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  1. Thank you! Because it takes 25 years to gain nationality, you're right - we can't sign great players as the league improves and get them registered for San Marino, which would make the challenge much easier. Hopefully confidence doesn't really become an issue, because I should be winning the league nearly every year. However, if the board keep rejecting my requests to turn Semi-Professional because of it, that's a different matter. I agree with you about physical attributes being great. Nicola Rattini is lightning fast, and absolutely tears it apart domestically.
  2. Thank you for your continued support We did actually manage to win one game, 4-3 against Armenia. Apart from that though, things haven't gone all that well.
  3. That's a really good idea, I think I'll do that. Thank you! TNS have been fairly dominant, but pretty poor for their standards. They didn't even make the top 3 in 2016/2017. They'd won the last four with Airbus only coming in second place once, so it's interesting that Airbus have just taken the last two titles. It'll be interesting to see what happens next season, but with them still only a Semi-Pro club I wouldn't be surprised if TNS take over once again.
  4. We marked poorly at times, and they were clinical. I'm still happy with our performance in Europe this year (15-2!). The money we've got might even help us turn professional. EDIT: Or not. The board don't have the confidence in me at the moment - despite the fact I've taken us to our first ever league glory (twice), won the cup a few times and just destroyed a team in the Champions League? I'm starting to wonder if there's a bug with the board's confidence in this database - when I win the league, the end of season review tells me that I've done a bad job in only managing to secure Continental Qualification. I also get messages along the way saying "the board are disappointed that the club are only on course to secure Champions League Qualification through their performance in the league this season. Hmm.
  5. They were by far the better team, but I'm really proud with how we played. We restricted them for much of the game, and actually created a lot of good chances ourselves - nearly all our shots were either half chances or clear cut chances, and we scored an offside goal late on. We're pretty much out, but it was a really pleasing performance.
  6. Maribor are the easiest team we could have drawn, but they're still a great team. They haven't failed to get past the Second Qualifying round since 2015/16 (10 years ago), and they've appeared in the Europa League group stages twice. I don't think we've got much of a chance, but let's see.
  7. I'm speechless. I thought we had a chance, but we just beat them 15-2.
  8. I was optimistic, but I wasn't expecting this. We absolutely destroyed them! Nicola Rattini got two assists and a goal, Marco Gatti (YP15) got three assists and two goals for a 9.7 rating, while Michele Zafferani got 4 goals along with an assist, earning a 9.9 rating. It's a little disappointing they only had two shots but scored both of them, and I'll be monitoring Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) in the return leg, as he got a 6.1 and was the only player under a 7. Other debutant Giacomo Rosti (YP20) had a 7.8 match rating.
  9. I would love to play Naxxar Lions, but I fancy our chances against everyone, except possibly Avenir Beggen. And we get the team who nearly knocked out West Ham of the Europa League in real life! I'm looking forward to this, I like our chances.
  10. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule We didn't dominate the regular season, but breezed through the playoffs for our second consecutive win. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule Absolutely breezed through, going unbeaten with just one draw. Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Michele Zafferani (YP2) - 7.99 Our best ever average rating, and he just dominated some games - including getting 5 goals and an assist en route to a perfect 10.0 rating in the Semi Final of the League. Top Goalscorer: Michele Zafferani (YP2) - 29 Youth prospects: Did even better than Marco Gatti (YP15) last year. Marco Bernardi (YP1) - Still superb. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - Had an unreal season. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - A really important player for us. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - Solid as always. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - 7.84 average rating - incredible. Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) - Great, but not as good as his CM partner. Mattia Guidi (YP14) - No picture, as he again didn't feature for us. Marco Gatti (YP15) - Went 10 hours without scoring a goal at one point. He was good, but nowhere near as good as last season. Manuel Gentile (YP16) - Did fairly well when he played. Matteo Valentini (YP17) - Played well. Michele Pelliccioni (YP18) - I gave him plenty of chances to impress, but he didn't take any of them. Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) - Going to be my first choice RB next season. Giacomo Rosti (YP20) - Will get a chance to start at LB, but I'm not sure whether he's ready for Europe yet. Luca Conti (YP21) - Going to be my backup goalkeeper, and really needs to improve his one on ones before I can trust him. Marcello Manfredi (YP22) - Down the pecking order, but he'll hopefully get a chance at some point. Special mention: Nicola Rattini - Again, in my opinion absolutely miles ahead of the rest of the squad in terms of ability. I'd also like to point out Mattia Arzilli, San Marino's one player that plays outside of San Marino. He plays in the Serie B, and does a good job there. I feel bad he has to play for San Marino... Aims for next season: With hopefully two new FBs and the way we played last season, I'm really optimistic that we can win our First Round Qualifier. Domestically, I now expect to win everything. Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: How the team in CL qualifying did: We played well, but Pyunik managed to beat us 4-2. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: La Florita lost 6-0 to Ross County, Domagnano lost 5-1 to Lechia from Poland and Libertas lost 7-0 to Kairat from Kazakhstan. San Marino National team: 2025 Results --- 2026 Results Don't ask. Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) has 54, Nicola Romanelli (YP6) has 20, Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) has 18, Michele Zafferani (YP2) has 17, Nicola Rattini and Giacomo Mancini (YP9) have 15, Marco Gatti (YP15) has 7, Ernesto Di Donato has 6, Manuel Gentille (YP16) has 4 and Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) has 2.
