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  1. I released him at the end of last season, and he's currently with Tre Penne. Hopefully, it's only a short term rivalry. I could really do with not losing any more players
  2. I watched a bit of that highlights show, and I feel like the in studio stuff would be awesome if I actually spoke Italian The highlights were pretty interesting though - it's hard to get a feel of the quality from just highlights, but the pitches just looked like slightly nicer parks than you have in England for Sunday League games Is the football they play quite competitive, or is it more of a hobby that they're pretty relaxed about - they didn't really seem to be celebrating that much. What are the European games like there? Do a lot of people turn up, how do the matches usually go, what's the atmosphere like etc. Thanks!
  3. We had an absolute nightmare. I bought Andrea Polini (YP25) into the team at RB, but subbed him off after he conceded two penalties in 33 minutes. I starting desperately chasing the game after that, and things went downhill from there.
  4. I'm gutted about this one to be honest. They might have had 39 shots, but almost all of them were from long range, as we stayed deep and didn't allow them in behind us. If we hadn't been beaten by a header from a free kick, we'd be facing them at our place on level terms. As it is now, we're heavily the underdogs.
  5. I rotated my squad after a heavy first leg win, but there's no excuse for the second legs result. Still, it's a good thing we aren't facing a massive club off the back of a loss, right? Oh.
  6. TNS came second for the fourth time in a row (Connah's Quay won the league last year), and we have the newly crowned Welsh champions Bangor City. They're usually around the top of the table but don't usually win it, so I'm hoping this is fairly easy.
  7. I was wondering when this would happen. An Austrian club's come in for one of our players, and I don't think there's much chance he chooses us over a better league and a professional contract. We need to turn Semi-Pro ASAP
  8. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule This was far from comfortable at times, but we were able to win it again regardless. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule This one was comfortable, but we threw away the final. Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - 8.14 His second year in a row, and our new highest ever rating. Top Goalscorer: Michele Zafferani (YP2) - 27 Youth prospects: No blood clot to slow him down this year, as he dominated domestically. Marco Bernardi (YP1) - Still great, but he might not have that many years left in him. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - My assistant might not rate him, but he's superb. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - Absolutely superb for us - he's gotten better each year. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - He'll be second choice next season. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - Terrific. Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) - Played well, but sporadically. Marco Gatti (YP15) - Not bad, but he'll need to improve to keep his place in the team. Manuel Gentile (YP16) - A great role player to have. Matteo Valentini (YP17) - A great CB, despite only having 4 heading. Michele Pelliccioni (YP18) - Will hopefully see more gametime next year. Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) - Has fantastic stats for a defensive FB. Giacomo Rosti (YP20) - 16 tackling is unbelievable, and I'm really excited for his long term prospects. Luca Conti (YP21) - Only played two games (coincidently, the league Semi-Final and Final after Lo Russo got hurt), and he'll be my third choice next year. Marcello Manfredi (YP22) - Didn't feature in a proper game for us. Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) - Won our second CM spot, but he'll have to play well to keep his place. Gabriele Cirelli (YP24) - Didn't feature. Andrea Polini (YP25) - Saw a bit of gametime. Thomas De Angelis (YP26) - Played well, but he's going to remain a backup for now. Massimo Zafferani (YP27) - Didn't play in a proper game. Andrea Bacciocchi (YP28) - Didn't impress when he played. Marco Pedini (YP29) - The starting GK spot is his to lose. Massimo Cevoli (YP30) - Should be a solid backup LB. Paolo Tessarin (YP31) - Decent striker, but he's our fourth choice. Simone Maiani (YP32) - Decent backup RB. Pietro Buscarini (YP33) - Looks like a pretty good CM, but he'll be fourth choice for now. Special mention: Nicola Rattini - Once again, one of our key players. Mattia Arzilli - Got a deserved first international goal. Aims for next season: I'd love to make the Third Round of Qualifying, but that depends largely on the draw and then luck over the two legs. Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: We lost to Cosmos in the final. How the team in CL qualifying did: We beat Santa Coloma, but Cluj were just too strong for us. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: Juvenes Dogana lost 7-0 to Lechia from Poland, Folgore lost 4-0 to Torpedo of Belarus and Domagnano got destroyed 9-0 by Romanian side AFC Astra. San Marino National team: 2027 Results --- 2028 Results A draw against Bermuda was the only game we didn't lose, but we didn't get destroyed all that often. Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) has 69, Giacomo Mancini (YP9) has 30, Nicola Rattini and Christian Peliccioni (YP11) have 29, Nicola Romanelli (YP6) has 27, Michele Zafferani (YP2) has 23, Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) has 17, Marco Gatti (YP15) has 13, Matteo Valentini (YP17) and Giacomo Rosti (YP20) have 11, Manuel Gentile (YP16) has 9, Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) has 5, and Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) has 2.
