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  1. We did okay against Slavia, but were never really in danger of threatening them too much. If we don't win our CL Qualifier, it just becomes too much of a mountain to get into a European Group Stage.
  2. I can't quite decide if we were just unlucky (we were horrendously woeful in front of goal) or deserved the battering we got (conceding 7 to them...), but either way, we shouldn't be struggling in games like these. I know we're not exactly powerhouses, but we may need a tactical re-think to see if that improves our fortunes in Europe.
  3. This is the kindest draw we could get really, and I'd be really disappointed if we couldn't beat the Moldovan Champions.
  4. I actually really like this move. We've been selling out our 500 seat allocation every week, and while I don't think we're anywhere near being able to sell out 5k seats weekly, this should end up being a profitable move in the long term, and we have the cash to do it: https://gyazo.com/514689074fd8253be8c40e0cac5c8313
  5. Season Review! We had a lot of draws, but it's technically our first ever unbeaten season!
  6. I didn't even notice that! Maybe I'm the blind one...
  7. Youth Intake Day! A Belarussian and a Northern Irish lad have appeared!
  8. Wow. We might have stolen the win away from home, but they absolutely battered us in San Marino. We're lucky it was only 5.
  9. La Fiorita beat us in the Cup Final, but we held our nerve to win a (terrible) league final to claim another title.
  10. Youth Intake Day! We'll have to keep an eye on the Englishman (I never trust the assistant's estimation of a foreign player's PA), but there's one clear standout here: He needs to work on the technicals, but he's got some great mentals and physicals already
  11. We're off to Slovenia! It's not the easiest of games, but we've definitely had harder...
  12. Season Review! We got knocked out in the cup again, but power on through to our 7th league title
  13. It was an even tie, but the Montenegrins edge us out. We really need to win our 1st Round Qualifiers in the CL if we're to have a decent European run.
  14. We smashed past the Luxembourgian side, but there's still a long way to go when you get knocked out of the CL Qualifying so early on.
  15. Really disappointing. We'd done the hard work away, and then threw it away at home.
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