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  1. It's a youth only challenge, so I won't be buying any new players. I also won't be signing any of our old youth players back who've left - while they still technically count as a youth player, they also count as a signing, so once they leave, they're gone forever.
  2. Thanks! Things haven't started off too well.. Then again, that's matched with my club performance. My job security is insecure at the moment, and this save might be bought to a premature end. I hope not, but this year has been an absolute disaster. Something like this doesn't help, either.
  3. First International Game: Marco Bernardi (YP1) may have been our only player to have a cap so far, but I'm changing that. Six of the first team are San Giovanni players, including the same midfield trio we use at the club. I'm confident about my chances of getting a good result in my first game. We've got a lot of work to do.
  4. We got battered in the first leg, but I'm absolutely delighted that we managed to hold on for the win at home - it's hopefully a sign of good things to come.
  5. I'm going to apply for it. It's early, and we'll almost definitely get battered every game if I get it, but it's a good opportunity for me, and hopefully we could sneak a few results. I also want to manage Arzilli, who looks like an absolutely class prospect.
  6. I don't know why it says Semi Pro - I wish we were Semi Pro! It's not the hardest draw, but I'm expecting to get destroyed nonetheless.
  7. He has a terrible average rating, but that's to be expected, considering his level relative to the actual strong teams they face in qualifying games. He's started nearly every game for them, so I'd say that he's fairly important for them. He's probably their best player behind Arzilli (see above).
  8. I still got a place in Europa, but I'm desperate to reach the Champions League ASAP.
  9. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Lost in the playoff final to Cosmos. We were by far the better team, but couldn't take our chances and were punished. Coppa Titano: Cosmos, again, beat us on penalties. Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Marco Bernardi (YP1) - 7.46 Guess who? Top Goalscorer: Michele Zafferani (YP2) - 15 Youth prospects: Marco Bernardi (YP1) - Just outstanding. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - Starting to become a great striker. Nicola Bacciocchi (YP4) - Played a lot due to injury to our starter, and didn't do too badly. Nicola Nanni (YP5) - Too many players ahead of him to get a chance. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - A fairly solid presence at the back. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - Had a poor year, and Bacciocchi (YP4) may be able to take the #1 spot if he doesn't step it up. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - Had a fantastic year. Great player. Francesco Ferrara (YP10) - Didn't feature all that much this year. Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) - Manuel Ciacci (YP8)'s departure left a space for Pelliccioni, and boy did take it. Had a superb season. Paolo Ciavatta (YP12) - Gave him a runout in the Europa League, but he didn't actually make a single league start for us. He's not bad, but we have real depth at CB. Daniele Podeschi (YP13) - Superb stats, but just too small for me to use at CB. Mattia Guidi (YP14) - Will have to wait for his chance, but will definitely be given one at some point. Aims for next season: It's winning the playoffs or bust. We've proven that we're good enough to win them, and I'm determined to get into the Champions League sooner rather than later. Other teams: League Winners: Cosmos. Cup Winners: Cosmos. How the team in CL qualifying did: Success! Fiorentino played Avenir Beggen of Luxembourg, and managed to scrape through 2-1 on aggregate. They lost 4-0 to HJK from Finland in the next round, but getting through was absolutely huge, and the first time a team from San Marino has ever managed to do so. How the team in Europa qualifying did: This was us, and we got absolutely battered 9-0 by Vaduz. San Marino National team: Got battered in every game bar two - a 1-1 draw with Moldova, and then an absolutely incredible 0-0 draw with Hungary. We also have a very talented new CB, in Mattia Arzilli. He plays in Serie B for Vicenza, and came through the youth system at the San Marino club side. For a San Marinese international, he's exceptional. (Also, I only just realised that I forgot to include the NT ranking last year, and that's what the confusion was about - sorry! I think it was roughly where we are now). Caps for our players: Still just Marco Bernardi (YP1) to have any full caps - he's now up to 26.
