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  1. This is a good example of the stats lying. They didn't create one good chance in the entire game, and the 2-0 win should be enough to see us through.
  2. Last time the Albanian Champions played in the CL they actually reached the Third Round, beating the seeded Sheriff in the Second Round. We're heavy favourites, but we have to make sure we get the job done.
  3. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule Three in a row! Coppa Titano: Table Schedule Oh well. Europa League: Table Schedule If we ignore the Olympiakos result, I'm pretty happy with our campaign. We played really well at times, and we were unlucky not to score a single goal. Squad Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Giuseppe Mazza (YP57) - 7.91 Giuseppe Mazza (YP57) is an absolute hero. He scored a hat-trick in 20 minutes against Haifa to single handedly send us through to the Europa League, and secured his place in the club's history. Top Goalscorer: Giuseppe Mazza (YP57) - 29 I love him. Manager's Player of the Year: Marco Di Filippo (YP58) 25 goals from the wing! Aims for next season: I don't expect we'll be making another European Group Stage for quite a while, so my aims for now are just to do as well as possible in Europe. Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: Virtus beat Domagnano 3-0 in the final. How the team in CL qualifying did: We beat KR and Maccabi Haifa to make it to the Playoff, where Red Star Belgrade proved too strong for us. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: We didn't manage to score in a really difficult group, but who cares? We made it there! Libertas lost 2-1 to Slovakians Podbrezova, Pennarossa lost 4-0 to Anorthosi from Cyprus and Tre Penne lost 7-1 to Wisla Krakow. San Marino National team: 2056 Results --- 2057 Results We should have done better against the Stans.
  4. That was unexpected, but I'm not going to turn down a free million!
  5. Thank you! The board have already agreed to upgrade my training and youth facilities at the end of the season, so things are looking good!
  6. Youth Intake Day! A FB who can't defend or attack? Perfect! I've tagged him because he's fairly fast, he's got 5* potential and we need some depth at FB, but it's another poor intake.
  7. That's a lot of money! Any chance he can save it for facility upgrades?
  8. We might have lost 4-0 but we played a lot better than I expected. We actually had some real chances, but again, their quality ultimately showed.
  9. I'm pretty happy with this as a result. We held out for a long time and played well defensively, but ultimately they were just too good for us.
  10. Something tells me they've never had to deal with a team having European games before
  11. We're almost certainly going to get battered each game, but I'm just happy to be here!
  12. Wow! I expected about 1.5 million, not close to 4 million! We're now sitting pretty at 6.7 million in the bank, and I think it's finally time to upgrade our facilities. Right now we have Exceptional Junior Coaching, but Below Average Training and Youth facilities, and now I can finally start to get those improved.
  13. Thanks guys That's a good point that I hadn't thought about. This money should definitely help us cover the extra costs of being a professional team
  14. Well, it looks like it's the Europa Groups for us. Which is a pretty good consolation prize
  15. He was already suspended for the First leg, but to not have our BWM for either is going to make this really tough - none of our backups have ever really been adequate.
  16. If I could get Red Star or Legia, I might actually have a chance... Only Red Star stand in our way of the Champions League Group Stage!
  17. WE'VE DONE IT! Seeing how well going attacking worked last game, I decided to go with it from the start here. When Giuseppe Mazza (YP57) got a hatrick inside 20 minutes, I thought I was dreaming. I considered going defensive, and began to regret not doing so when they bought me back down to earth with two goals before HT, meaning it'd be going to extra time if the scores stayed the same. They didn't. Massimo Bacciocchi (YP60) netted twice for us, and despite a late scare we held on to beat Maccabi Haifa! We're going to be in a Group Stage!
  18. I'm pretty happy with this. We were asleep for the first 30 minutes, and when the third goal went in I changed from our counter attacking 4-2-4 to our attacking one. That sparked the players into life, and 2 away goals gives us a legitimate chance at sneaking through.
  19. Haifa actually lost to Cluj in the Playoff last year. They're a good side and they should be beating us easily, but maybe...
  20. This should be enough to see us through, although we'll need to do the job at home.
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