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  1. We should be comfortable enough.
  2. I hope your crystal ball is right! <3
  3. Season Review! I keep thinking that we're overdue a year where we just completely bottle the final, but it looks like we're just so far ahead of the other Sammarinese teams that even I can't mess it up Another cup for the collection. I gave Manuel Zavoli (YP37) a starting role in the league this year to develop him, and he's really shot up! I've had him on a quickness training regime and he's really come on strong in that area - maybe stronger than I thought he would! With that added bit of speed and physicality to his game to go along with his superb technicals and mentals, I'm really excited about him.
  4. Youth Intake Day! We have so many strikers, but I think I can find room for a 6'6 guy with 15 finishing. Might need to work on his fitness though
  5. I have no idea how we only scored once
  6. The one team I didn't want... although we did beat Genk a few years ago, so...
  7. We had so many chances and just didn't take them
  8. Interesting. They're a good team, and they've got a full squad, but they usually have to settle for second place behind Kobenhavn. They're definitely better than we are - although they did have this result a few years back... No idea
  9. I'm optimistic about our chances here...
  10. That's our best striker missing the only important part of the season
  12. Youth Intake Day! He's not the quickest or tallest, but he's a technical demon!
  13. Disappointing European campaign this year.
  14. I'm really glad that away goals still count in extra time
  15. For now it's usually just remembering the names, but when we get deeper into the save I might struggle a bit We battered them all game, and then they pelted one into the top corner from 30 yards
  16. We've never played them, so this'll be interesting. I reckon we're pretty evenly matched.
  17. We're up to a 1.5* club, and a lot of the other teams are now a 1* too!
  18. Unfortunately not - they all seem to get beaten straight away in the 1st Qualifying Round in the Europa League. None of them have really provided much competition so far, but hopefully with the continued improvements to the league the added TV money can really help some of them kick on.
  19. As expected, he doesn't want to sign a new deal because we're not good enough for him, so here's my thought process... We've got four years left on his contract with the optional extension, and I don't think the board should go over our head as long as we remain financially stable (which is why I'm holding off on more upgrades for now even though we have 13m in the bank), so he should stay here for four more years. We don't really need him for the league, because we're so much stronger than everyone else. What we need him for is Europe, so theoretically, we could wait till our European campaign is over in his last season here and then look to sell him (with some clauses) so that we get some money for him, rather than keeping him around for a league campaign that we can do without him for. However, the Premiership transfer window will close before we're out of Europe (unless we do really badly!) and I think it'd be wise to try to sell to a Premiership team, seeing as how much money flies around there thanks to the TV deal. Right now, I think the plan is to trigger the two year extension, and in the summer of 2040 look to sell him. I'm not too concerned about the upfront fee, because his value won't be very high playing in San Marino - what I'm hoping for is to stick a 50% future sale clause in, as well as hopefully getting to loan him back for a bit...
  20. I'd be disappointed if we can't get past the Cypriots.
  21. Great progress! We're now in between a bunch of foreign leagues I can't pronounce
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