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  1. January and February: Much better! Three games to go, and we still have Pitshanger Dynamo to play...
  2. Youth Intake Day! I'm sure some of them will develop, but that's a really disappointing intake.
  3. 2019 Review: Been motoring through the games, so instead of bi-monthly updates here's one for the 2019 part of the 19/20 season: I think the word best to describe this season so far is: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! We've been the dominant team in the majority of our matches, but to draw so many games is absolutely killing us. We're so wasteful in front of goal - even considering the standard at this level. 6 points off the top... unlikely, but not impossible if we can stop drawing the games that we really should be winning.
  4. Damn, unlucky Jimbo Put up a good fight at the end of the season there!
  5. Preseason: Some good, some bad. We'll see.
  6. End of Season Review: A decent end to the season, which means... We were never going to catch a team who'd lost just twice all year, and I think we were pretty lucky to get 2nd with 7 losses, all things considered. A promising first season though!
  7. January and February: Only two league games in these two months, but a disappointing late equaliser by Kodak has probably put paid any slim claims we had to the title with four games left of the season:
  8. Youth Intake Day! A bit of a disappointing first intake in terms of immediate contributors, really. A second generation immigrant, Bevon Taylor was born in Kingsbury to Jamaican parents. Both his mother and father had come over as part of the Windrush Generation, and met each other whilst working as nurses in the NHS - at the same hospital that both continue to work at to this day. The youngest of 3 boys, Bevon would be thrown in goal whenever they played football together in the park. While he'd complain, he secretly enjoyed going in goal. It hadn't taken him long to work out that he wasn't much use with the ball at his feet, but was decently agile enough to hold his own in between the sticks. He's played for a few Sunday League clubs in the area - mainly following his friends wherever they went - but has been at Alpha and Omega for a couple of years, and now looks to break into the Senior side for the first time.
  9. November and December: That's much more like it! A disappointing loss to New Hanford to end 2018, but a great month overall, including beating two teams from the division above in various cups. 6 wins, 6 draws. Mixed bag, huh?
  10. Now we're talking! 2 strip burgers and 2 sides of fries for £2 at Sana's... the good old days
  11. August, September and October: It's not been the most auspicious of starts. After a decent first part of the season we've faded, losing four in a row. We've not been playing badly, but we've really struggled to finish our chances - just one goal in the last four games gives a pretty good clue as to where our problems lie. Lots of work to be done.
  12. Got to be honest and say that Sam's easily ranks near the bottom of Chicken shops for me. Dixy's is decent, I've always loved Sana's (not sure if that's a chain or just near Kingsbury though!) and places like Chicken Cottage aren't great but will always be ahead of Sam's for me Cheers!
  13. Preseason: The only highlight is some of the names we played against.
  14. We can't really afford to pay the £960 (we have just £12 in the kitty!) but I'm hopeful it'll prove to be a beneficial decision...
  15. Here's the starting squad. Bit of a mixed bag, really: Turkish born Atas looks like being a pretty tidy playmaker. Big Pat Lee should be solid between the sticks - as solid as anybody in the 12th tier of English football is, anyway.
  16. Cheers! I'm a big fan of the work Hackney Wick do. Lots of good community based clubs around at this level!
  17. Just caught up on this! Superb work as always, Jimbo
  18. Just to give a little bit more context on why Alpha and Omega, particularly (or, more to the point, a club based in that area): Wembley Stadium might be called the 'Home of English Football', but Wembley as an area won't be getting such a glamorous description anytime soon. According to Operation Trident - the Metropolitan Police Unit set up to tackle gangs in London - there are roughly 15 'major' gangs active in the borough of Brent, although unofficial estimates have put this number far higher. In Establishing the reality of gangs in Brent, gang-involved respondents answered questions relating to the prevalence of gangs in the borough with a majority saying it rated ‘9 out of 10’ whilst others rated it off the scale and a ‘big one’ and ‘crazy innit.’ One 17 year old said: ‘Yeah, people are shooting out of their windows; outta their ‘ouse. That’s the sort of stuff that goes down and it’s true." Brent is one of the youngest boroughs in London, but has the 5th highest rate of unemployment in the Capital. Combined with one of the highest poverty rates in the city, it's not exactly an area with a lot of opportunities for young people growing up there - hence the gang map above. Football is an incredible sport. It reduces grown men to tears, provides moments that reverberate through time, and makes dreams come true. Even more than that, though; it can be an incredible vehicle for change. Let's go and change things.
  19. Love the fact that we play at the local school!
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