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  1. Youth Intake Day! Only one decent player through this year but he's a CB, which was a position of need, and he looks very decent. 5 concentration is a bit of a worry, though...
  2. It's an extortionate deal that completely shatters the wage structure that he's already structured, but it's one we can afford and, if he signs it, should mean that he's here for the next 7 years! Considering Lazio are sniffing around him, I'm anxious for it to go through... It's signed! His morale is probably going to be terrible for the rest of his career when we block his moves to bigger clubs, but unless our chairman goes over our head, he might - somehow - be ours for the majority of his career! I'm in love <3
  3. That's definitely been the trend recently! We had a really good spell of decent defenders coming through before, but as the squad has gotten better (in midfield and attack) our current defensive starters are definitely the weakpoints, as we haven't had a decent one through in a while. Our starting LB is 27, our starting CBs are 29 and 24, and our starting RB is 25 - that may not sound that old, but our starting GK is 17, our starting CMs are 22, 20 and 24, and our starting strikers are 22, 19 and 17. We're not desperate yet, but we could really do with a couple of new bodies there soon.
  4. ] We really need to start putting our chances away
  5. We've just about made it through this time, but they seem to be a bit of a bogey team... Could be winnable?
  6. I don't think I've ever been that badly FMed before...
  7. Youth Intake Day! Well, he looks pretty good Here's our current keeper, for comparison: Ciacci has been great for us, conceding just just 197 goals in 363 league games, but he's 32 years old and not quite up to par with the rest of our squad. He's been a great servant, but he's about to lose his job
  8. We promised to improve our facilities, so...
  9. Wow, how out of the blue is that! We've had to completely shatter our wage structure to get him to sign, and we've had to promise him a bunch of things, but he's here for four more years!
  10. 2 points more than I thought we'd get from that group!
  11. Would have probably helped if I'd remembered to include the picture...
  12. They might have been given two penalties from VAR, but we have the last laugh as we get our first points on the board against a team who've made the Semi Finals twice in the last five years
  13. We made it up to the 3rd seed!... and then instantly got Braga as the 4th seed. Oh well. I don't really see any points here.
  14. Back into the Europa League groups!
  15. Not sure what to expect from them, really. We'll see.
  16. If we hadn't lost 2-1 at home due to a dodgy penalty and a horrific defensive mixup...
  17. They were easier than Zalgiris were I think we're dropping down into the Europa Playoff
  18. That'll do I'll be really disappointed if we can't beat the Hungarians.
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