  10. San Giovanni's road to the final: We comfortably qualified for the playoffs, but things didn't start according to plan. We were 3-1 down to Domagnano after 28 minutes, thanks to two awful penalty decisions. We never recovered, and I was ready to throw my laptop at the wall after a performance that was all too reminiscent of last year's disappointing playoff run. Luckily, it didn't come to that. We turned on the style, breezing past Faetano in the Third Round, before getting revenge on Domagnano with an excellent performance in the Fifth Round. The Sixth Round win over Virtus was slightly nervy at times, due to it being a fairly even game, but we made it through to the Minor Semi Final. Knowing a place in the Final was at stake we absolutely tore apart Juvenes Dogana, comfortably seeing them off to book our first ever final appearance. Cosmos' road to the final: It was Cosmos who just about managed to win our League group, and they kept up that narrow margin in the Cup and playoffs. They won the Cup, beating both Domagnano and us on penalties before winning the Final 1-0. They then beat Virtus 3-2 in the Fourth Round playoff, before needing extra time to get past Juvenes Dogana in the Major Semi Final. They might be good, but they might also be lucky. I intend to prove it's the latter. The Lineups: We both line up with a narrow 4-3-3. We've gone unchanged from the team that's played in every match after the Domagnano one - they took us this far, and they deserve the chance to win it. Notice that Cosmos have Mattia Bianchi (YP3) - he's the only one of our youth players to leave us so far, and he's a big loss. Hopefully, he won't have his own way tonight. 41 minutes into the game, and we have the first chance. We pass it around for over a minute, just keeping onto the ball, letting Cosmos chase us around. Space opens up down the left, and a cross goes into the box. Rather than shooting, Musta lays the ball backwards to an onrushing Michele Zafferani (YP2), who simply taps home into the now empty goal. It's a goal fit to grace any final, let alone an Amateur one with 573 people the only ones to witness it. 56 minutes into the game, and Cosmos get a corner. Pino swings it in. Andrea Nanni rises at the frontpost, sending a header crashing towards the goal. It looks like Cosmos are about to draw level, but the ball clips the underside of the bar and bounces away. Away into Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7s) hands. Not expecting the ball to hit him from such close range, he instinctively puts his hands up - and, in doing so, palms the ball into the roof of the net. It's a cruel goal to concede. But that's football. Believe it or not, those are the only two chances in the game. A beautiful goal cancelled out by a scrappy one. Extra time awaits. 103 minutes into the game, and tired legs are causing defensive shape to crumble. Spotting that an out of position fullback is playing onside a completely wide open Michele Zafferani (YP2), William Pierini plays a pass towards him. Zafferani is clean through on goal, with no defender within 10 yards of him. He drives forward, taking the ball into the penalty area. Gobbi comes out to narrow the angle, but it's too late. The ball is already leaving Zafferani's boot. Falling backwards, he can only watch as the ball sails towards the goal. And hits the post. With six minutes to go in extra time, San Giovanni are still passing the ball around beautifully. Cosmos get dragged out of position, and William Pierini plays a through ball forward. It's Michele Zafferani (YP2) one on one with the keeper again. This time, he's able to hit it before Gobbi is able to set himself, and his dive isn't even close to the ball heading towards the top corner. It hits the bar and bounces clear. Tired legs are evident now. With four minutes left to go, Cosmos hit a hopeful punt forward. Gatti gets to it first, simply due to being less tired than his marker. He puts a low ball into the box. It doesn't sit up right for Lasagni, so he pulls it back to Della Valle on the edge of the penalty area. He takes one touch before hitting it towards goal. San Giovanni desperately push the ball forward, but it's too late. Time has run out. Cosmos are victorious.
  11. Indeed, things are looking up because of it I'm not manager of the NT yet, so there's not much I can do to improve their fortunes short term. The only thing I can do to help them is improve my club side, thus producing better players to play for the NT. If I wasn't an amateur club I wouldn't be so annoyed, but we don't train enough to teach players a new position. I've been training Marco Bernardi (YP1) to be a CM since he joined, and he's not any better there now than he was on Day one.
  12. Youth Intake Day! And the best of the players.. He looks really good - but he's 5'7 with 4 Jumping Reach. There's absolutely no chance I'm playing him at CB, but on an amateur contract I don't think he'll ever even begin to grasp the role of fullback. I fear that, despite his talent, he may go to waste. Fortunately, there's no such issue with Mattia Guidi (YP14). He's 6'6, and has some pretty decent stats, so I'm excited to see what he can do. I really like him as a prospect. Overall, it's not a bad intake, but it's nothing to write home about either. CB was unfortunately a position that we were pretty strong at, and I was rather hoping for a striker - aside from Michele Zafferani (YP2) our other strikers are all getting on a bit in terms of age - and, truth be told, aren't that good anyway.
  13. Here's how the sides line up. My scout has found out next to nothing about their players, but every single one is rated 5* CA for us, so that should tell you the differences between the teams. We're 30-1 to get a win. That's why. Considering that our team would almost certainly get relegated from the Conference North/South (The Northern Irish second division, the Scottish Juniors leagues, the Estonian lower leagues and the English County leagues all have a higher reputation than the Campionato Sammarinese), it's not a surprise. We've got a long, long way to go. There were some positives, however. I was expecting to get about 70k in prize money - but instead we got about 213k, which is absolutely huge. We also broke our attendance record and gate recipts, with 734 people turning up and earning us a total of about £8000. The board rejected my request for both upgraded training and youth facilities, which is annoying, but I'll keep on trying.