  11. How did our Under 19s fare against the Youth Candidates? Things are looking good!
  12. Youth Intake Day! Ooooooh! 11 tackling and 8 marking is fantastic for this level. He isn't the fastest, but he looks really good - not to mention that we needed a FB! 15 tackling is just phenomenal. I'm going to train him at LB - he's small, bad in the air, and we aren't that strong at FB. 15 reflexes and 15 handling is unbelievable. His other stats let him down, and he'll be on one on one training for the foreseeable future. I reckon he could take our #1 shirt from Lo Russo soon. EDIT: Scratch that. We can't train him on just one on ones, presumably because my training facilities aren't good enough yet? Marcello Manfredi (YP22) also gets the tag. He's not too fast for a winger, but 13 dribbling and 14 flair enticed me. Matteo Moretti has a combination of decent pace, crossing and dribbling without really excelling in any one area. He won't get the tag, but it might be worth keeping an eye on him. I'm absolutely delighted with this intake. We didn't get one outstanding player, but rather four who should all be excellent contributors for me, and two who will probably become instant starters next season.
  13. We scored! Even better, Marco Gatti (YP15) got his first ever National Team goal.
  14. Oh, what could have been... We started off excellently, scoring after just 12 minutes through Michele Zafferani, his shot from the edge of the area kissing the post on it's way in. We continued to batter down the door, but just couldn't score a second, and were punished for it. They pulled level, and then the gamechanger: Giuseppe Omiccioli got himself sent off just before half time, with his red card coming just four minutes after his first yellow. We were still the better team with ten men, but they took advantage of the gap his dismissal left, and we continued to miss too many chances. Europe is over for this year, but we didn't embarrass ourselves.
  15. I started out with a 4-3-3 (3 CMs, 2 wingers and a loan striker in Marco Gatti (YP15), but switched to my more attacking 4-4-2/4-2-4 as we searched for an away goal. Michele Zafferani (YP2) rewarded me, coming off the bench to poke home a Marco Bernardi (YP1) cross at the near post, and giving us a decent chance of progressing.
  16. Apparently we are in the First Round, and we got a decent draw against Pyunik. There were three teams we could have drawn, and they're easier than Cliftonville, although harder than Ordino of Andorra.
  17. I think it's safe to say I haven't quite warmed to international management yet...
  18. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule We absolutely dominated from start to finish, and finally won it! La Florita were a real thorn in our side, but we ultimately managed to see them off twice in extra time. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule More domination, although we again needed extra time to win the final. Still, it's our first double! Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Marco Gatti (YP15) - 7.86 An insanely high average rating, and it's well deserved, scoring over a goal a game. Top Goalscorer: Marco Gatti (YP15) - 36 Youth prospects: Absolutely smashed our previous scoring records. Marco Bernardi (YP1) - Played LW again, and put in some very good performances. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - Played well, but was overshadowed by his strikepartner. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - Had his best year for us. A solid presence at CB. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - A really good keeper. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - One of our key players with a 7.73 average rating, but I think he perfectly epitomizes just how hard this challenge is going to be. If you look at his stats, you probably wouldn't sign him for a Conference North/South team - and we're going to be competing in the Champions League. Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) - 7.72 average rating, forming an excellent CM duo with Mancini. However, like Mancini, his stats are pretty diabolical. Daniele Podeschi (YP13) - Left us for Murata. If he had been a little taller, who knows what could have been. Mattia Guidi (YP14) - He's been so bad in the past, I didn't use him once all year. He might be released soon. Marco Gatti (YP15) - What a player. Manuel Gentile (YP16) - Gametime was limited for him, and he didn't impress at all when he did play. Matteo Valentini (YP17) - Had a great year, topped off by scoring the winning goal in the league final. Michele Pelliccioni (YP19) - He's going to have to be patient in waiting for his chance. Special mention: I didn't tag Nicola Rattini, but he's far and away our best player in my opinion, and maybe the only one who could actually cut it away from San Marino. Aims for next season: Now that we've made the Champions League, there's no excuse to not make it again. Something that I somehow missed was that we seem to have moved up in terms of seeding, because Libertas entered in the Second Qualifying Round, rather than the First. I'm expecting to get battered in it, but I'm excited just to be there. Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: How the team in CL qualifying did: Libertas had a really hard draw, and did well to only lose 5-1 to Molde. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: We got beat 8-1 by Debrecen. We did better than Murata, who somehow lost 8-0 to Torpedo Zhodinho (what a name!) from Belarus. Cosmos went one worse, losing 9-0 to Dundee United. San Marino National team: 2024 Results --- 2025 Results We somehow managed to win a game 4-3, but it was much of the same apart from that. Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) has 45, Michele Zafferani (YP2) has 15, Guiseppe Omiccioli has 14, Giacomo Mancini (YP9) and Nicola Romanelli (YP6) have 13, Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) has 11, Nicola Rattini has 9, and Marco Gatti (YP15), Ernesto Di Donato and Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) all have 2.
  19. We've made it to our third final in the club's history, and the second in a row. Will this be the year we finally win it and reach the Champions League qualifiers? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We were the better team, but failed to really create any clear chances. They gave us a real scare in the 87th minute, when a ball from the halfway line went over Lo Russo's head and hit the crossbar, allowing their striker to tap home - but the offside flag was up. About a minute after we took the lead from a corner, our goalscorer saved us. The exact same thing happened, and their striker was onside this time - but Valentini made a heroic block to keep them out. We've finally made it! Other managers seem to be really interested in our players...
  20. Pretty impressive, considering none of the players make anything from football and 8-0 is basically par for the course.
  21. Youth Intake Day! It doesn't look great, but after our assistant rated Manuel Gentile (YP16) 4.5* CA, I don't trust his judgement, so lets take a look at the best player: 5'11 is small, but I can get over it. What I can't get over is 6 marking and 6 strength, so he's probably just depth for now. A disappointing intake.
  22. We got battered away, but earned a very credible draw at home.
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