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  1. I'm a big admirer of Pep Guardiola's possession football and I've always tried to imitate his style in my FM saves. Problem is I can't decide which role Guardiola's uses for the DM position. I've looked at the FM database for clues and in FM19 Guardiola prefers a regista. Whereas in FM18 and the previous iterations, it was always a Half back. I'm torn between the two and I'd need help deciding. Which of these roles do you thinking Guardiola is talking about when he says "pivote"?
  2. I guess I’ll just have to go back to playing FM17 till October. The football is phenomenal.
  3. Hi. Thanks for the great job you're doing on the site. I've got a question... for the centerback roles (ball-playing defender etc.) I noticed that the HOLD POSITION pi is selectable when using the stopper or cover duty. Does this mean that the player may join the attack when it's safe and does selecting the HOLD POSITION pi for the stopper duty mean he'll be less likely to close down opposition players?
  4. LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT Alright, first I want to take the time to both congratulate and thank SI on the work they've done with the Football Manager series. Well done! Now I realize it might be a little late to be submitting a wish list for the next iteration of FM but still I'll love if you guys took out the time to look into some if not all of my requests. All I ask is a "little" tweak here and there to make the sim/game a lot better. OK, so I find that passes in the match engine needs a lot of work. Passes are too inaccurate and the number of passes attempted are small compared to real life. In other words, if I decide to play a "much higher tempo" short passing play, I need to see an increase in the number of passes attempted for the duration of ninety minutes especially since I play with the counter and defensive mentalities. The number of sideways and backward passes right now just isn't enough. If my team has possession and the opposing team plays a high line, I expect my team to pass it back and continue the buildup in deeper areas instead of attempting low percentage passes time and time again and handing over possession to the opposition. Still on passes, I appreciate the fact that the through ball system was cranked up in order to expose teams that play an aggressive defensive line. That's all well and good but the problem is that most of these passes are floated in the air. What do I mean? If my advanced playmaker for example picks up the ball in the center of the pitch he instinctively plays a high ball searching for the run of either one of my wingers. This normally is a great idea but the problem is that for this to work, it requires that the opposing fullback misjudges the flight of the ball which only ever happens rarely leading to a lot of incomplete passes from my advanced playmaker (a new "Drill Passes" TI to keep passes on ground maybe?). This also happens a lot for players with the "tries killer balls often" ppm which brings me to my next suggestion. The Match Engine is Too Direct: Yes, you read that right. This is what I mean; a lot of the player actions that are described to occur often, occur TOOOOO OOOOOFTEN. Take for example the More Risky Passes PI. Players assigned this instruction more than end up wasting possession. Also players instructed to run with the ball, don't bother doing anything else. All I'm saying is, the "permutation" that something occurs often in the match engine needs work. Only one look at the real life counterparts of these players and you'll discover an inherent desire to overdo things in FM. Just look at Daniel Alves, does he run with the ball in real life as much as he does in FM? So how about we scrap the "often" entirely? "Sometimes" becomes the "new often" and the "new sometimes" sits midway between the "old sometimes"("new often") and "rarely". My head hurts ? Scrap the Retain Possession TI If the match engine is reset as explained above, I believe we wouldn't need this TI. I've always tried my best to avoid this TI when setting up my tactics as it goes against the type of game I want to play, because it reduces the tempo and also reduces the amount of killer balls attempted. But it is so difficult to ignore because short passing, high tempo and a cautious mentality is somehow not good enough for your players to retain the ball. Retain possession is a negative TI, scrap it or improve pass accuracy or both. Option to Select Primary Playmaker: I want my deep lying playmaker making most of my passes and dictating most of the play. Unfortunately my advanced playmaker is stealing the show. This has to be resolved. Add the option of selecting a primary playmaker or enable play to dictated more from deep areas. Player Role Modifications Ballplaying Defender = Playmaker Make the ballplaying defender a playmaker role. Let him receive more passes from teammates especially goal keeper and let him dictate play. The ballplaying defender should also dribble more. I want him to take the ball out of the defence and into deep midfield. He should also try risky passes more than he currently does. Especially to the opposite flank in order to exploit a high defensive line. False Nine = Drop Even Deeper Enabe the false nine to drop deep into midfield and dictate play from there More Realistic AI Managers AI managers should try to replicate their real life counterparts. I don't expect Mourinho to activate the Retain Possession TI and play out of the back. In other words an AI manager with a direct playing style should keep it direct. An AI manager with a mixed playing style should keep it that way and those with a passing play style should keep it simple. I also don't expect to see a low technical team employing the Retain Possession shout as way of winding down the clock in fact the Retain possession shout should only be used by managers whose playing styles are extremely indirect. E.g Guardiola. Players' Meeting While a Manager is on Holiday: I get this a lot. A player wants to meet with you while you are on holidays and becomes unhappy because you can't attend to him. In some extreme cases the whole team is unhappy because of your treatment of the player. This is not right as a player can pick up the phone and dial his manager even when he is on holiday in real life. Here are my suggestions: - Make the player wait and then bring up his case to the manager when he returns from holiday - Allow the manager to hand over the responsibility of handling player happiness issues to the assistant manager while he is away on holiday. OR/AND - Stop the holiday sim and force the manager to deal with the issue. Other Tactical Issues: Closing Down needs work to make it more effective. Also "prevent short gk distribution" needs to work as it does in real life. In-game Manual? Team/Player Instructions need more detailed description as to what each does. I want to be told that "look for overlap" reduces forward runs from my wingers in-game and not in forums. Or that "Exploit the middle" increases risky passes from center backs and increases forward runs from central midfielders. These should be detailed in the game. FM 17 will be the ninth iteration of FM I'll buy (I started with FM08) and as such I'm hoping the game will be huge leap from FM16 in terms of matchday experience. I also hope that my suggestions above will help take the game to the next level. On a lighter note: Why not match and replace "Game" with "Sim" in FM17 and observe it's effect ? Thanks for reading!
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