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  1. November, December and January: We've been unbeaten since early October, so you think we'd be top of the league, right? Nope. This is the weirdest fight for the title I'll ever have, and I don't know how to feel Stonewall are the leading LGBTQ+ charity in Europe, and the football team are Britain's first gay football team. The charity (and the club) do amazing work, and it's weird to be angrily cursing Stonewall when I see them score a late goal It's been a really tight race so far - after picking up just 1 point from their first two games, they've been on an absolute tear: This one might come down to the wire...
  2. Cheers! I knew I forgot something in the opening post! I am indeed using the wonderful @Dan BHTFC's database, the work he does is absolutely unbelievable That's probably about in line with what I'm expecting, I reckon. There's such a slim difference in levels this low down the pyramid, but the gap will definitely grow a lot more noticeable once we start to rise up the tiers a bit!
  3. That's a big loss for the heart of our defence, but Richard Robbins is off to the Conference!
  4. Cheers! If we can turn out half as good as Kafra, I'll be very pleased
  5. August, September and October: A little bit of a bad run of form saw us drop three games in four - including an absolutely abysmal loss to bottom of the table Peckham Town - but it's not looking too bad after 11 games:
  6. Congrats on promotion, but I think it's time to fire your chairman out a cannon...
  7. Preseason: Nothing too tricky, but it gets morale nice and high for the new season
  8. Both Sporting Hackney and Lampton Park dropped points, but St. Panteleimon (a British-Greek side!) won 4-1 on the final day to take the title. Still, to be within a point of winning the league after our awful start - I'll take it! It's a bit disappointing we struggled so much at the start - just a solitary win throughout that terrible streak would have seen us up once more as Champions, but I'm very optimistic about our chances for next year!
  9. One game to go... it's probably a bit too ambitious to expect everybody above us to drop points, but we can hope!
  10. You can see just how much of a step up these young players are compared to the old ones, too. This was our previous best starting 11 + substitutes - Ashley Toomey was 5* CA before this intake!
  11. Obviously, that's an absolutely class intake The investment in some better coaching in the local area has clearly paid off early doors! I'm absolutely delighted with the number of second nationalities and foreign born players who've come through the intake as well, because I think that's a better representation of the real demographic of the local area. Top stuff!
  12. Youth Intake Day! It turned out that yes, the 'yankee' did play football - and he wasn't too shabby at it, either. Clifton and Nik quickly struck up a fast friendship, and that translated onto the pitch too. After playing together for the Kingsbury High school team - and playing well - they decided to fill their Sunday's playing football, and settled upon joining Alpha and Omega U14s, seeing as they played at the school! Having been with the club ever since, their impressive performances in the youth teams have caught the eye of senior management, and it looks like both will get their chance in the senior setup. Once they'd joined the U14s, they found themselves being directed by Scott Jackson-Cromack. It didn't take long for them to realise that Jackson-Cromack was a natural born leader, and whilst they didn't always get on with his robust personality, they appreciated his extreme hunger to win, regardless of the competition. Del Rosario and Clifton Belle were just grateful they didn't go to the same school as Jackson-Cromack - they liked him, but being shouted at by him twice a week was more than enough!
  13. Kingsbury High School, March 2018: Nik Del Rosario stood self-consciously in front of his new classmates. He might have been born locally, but had just returned to Kingsbury after spending the majority of his life in Tampa Bay Florida with his American parents, and his strong American accent wasn't exactly common to hear in the area - or popular, for that matter. One boy, in particular, seemed to be trying to stare right through him, and Del Rosario braced for the worst when the boy strode purposefully over to him after the lesson ended. "Where you from, Yankee?" Del Rosario was taken aback. He'd been called far worse than a Yankee before, but the boy had spoken with an accent not dissimilar to his own. "I'm from here," Nik said defensively. "I've just lived in Florida for a bit. Are you from America too?" The boy burst out laughing. "Hell no!", he said with a grin. "I'm from Barbados. Moved here last year. Wanted to get as far away from America as possible." Nik stared at the boy for a second, then broke into a smile. "That makes two of us." He paused for a second, then held out his hand. "I'm Nik." The boy slapped his hand, hard enough to leave Nik's palm stinging. "Clifton." "So, tell me Yankee... do you play soccer?"
  14. Cheers! In a weird way, a little/large bit of me completely agrees with you It's a fun change to be playing smaller community clubs, many of whom (like Stonewall, Hackney Wick, AC London, Clapton CFC etc) were set up for a wider purpose than just to play football every weekend. I'd love to see some other teams progress up through the pyramid! I think, for me, there's a little bit of a tradeoff when we're quite so low down - when you're playing at Level 11 and 12, the database has to generate a huge number of players every year for a youth intake, and that can really grind the save to a halt as my computer struggles to process so many players (there's 95,000 in the save currently, and this is before the intake for this year). I think a large part of the fun in saves like this are in the struggle and the slog, but if we could just jump up a couple tiers so my computer doesn't die, that would be excellent too I'm not the best at FM and I definitely have more failures than successes, so I don't think there's much danger of Alpha and Omega progressing too quickly, but it's been a (surprisingly) good start!
  15. December and January: We haven't looked back since turning the corner earlier in the season, and despite losing our first game in 16, we're left still around the top of the table with five games to go:
  16. To get two upgrades of Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment so quickly into the save is absolutely fantastic! Hopefully, the investment into the local area will pay off with some more refined players coming through the Alpha and Omega junior teams - and I must say, there's a particularly promising youngster in the U16s who could be joining the senior squad soon...
  17. August, September, October and November: Well then! An awful start which saw us nailed rock bottom of the league had me slightly concerned about our lack of quality at this higher level, but a small few tweaks to the tactic and we've been on an absolute flier! 8 wins in a row, 9 unbeaten, 6 clean sheets in a row and through in both the cups! Not bad at all
  18. 16k-25k I'm presuming they didn't exactly sell it out?
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