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  1. Don't think we're going to be getting any points somehow
  2. A huge upset! I thought we'd blown it with the red card, but Nicola Bindi (YP17) rolled one in the bottom corner and we held out to make it to the Europa League groups!
  3. Huge win! We'll probably get battered, but we'll give it a go!
  4. Or not! A really professional job where we restricted them to a single shot in the home leg sees us go through
  5. Youth Intake Day! Hopefully the improved facilities will help boost our intakes a bit.
  6. We didn't manage to score a goal, but two 0-0 draws with TNS and avoiding any hammerings see us avoid coming last!
  7. It was a real back and forth tie, but we're into the groups!
  8. TNS are definitely favourites, but if we can get past them we'll be in the groups...
  9. That was a bit easier than I anticipated I have absolutely no idea where our level is right now, but we should be able to beat the Faroese Champions?
  10. We missed a penalty that would have sent us through before absolutely collapsing
  11. I can't remember much about this squad, the players or really anything, but I think I remember enough to know that we won't win this
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