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  1. Does it work out as the ones who play in Italy are the better players than the ones who stay in San Marino? Is the second point a problem with the scouting system not recognising San Marino and Italy as being the same place, or does the game actually not let you sign people who aren't based in San Marino? Also, a new question: Have you ever met Andy Selva/watched him play live?
  2. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule We were pushed hard by Domagnano, but did just enough to come away with the title. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule Another year, another poor Cup loss. Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - 8.09 Fourth year in a row. Top Goalscorer: Thomas De Angelis (YP26) - 30 Youth prospects: 14 finishing is excellent for this level. Marco Bernardi (YP1) - He's hit 30, and a decline in his stats might see him have a reduced role soon. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - Played well from the bench, but he's not going to make many more starts for us. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - Solid at the back. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - Played well now that he's back as my #1 keeper. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - He's had a rating over 8 for four straight years. Marco Gatti (YP15) - He might have been excellent in the past, but he's just not up to the standard of our other strikers. Manuel Gentile (YP16) - I reckon he might leave for first team football this season. Matteo Valentini (YP17) - A really solid CB. Michele Pelliccioni (YP18) - As terrible as ever. Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) - A pretty solid RB. Luca Conti (YP21) - His one on ones stat has actually gone down, so he's useless to me. Marcello Manfredi (YP22) - Didn't play in a proper game for us. Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) - A solid CM. Gabriele Cirelli (YP24) - Didn't play a single game. Thomas De Angelis (YP26) - Our top scorer, he played excellently. Massimo Zafferani (YP27) - Played both rarely and terribly. Andrea Bacciocchi (YP28) - He's not bad, but not great. Paolo Tessarin (YP31) - A good striker for us. Simone Maiani (YP32) - An ok backup RB. Pietro Buscarini (YP33) - He's good, but there are too many CMs ahead of him. Marco Battistini (YP34) - Likewise, although I might try and work him in more next season. Simone Podeschi (YP35) - Came off the bench twice in the CL, and didn't make another appearance for us after. Paolo Rosti (YP36) - He'll be my starting LB once he learns the position. Simone Dionisi (YP37) - I'm already regretting tagging him, because he's my 5th choice CM. Renzo Bellini (YP38) - Good depth at LW. Davide Muccioli (YP39) - Great mentals, but he's going to have to wait for a chance. Mario Zonzini (YP40) - If he can develop his technicals to match his pace, we might have something in him. Special mention: Nicola Rattini - He's so important for us, but he hasn't had much of an impact in Europe. Mattia Arzilli - He seems to have retired from international football, as he's no longer on the best players from San Marino list. What a shame Aims for next season: Same as before, in hoping to make it to the Third Round of CL qualifying. Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: Virtus beat Folgore on penalties in the final to retain it. How the team in CL qualifying did: We eased past Floriana, but were disappointing against Trencin. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: Domagnano were extremely disappointing, losing 4-0 to Gibraltan side Lincoln. Murata lost 6-1 to Debrecen, and Folgore lost 6-0 to Sion. San Marino National team: 2029 Results --- 2030 Results I'm really not sure why I'm no longer managing San Marino, because we had a really good year, taking 4 points off Azerbaijan and beating Gibraltar in a friendly. Did they offer me a contract, and because I was on holiday I rejected it? I'm not sure, but I'm starting to think I wasn't fired - considering they didn't even hold a board meeting when I lost 16-0 to Belgium, firing me after our best ever year makes zero sense. Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) has 86, Giacomo Mancini (YP9) has 47, Nicola Rattini has 43, Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) has 33, Nicola Romanelli (YP6) has 30, Matteo Valentini (YP17) has 27, Michele Zafferani (YP2) has 25, Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) has 23, Manuel Gentile (YP16) has 16, Marco Gatti (YP15) has 15, Paolo Tessarin (YP31) has 7, Thomas De Angelis (YP26) has 4, Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) is still on 2, and Marco Battistini (YP34) and Andrea Bacciocchi (YP28) have 1.
  3. When you say most of them are playing in Italy, what do you mean by that exactly? Thanks for the kind words about the career I think we might be a couple of years away from Professional, but hopefully it shouldn't take too long. Out of interest, what are your ideas about ITA/SMR transfer policies?
  4. That's so cool! I really want to visit San Marino at some point, what was it like outside of the footballing aspect? Free WiFi for everyone sounds expensive, even if it is only for 35,000 people
  5. It seems that at some point during my holiday, the San Marino NT decided to replace me with Eugenio Colombini, who played 15 seasons at Juvenes Dogana and three at Cailungo. Doh. That was pretty stupid of me, but to be honest we were just getting battered every game anyway. I'm not sure when I'll reapply for the job, but it probably won't be until my San Giovanni team is good enough to be competing properly for the Champions League group stages.
