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  1. Makes sense! They've got 47m in the bank so it'll be interesting to see how they develop...
  2. They've got an Underwriter Sugar Daddy, so I think that means they do?
  3. All I can say is if they're the Scottish Champions, Scottish football might be in trouble Not much chance, but we'll give it a go.
  4. The one team I wanted to avoid... they've just won the Scottish Premiership for the second time, so I think we're going to be heading out here.
  5. Two incredibly boring legs see us crash out to a solitary goal.
  6. Season Review! An upset in the cup as Tre Penne dumped us out in the Quarter Finals. No surprise who the highest rated player at the club is
  7. That bid was actually from us As soon as he came through I was paranoid somebody was going to poach him so I signed him up to the longest contract possible! He's actually got a new media description now... Hahaha, I think that's a really good parallel to draw! Cheers! Always nice to see people following along for the long haul!
  8. He's probably already the best Sammarinese player in history, and he's only 15
  9. Youth Intake Day! Dun dun dun... Oh. My. God. I've played probably close to 500 seasons with San Giovanni before (I should go outside more...) and I've never had anybody come through that's this good. I've never had anybody come through that's even half this good. He won't stick around for long (I've already offered him a 3+2 contract, but if he accepts that's probably the longest we'll be able to keep him for), but my goodness... EDIT: He's not even Dual-Nationality! The National Team have a gem on their hands...
  10. That's a pretty ridiculous intake - but I might be able to do you one better
  11. I still think we're evenly matched, but conceding two penalties inside 12 minutes at home is never going to help your chances.
  12. I think we're probably pretty evenly matched, but I'm optimistic.
  13. Wow! Did he come through your youth system?
  14. Over the £1m mark for the first time!
  15. Season Review: Record breakers!
  16. I know! I'm not sure if I underestimated them or overestimated us, but either way let's just hope it was a blip in the pan! Good question! Meanwhile, Cambridge's season comes to a sad end... 10 points and 128 goals conceded - nobody else conceded more than 47! Along with fellow L2 team Morecambe, they drop out of the playable/viewable divisions.
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