  14. I'm expecting to get battered, but it's our first foray into Europe!
  15. Well, this is weird, but we're in the Europa League this season. I have literally no idea why, but I'll take it as reward for not making it when I won the cup last year. The good news continues, as we also managed to get our second Europa League place back, overtaking the Faroe Islands in the coefficients table.
  16. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: League Table Schedule We played well, but fell apart defensively in the playoffs. I'm happy that we finally made it there, but we need to do better in them next year. Coppa Titano: Group Table Schedule We breezed through our group of three and played well in the quarter final, before just getting utterly torn apart by Cailungo in the biggest loss in club history (under my management). Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Marco Bernardi (YP1) - 7.46 Fourth year running. He's just so good! Top Goalscorer: Michele Zafferani (YP2) / Andrea Molari - 11 Youth prospects: Marco Bernardi (YP1) - The best player the club's ever had. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - Starting to become a great striker. Nicola Bacciocchi (YP4) - Our backup GK. Didn't play a game for us. Nicola Nanni (YP5) - He did play one game, but I don't expect him to play many more. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - Played well, but not as well as I'd hoped for. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - Played well enough to confirm my choice to make him our #1 GK for the foreseeable future. Manuel Ciacci (YP8) - Played well, but room for improvement. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - Played fantastically. Key part of our midfield. Francesco Ferrara (YP10) - Played horrifically in the cup games he received, and played himself out of a starting spot next year. Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) - He'll find it hard to break into our team. Paolo Ciavatta (YP12) - Won't start for me next year, but will get a chance to impress at some point. Aims for next season: I may just be irritated by how last season ended, but I want to win the playoffs. I think we're good enough to have a chance to, and with the way the Europa place seems to be broken (why does the league table show me as now being in it?) it's the only way to guarantee a place in Europe. Other teams: League Winners: Fiorentino beat Faetano 1-0 in the 120th minute - with a penalty! Cup Winners: Cailungo. How the team in CL qualifying did: Domagnano were absolutely horrific, and lost 6-0 to Lincoln from Gibraltar. They were given a winnable draw, and got battered. I've got to start getting that CL place to drag the rest of the league up with me. How the team in Europa qualifying did: La Florita lost 6-0 to AFC Astra. I can't help but feel that we would have fared better. San Marino National team: Drew 0-0 with Faroe Islands, but lost every other game including a disappointing 4-0 to Luxembourg. Down to Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) is the only player of ours to have a full NT cap, with 23. A few other players have U21 caps - most notably Nicola Romanelli (YP6), who has 9.
  17. In real life, there's very little 'history' between any of the teams - it's an amateur league where the only prizes are bragging rights and players change teams frequently. On the game, however, we seem to be getting the better of them recently, culminating in our cup final win.
  18. You're welcome, I hope that cleared it up somewhat. No idea why they use such a strange double elimination format, but it adds a lot of drama to the end of the season on FM at least!
  19. We fell apart defensively at the end of this season, and it cost us big time - in both the league and cup. The aim now is just to fix things for next season, but I suspect I'll have to tinker with a few different back fours (including ones with the new youth players) to hit upon the best one.
  20. Because of our loss in the first round, from now on it's essentially what you would consider a 'normal' playoff structure - if we lose we're out. Here's the confusing bit, which I'll try to explain here. There were two first round games - Us vs Fiorentino, and Cailungo vs Murata. Cailungo and Fiorentino won, so they'll meet in the second round. Murata and us were the losers, so we meet each other in the third round. I know that sounds like we got the better deal, but it's not. The winner of the second round goes into the Major Semi Final - win that, and they go straight into the final of the playoffs. (Losing in the Major Semi Final puts you into the Minor Semi Final, where the winner will go into the final as well.) The loser of the second round goes into the fifth round - a win then takes them to the sixth round, and the winners of the sixth round go into the Minor Semi Final). Our route is different - there's no "if we lose, we go into x." We've already lost the one game we're allowed to. If we win the third round, we go into the fifth round. If we win the fifth round, we go into the Minor Semi Final, and if we win that, we go into the Final. If we lose at any point, that's it. We're out. I hope that's clear, but it probably isn't, so please feel free to ask me something if you haven't understood it. It took me about twenty years of actually playing in it until I began to grasp it
  21. I knew you'd notice their personalties For now, I don't really think it matters - we're an amateur club with the worst training facilities imaginable, and I don't expect anyone to really improve from their current ability at all - maybe a few points here and there, but nothing major. Until we can turn at least Semi-Professional, I don't expect personalities or tutoring to have an impact, although they might be useful players to keep around to become future tutors.
  22. I'm not happy. Things were going well until the 48th minute, when Manuel Ciacci (YP8) got himself sent off for a stupid second booking. We got pushed back and back after then, and our late goal was no more than a consolation that we probably didn't deserve. It's double elimination, so we're not out yet, but I really don't rate our chances.
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