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  1. Youth Intake Day! Looks a decent striker.
  2. They might be a tier higher than us and the world's oldest football club, but we've beaten them this time round to book our place in the 1st Qualifying Round for the first time ever
  3. Remember Mousehole? Well, I was scrolling through the England National Team, checking out where the current NT had all started their careers, and one name caught my eye... Amazing! From Mousehole - a village with a population of just 697, and a football club playing in Tier 10 in real life (and starting his career at Tier 8) to a Premiership player and an England international!
  4. I guess he scored too many goals for our U16s, because he's off to Blackburn! Originally I was a bit miffed our chairman only got £475 for him upfront, but I actually think he's negotiated a pretty good deal, considering we're a tier 9 side! That friendly against Blackburn should draw in some huge gate receipts, and while we may have to wait a while for Blackburn to sell him, if he's good enough to get such a big move, hopefully when the payment comes it'll be more than we could ever have dreamed about as such a small club. Good luck, Rafael! Do us proud
  5. I'm starting to feel like @Makoto Nakamura at Croatia Berlin Hopefully this doesn't quite take 20 years! The arrival of Rafael Barón (YP29a) looks to have us in pretty good stead for next year... Barón is so good he's knocked everyone else down in the star ratings, but take a look at Sean Byrne (YP24b) - 6'4 and 202 lbs at 20 years old! I think he may be in the wrong sport... We haven't had anyone repeat as top scorer for five years, and even that was only because David Latham (YP22d) only managed to bag 10 in a very poor season for us. At this level you really want a striker to be bagging one in pretty much every game, and we haven't gotten close to that since Clifton Belle (YP21a) departed. Here's hoping Barón can step up to the mark next season!
  6. Youth Intake Day! Which way will Rafael go? He's clearly extremely talented, but will he be able to curb his (18) aggression and selfish personality and be able to contribute for the team? Will he end up playing at a much higher level, or will he end up out of football for good...
  7. 'I don't think we're going to have a striker problem for much longer, boss.' 'I'm listening...' 'This kid, Rafael. Got a call from the school a couple months ago ago asking if we'd be able to help them out and give him something to do on weekends, try and focus his mind. We chucked him in with our Under 16s for a few training sessions and he's absolutely torn them to shreds every time. Turns out he's just been released by Leyton Orient for bad discipline, but...' Jack Turner raised an eyebrow. 'Bad discipline?' His assistant sighed. 'Orient kicked him out for getting in one too many fights with their coaches. They gave me his backstory. The poor kid's had it rough. His dad got killed in the Colombian Conflict when he was only young, and he moved here with his mum, but he's found it tough. It's already his fourth school, and he's known to the police, apparently. Nothing major, but he's had a few scuffles, caught with a bit of weed on him. From what I've seen of him and getting to know him I think Rafael's a lovely kid, genuinely. He just sees red sometimes, but I told the school we'd give him a chance.' 'What else are we here for?' Jack grinned.
  8. Season Review! We're good enough to crack the top end of the table, but not good enough to ever seriously challenge for top spot. I don't see that changing next season, either, but the board are starting to expect more every season, and our finances are slowly dwindling (we're 25k in the hole right now). A bit of an FA Cup run for once would do the world of good...
  9. Youth Intake Day! No obvious day one starters, but it's nice to get such a widespread of nationalities
  10. Slightly over halfway through the season, and it's looking very congested around us....
  11. Season Review! We were right up there for about 25 games, but our small squad couldn't cope with the injuries and suspensions piling up. Hopefully the new youth players help provide a bit more quality to see us sustain a challenge next year.
  12. Youth Intake Day! Two instant starters Jamaican born Eccles is a little on the small side for an ideal keeper, but he's streets ahead of the ones we have now. Number #1 from day 1. Chappell looks like somebody who could have a lot of success leading our forward line. I like his attribute spread a lot.
  13. Just over the halfway point of the season, and we're certainly in the mix...
  14. Season Review! A much better year this time round! We started scoring goals for fun and the additions of the youngsters last year really helped us all over the pitch. Getting out of a league with only one promotion spot is always going to be hard, and I don't think we'll manage it next year, but there's lots to be optimistic about
  15. Youth Intake Day! A disappointing intake, both in terms of instant starters and a widespread of nationalities.
  16. Meanwhile, our friends Mousehole had 6 promotions in a row to make it up to the Conference, but that's where the fun stopped... Looks like all their talented youngsters got picked off by bigger clubs, and it's safe to say they didn't have the most enjoyable season... Just 218 fans came to see Mousehole play every week - hardly a sustainable number, and barely 1/5th of the second lowest team, Gateshead. In fairness, though, they spent just £13,000 on wages - not a week, but a year! 23rd placed Ebbsfleet spent £318k a year, so Mousehole might have done well just to get those 8 draws.... we'll see where they go from here.
  17. Season Review! Very much a season to forget for us. We relied so heavily on Clifton Belle (YP21a) in prior seasons, and his absence left a massive hole in the team that we couldn't fill. Thankfully, Windsor and Knaphill were terrible, so we were in no danger of relegation, but we need to find a way to bag more goals next season - our top scorer barely broke double digits for the year.
  18. Youth Intake Day! 9 different nationalities represented in this intake, and they're all born in Kingsbury! That's what we love Our new leader at the back I was hoping for a striker in, because we've found it really hard to replace Clifton Belle (as you'll soon see...) but a 4.5* CA CB will do nicely too
  19. We're going to really struggle without Clifton Belle (YP21a), but that's Championship (and ex Premiership) side Wigan!
  20. Season Review! Lots of reasons for optimism following our debut season in the CCL Premier Divison. We lost a lot of games that we were unlucky to lose, and going forward we made no end of chances that we perhaps didn't put away. That bodes well for next season, although I don't think we're ready to seriously challenge for the lone promotion spot yet.
  21. Youth Intake Day! Byrne looks like he could add a bit of power and size to our attacking line.
  22. Not completely sure Sky Sports are gonna care, lad.
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