  9. [video=youtube;gMNXaJg9HBg] I think Marco Bernardi (YP1) forgot he was from San Marino...
  10. Haha, I'd consider not coming last as a miracle, I think we're a long way off qualifying for anything yet
  11. Youth Intake Day! We now have a real keeper competition, with three of roughly the same ability. 16 handling! He's not particularly awful at any one area either, so Marco Pedini (YP29) could be our starter next year. Another small CB who'll be retrained at LB, he looks fairly decent. It's always useful to have a striker with a physical presence, although he'll be quite low down the pecking order. Some decent defending stats combined with some very nice mentals, he looks like a solid backup and possibly a future starter. I've needed some depth at CM, and he provides it excellently with some good mentals and technicals. All in all, it's another solid intake. I wish our best player hadn't been a keeper, but I can't really complain with how things are going.
  12. He was a good servant for us over the years, but as we got better defenders through the youth academy he became surplus to requirements, and wanted to go somewhere that he could get gametime.
  13. San Marino's long suffering CB Mattia Arzilli finally had some reward, scoring an absolute peach of a goal to get his first for his country. [video=youtube;1NFVr7nbaf0] Even though he's being forced to play alongside amateurs, this goal should give him all the reward he needs, right? Well, sort of. He got injured about ten minutes later, and we lost 5-1. Oh well. Swings and roundabouts.
  14. http://www.mediafire.com/download/wm4a2f61ck4y3s3/San_Giovanni.fm Let me know if that works
  15. We defended poorly at home, so I changed it up away, going to a counter attacking style and aiming to get the ball out quickly to the wings. We got an impressive draw in Romania, but there was no chance we were making up the deficit.
  16. What was our reward for another dominant first round win? Uh oh... Surprisingly, this is Cluj's first CL appearance for ten years, as they've mainly finished runners up in the league and therefore gone into Europa Qualifying. It's still a pretty impossible task, because they actually made the Europa group stage last year. If I can keep it close, I'll be happy.