  6. Youth Intake Day! Another undersized CB we'll have to move to RB. I wonder what they feed their kids in San Marino.. He looks like a fairly decent CM, but he'll probably just be a depth player. Likewise, a decent winger, but one who's probably only a backup. He's got fantastic mentals, but he'll also need to be converted to a LB. He's been tagged purely because of his pace. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed. I might have tagged five players, but it's likely that most of them won't ever become an important player for us.
  7. He's been a great servant for the club, but he just wasn't up to the standard we required anymore.
  8. Ah, do you mean the Nation coefficients? If so, here they are: As you can see, we've fallen off a lot since cycle 1, meaning we'll probably lose some of our Europa League places soon.
  9. That's the answer I was hoping not to hear - that it's the people at the top reluctant to change what suits them. I think it would be better for a Sanmarinese team to stay in their own domestic league and enjoy the benefits of Europe than to move to the bottom of the Italian leagues, probably languishing there for eternity.
  10. Now that we're Semi-Pro, here's a list of all our players on part time contracts, and how much they're earning a week. I've resisted the urge to give everyone a contract, and instead only given it to our important players, as well as one or two decent youth prospects. I'm trying to save as much money as possible, because the more we have in the bank the quicker we can upgrade the finances and hopefully make the step to becoming a Professional club.
  11. I'm so disappointed with this. We destroyed them for the first 20 minutes and went 1-0 up, but just threw it away with an awful defensive performance.
  12. We got the job done, but it wasn't as comfortable as I would have liked. This isn't the hardest draw, but it's certainly not the easiest. Trencin have turned into a Slovakian powerhouse in my game, winning the league 12 times since 2015. I'm not quite sure why they've emerged out of nowhere, but they've never been knocked out in the Second Qualifying Round, so here goes nothing.
  13. Why don't they ever make any of their own projects, out of interest? What are the training facilities like for the youth teams? Are there any teams, either youth or senior who aren't one of the 15 that play in the league? As you can probably tell, I'm quite interested
  14. The San Marino NT squad isn't that interesting really, it's basically just Mattia Arzilli, the best of our players and then a few players who've left us, with one or two players at other Sanmarinese teams filling out the squad. I can see the top three of every league that the game has, so let me know if there's any you want to see!
  15. This should be easy. They're the Maltese Champions but it's somewhat of a shock, as they hadn't won the league since 1993 and so have never played in the Champions League. In fact, they only qualified for the Europa league twice, losing in the first round in both 2018 and 2019.
  16. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule We weren't dominant by any means and really struggled in the final, but a goal in extra time gave us the win. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule We can't seem to win this one at the moment. Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - 8.00 He dominates the centre of the park. Top Goalscorers: Michele Zafferani (YP2)/Paolo Tessarin (YP31) - 27 Youth prospects: We had a tie here, but it wasn't good news for Michele Zafferani (YP2). Marco Bernardi (YP1) - Played well. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - He hurt his cruciates midway through the year, and he's still out for another 2-4 months. He'll probably miss Europe, and his stats have decreased pretty badly, to the point where he's now my fourth best striker. Unfortunately, this might be the end of his dominance for us. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - Still getting better every year, and he was superb in this one. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - Got a lot of gametime because I basically ignored Marco Pedini (YP29). Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - Such a good player for us. Christian Pelliccioni (YP11) - Not playing much for us, and I think he'll leave soon. Marco Gatti (YP15) - As good as he's been for us, he's going to have to make do with being third choice striker next season. Manuel Gentile (YP16) - Useful as a rotational player. Matteo Valentini (YP17) - He's good domestically, but I worry about him in Europe. Michele Pelliccioni (YP18) - I gave him one game against an easy Bangor side, and he played horrifically. I've given him lots of chances, and now I'm not sure he'll ever play another game for t Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) - Has fantastic stats for a defensive FB. Giacomo Rosti (YP20) - He'll be great for the national side, but I'm gutted that he left. For a 19 year old from San Marino, his stats are insane. Luca Conti (YP21) - Backup keeper next year, but if his one on one stat doesn't go up he's pretty useless. Marcello Manfredi (YP22) - Played well in limited time. Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) - Didn't do badly, but I think he's capable of better. Gabriele Cirelli (YP24) - Played badly in limited time. Thomas De Angelis (YP26) - He'll start as my second choice striker next year, but he'll need to play very well to keep Marco Gatti (YP15) out the team. Massimo Zafferani (YP27) - Started 12 games after not playing in any last year, but he didn't do overly well. Andrea Bacciocchi (YP28) - Played excellently. Marco Pedini (YP29) - The best GK we're likely to have in a while, but he's leaving to bloody Grodig in a couple of months. Massimo Cevoli (YP30) - Not content with taking my first LB in Giacomo Rosti (YP20), they then had to take his replacement. Paolo Tessarin (YP31) - My new first choice striker, he had an insane season, and looks really good. Simone Maiani (YP32) - I can't remember why I tagged him, to be honest. Pietro Buscarini (YP33) - He's good, but we've got a lot of CMs. Marco Battistini (YP34) - He's one such CM. Probably my third choice, above Christian Peliccioni (YP11). Simone Podeschi (YP35) - Good depth at LW. Special mention: Nicola Rattini - He's so good I'm expecting Grodig to sign him in summer. Mattia Arzilli - He's playing in Serie A! He played badly, but San Marino have a Serie A player! Aims for next season: Same as last year - hoping, but not expecting to make the Third Round of Qualifying. Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: Virtus beat Libertas in the final. How the team in CL qualifying did: We destroyed Bangor, but didn't fare quite so well against a very strong Viktoria Plzen side. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: Libertas lost 7-1 to Beroe of Bulgaria, Domagnano lost 18-1! to Hadjuk Split of Croatia (in fairness, that's an insanely hard draw) and Virtus lost 8-0 to Inter Baki of Azerbaijan. San Marino National team: 2028 Results --- 2029 Results We were given an insanely hard Nations League group. Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) has 77, Giacomo Mancini (YP9) has 38, Nicola Rattini and Christian Peliccioni (YP11) have 35, Nicola Romanelli (YP6) has 30, Michele Zafferani (YP2) has 25, Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) has 23, Matteo Valentini has 18, Marco Gatti (YP15) and Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) have 13, Manuel Gentile (YP16) has 11, Thomas De Angelis (YP26) and Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) have 2, and Paolo Tessarin (YP31) has 1.
  17. Youth Intake Day! Let's take a look at the best player: 14 passing is excellent, but we've got a lot of CMs, and he might not get enough gametime for his liking. He's a decent winger, but it's a pretty disappointing intake.
  18. Would you say that Sanmarinese football is improving then? What is the game like for youngsters/youth players?
  19. I'd never heard of them before, but they're my new enemy
  20. He wasn't fantastic, but I'd still rather not have lost him.
  21. Thank you so much! That's really awesome to hear In terms of game speed, now that I've established myself as a pretty dominant domestic team, I usually go on holiday for a chunk of the season in order to speed up the game. What I'll usually do is play my European games and then play the league games up until the transfer window ends, which is usually around the 18th of September. I need to do this because otherwise other teams might be able to steal some of my players away - if I'm not there to offer them new contracts, they might see it as me not wanting them around and leave. I'll then sim from September 19th - January 8th, which is when the transfer window reopens. Before I go on holiday, I'll pick my preferred lineup (regardless of injuries, if I want them in my ideal first team lineup I'll put them in there) and subs bench. I'll then tick the boxes "use current tactic", and "use current match selection when available." This means that my assistant manager will use the lineup that I've chosen, and only change players around when they're injured or unfit. This is pretty handy, as it means that I don't have my best players leave on a free, upset that my assistant has ignored them. January 8th usually sees us about halfway through our cup group, and through 12 or 13 out of the 20 or 21 league games. This is a pretty good place to be, as if my assistant hasn't been picking up terrific results, it gives me plenty of time to try and turn things back around. I'll then keep playing from here on out, and only go on holiday once the September transfer window has closed again. All in all, this setup works for me pretty well. It may not be for everyone, but it lets me go through seasons quickly, while still keeping control over everything important and not missing any crucial league games. The only downside I have at the moment is that I skip over some international games, but to be honest watching the constant batterings would wear me out pretty fast - once we start improving, I'll probably stop my holiday just for them. EDIT: Something that I forgot to add is that the database is only San Marino, plus then players from clubs in Continental Competitions in Europe. This means it's a nice small database, which helps the game run pretty smoothly.
  22. Where are most of the foreigners from? I'd imagine mostly Italian ex Serie D players or around that level? How often do the teams train, and when do they do it? I'd imagine them all having full time jobs make it a bit hard. Sorry for all the questions, but where are the managers from? Are they just local guys passionate about football? Thanks
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