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  1. Season Review! We got knocked out of the cup, but won another league title
  2. Youth Intake Day! Not much to be excited about here.
  3. Season Review! Another double This is a nice surprise, too!
  4. With us now being Professional and having the money to start upgrading the facilities, we might be about to make a lot of progress very fast!
  5. Our first facility upgrades to try and help the youngsters improve
  6. Youth Intake Day! Hello... Those physicals and aggression I have no idea how the Belgian has found his way over here, but he could develop into a really good playmaker...
  7. Youth Intake Day! It's another good intake, but no standouts at positions we need, except for... Christian is already the best goalkeeper at the club, and he may be our first choice between the sticks for quite some time. This was also interesting. An Irishman with no Sammarinese blood has found his way to San Giovanni! We'll see how he develops...
  8. Cheers! Unfortunately, we couldn't manage any surprises: It's a huge financial boost though, and one I didn't expect so early on!
  9. We're into the Groups for the first time! Wow, that's a lot more money than I thought we'd get! There's some interesting teams in here, too. Do I... do I like this tournament now? Well, I do now!
  10. I know very little about the Europa Conference League, but we've been given a game we have a chance in against the Estonian Champions...
  11. We just didn't show up in the second leg. They'll batter us
  12. We're through for the first time! TNS may have been toppled by @Jimbokav1971, and will soon be toppled by @Makoto Nakamura, but they're unstoppable in this Wales, having dropped points in just one league game all season. I'm not sure they're any better than Qarabag, though...
  13. They're definitely the favourites, but it's an easier draw than last year...
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