  17. He's no Martin Odegaard, but this is pretty cool nonetheless.
  18. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule We drew a ridiculous number of games, but thankfully picked up our form in the playoffs to win it. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule Just like the league we were too inconsistent, and my attempt to use our new youth players here in a 4-3-3 backfired, going out in the first knockout round, and helping me decide to stick to a 4-2-4. Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - 8.02 Our highest ever average rating. Top Goalscorer: Marco Gatti (YP15) - 31 Youth prospects: 31 goals, but he had another spell of ten hours without one. Marco Bernardi (YP1) - As good as always. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - A blood clot kept him out for a large part of the season, but he played well when he returned. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - Solid at the back. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - I gave Luca Conti a large run of games to help develop him, but Lo Russo showed why he should still be my #1. A great season. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - Absolutely outstanding. Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) - A 7.79 is outstanding, but I might be dropping him next year. Mattia Guidi (YP14) - I'm going to release him. Marco Gatti (YP15) - Needs to stop going on goal droughts. Manuel Gentile (YP16) - Finding gametime hard to come by. Matteo Valentini (YP17) - An absolute rock at the back. Michele Pelliccioni (YP18) - His stats are improving, so he might well have a future here. Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) - Did well in his first season at RB. Giacomo Rosti (YP20) - Likewise, did well in his first year at LB. Luca Conti (YP21) - I gave him a lot of gametime, but he's not as good as Lo Russo, and he'll be my backup again next year. Marcello Manfredi (YP22) - He'll need to patiently wait for his chance. Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) - He'll be competing with Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) for that second CM spot. Gabriele Cirelli (YP24) - A backup RW with intriguing pace. Andrea Polini (YP25) - An excellent backup RB, who may well get a chance in the first team sooner rather than later. Thomas De Angelis (YP26) - I can't believe someone with 14 finishing won't get a first team spot, but he could easily take Marco Gatti (YP15) or Michele Zafferani (YP2)'s spot if either of them drops off. Massimo Zafferani (YP27) - A solid backup CB. Andrea Bacciocchi (YP28) - With good size and some good mentals, he may start soon. Special mention: Nicola Rattini - He's absolutely incredible, but I think he may have reached his potential already. Mattia Arzilli - It could be a long time before San Marino produce someone this good again. Aims for next season: I don't think we're yet good enough to make the third round CL qualifying, so I'll settle for another first round win before a decent performance in the second. Hopefully the money might finally allow us to turn Semi-Pro? I'll be sticking with my 4-2-4 for now, but I have some competition for places now - mainly at CM, where I think I might go to a BWM (D) and use Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) there, while using Giacomo Mancini (YP9) as a DLP (S), which would mean Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) would have to settle for a spot on the bench. Decisions, decisions... Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: Pennarossa absolutely destroyed Libertas 8-0 in the Semi Final before beating Folgore Falciano 2-0 AET in the final. How the team in CL qualifying did: We absolutely destroyed Lusistans, but Maribor were too good for us. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: Juvenes Dogana lost 6-0 to AEK Larnakas of Cyprus, Libertas had a hard draw and lost 8-0 to AaB from Denmark, and Cosmos lost 4-1 to Shkendjia of Macedonia. San Marino National team: 2026 Results --- 2027 Results We fared better this season, getting a 2-2 draw vs Moldova and keeping the scores of some other games respectable. Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) has 61, Nicola Romanelli (YP6) has 25, Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) has 24, Giacomo Mancini (YP9) has 21, Nicola Rattini has 20, Michele Zafferani (YP2) has 18, Marco Gatti (YP15) has 12, Manuel Gentile (YP16) and Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) have 8, Ernesto Di Donato has 6, Matteo Valentini (YP17) has 3, and Giacomo Rosti (YP20) and Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) have 2.
  19. Youth Intake Day! You have my attention... What a player! We finally have a defensive minded midfielder, and it's one with 16 aggression, decent physicals and relatively decent technicals for this level. I'll be moving to a 4-3-3 with just one striker, so his arrival means that one of Michele Zafferani (YP2) or Marco Gatti (YP15) will have to make way for him. I'm really excited to have him on board. Tagged purely for his pace. He actually looks like a really good RB. Good tackling and good pace. Result! We have a new third choice striker, and 14 finishing is pretty impressive. Two decent CBs round out this year's intake - and what a fantastic one it was! That's two great ones in a row, and I'm hopeful that we might be starting to make some real progress on that front now.
  20. Wow, thank you so much! Can I ask how you go about researching the San Marinese league? There's next to no information out there about it on the web, so is most of it done first hand by going to the games?
  21. Thank you I think that it possibly does have a negative impact on us, reducing our options going forward and limiting our creativity. I've tried to counteract this by having them as different roles (such as using a DLF so one striker sits deeper) but we possibly would be better off with different duties, and I'll likely change it soon. The main reason I keep it like this, however, is that all my players are pretty terrible. My fullbacks can hardly defend, let alone go forward, so keeping them on defend at least means we have bodies back to help deal with opposing attacks. The CMs aren't good defensively, but keeping them on support stops us from throwing too many men forward. Hopefully, I'll soon get some players who specialize a bit more in a certain area rather than being pretty average all round, but until then I think I'll be keeping things as they are.
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