.
  6. Season Review! We made it to our first final, but La Fiorita were too strong for us. La Fiorita won the cup as well, which means... We're into Europe for the first time!
  7. Youth Intake Day! I was hoping for a couple of more Day 1 starters, but Righi looks like a tidy midfielder.
  8. Season Review: We had an okay season, but two losses to La Fiorita ended our season within a week.
  9. Youth Intake Day! Muccioli looks like a really tidy LB, and he'll slot straight into the first team next season when we can get him registered.
  10. I'll be honest, I have no real idea how the Euro Cup II is going to work, but I do know that being 55th out of 55 nations in Europe isn't ideal.
  11. Season Review: If I were to look at this season in hindsight of my expectations at the start - to avoid coming dead last - then it was a clear success, but I'm really disappointed with how it ended. We romped through the first stage unbeaten, earning us a spot in Group 1 for the second stage. We topped that, too, but then bowed out to Folgore in the first playoff game, despite absolutely peppering them in both legs. Conceding four goals from corners will do that to you... Less to complain about in the cup here, as Pennarossa deserved the win. They were the only team I really feared this season, so it'll be interesting to see how they get on next year. Considering we could only name 2 or 3 substitutes most of the year, I think we did pretty well. Hopefully, the influx of Sammarinese... 'talent' we got from the last intake will at least allow us to build our squad depth a little bit, even if the majority of them aren't ready to challenge the first team yet. No real surprises on the NT front. Definitely a long term work here, although only losing by 1 to Scotland was a pleasing start.
  12. Youth Intake Day! Very weird to get a Georgian through, but it looks like a decent enough first intake, with lots of Sammarinese players so that we can actually fill out a squad! (We've only been able to name three substitutes for games this year). He's not exactly going to set the world alight, but he's a decent enough kid and he can play in both the hole and upfront.
  13. Here's our San Giovanni squad. It's almost entirely Italian, which is both disappointing and means we're not going to be able to field much of a bench, as the rules state you can only have 7 foreigners in a match day squad. Our top player is 32 year old Marco Ugolini: We're going to be relying on him for a lot of our goals, as he's clearly a cut above the majority of our team.
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