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  1. We should be able to get back into the Europa Groups.
  2. We'll win a penalty shootout one day...
  3. Steaua make it through to face us this time.
  4. We never really got out of first gear against them in either leg. We'll need to step it up against...
  5. I think these are the final set of upgrades we need! I'm not really sure what upgraded the data analysis facilities do, but it's cheap
  6. Youth Intake Day! Two decent CBs through this year. Albani might not have the greatest potential (according to our assistant) but he's a giant!
  7. Cheers! This is a save I have right after his intake: https://gofile.io/?c=lGIqU6 Cheers! I agree with what @nsd said. I think we've been really lucky with some of the players we've had coming through - I've never had anybody anywhere near as good as Giovagnoli, and I don't expect us to get a player as good as him through ever again It's not just him, though, because players like Manuel Zavoli (YP37) are also absolute quality for us. I think this is probably the best San Giovanni team I've ever had, and we're not really that far into the save. I guess you could class it as a kind of 'Golden Generation' for us - I'm hoping that with our facilities pumped up we can keep producing quality players, but it is possible that we have a bit of a dry spell where we're not producing talent up to the level of the players we've already had through. We'll see!
  8. I'm really happy with that. We got a point, scored in half our games, and only Liverpool really turned us over. Really good stuff
  9. We're going to get absolutely battered
  10. San Giovanni are into the Champions League Group Stages!
  11. Can we hold on in Switzerland?
  12. How on earth did Steaua lose to them If we can beat Young Boys - which we almost definitely can't - we'll be in the Champions League groups.
  13. Revenge for all the beatings they gave us early on Oh, wow! I was expecting Steaua Bucharest but the Icelanders upset them in the last round, and without wanting to get carried away, we should be favourites here...
  14. TNS used to be the team we didn't want to draw... I feel like that might have changed a bit
  15. We've got two new signings in for the first time in a while! Camilli probably won't play a game for us but looked like a good option as cover, but we're really weak at FB, so Benedettini is probably going to come in and start for us right away.
  16. Cheers! Sadly, not really We're up to about 165th in the world, but got just one point in our last Euro Qualifiers group. We lose nearly every game, with the exception of a handful of Nations League games (although we've never won our group) and a few sporadic draws/wins here and there. I'm tempted to have a crack at the job before too long.
  17. They're expensive, but I think that's the last set of upgrades we need on them!
  18. Season Review! Going so deep in Europe and wanting to keep our team fresh for those games, combined with having such a small squad and quite a few injuries meant that we had a few games where we had to play with four goalkeepers on the pitch - although we did win one of those 4-0 That gave us our first loss in a while, but all that matters is we won the final to keep our Champions League run going. Another double For almost the entire squad to have over a 7.00 average despite playing 18 European games this year is pretty impressive!
  19. Thanks Kid! That's a good question! Here's our tactic for domestic games: For European games against better teams than us, we switch the mentality to Very Defensive. That sets us out to be stable at the back, and when we get the ball we move it incredibly slowly and with short passes so we don't waste possession. A lot of our European games have about 5 shots each, which is absolutely perfect for us. If we try and play an open, expansive game, we're going to get battered Normally I think possession just for possession sake is one of the biggest fallacies in football (see Spain against Russia in the World Cup), but my philosophy with this is that we have much weaker players than the opposition do, and so the longer we have the ball, the less time they have to create chances against us. Often what happens, too, is the big teams expect to be able to dominate us and so get fed up of us passing the ball around the back for 90 minutes, so start to play really high up - which is when we can ping one over the top for the 17 acceleration of Claudio Fabbri (YP32) to sprint onto and set us up on a dangerous counter attack Most of our goals - okay, maybe not most, but a large proportion of them - come from set pieces, too. Set Pieces is an area I'm incredibly passionate about in real life (you have to be as a Rotherham fan!) and I think it's a really underdeveloped source of goals - especially as a technically inferior team that has a physical advantage, like we often do. I've tweaked our corner routine a lot until I've found one that I'm happy with, I've come up with a long throw routine that tries to avoid the weird quirks in the match engine with long throws this year while still being effective, and we score quite a fair few from free kicks, too - the goal that Davide Toccaceli (YP19) scored to win us our Europa League group was a header from a free kick, and Claudio Fabbri (YP32) absolutely tonks in a few direct ones every year too. Oh, and if we're away, I'll usually turn timewasting up to 'whenever possible' too. It's not pretty - it explains why in 180 minutes of football with Zenit we drew 0-0 - but it's effective
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