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  1. Well patience is not my strongest side... So I tried to remove ALL downloaded content like skins, player pictures, logos. Absolutely everything.. And that helped. So now I will start ad them again one by one to find out what's causing the problem
  2. Hi there I have the same problem as the user in this thread: I've tried what's suggested in that but it's not working. This is message I get: And this is the latest crash dump file: FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.07.14 06.09.50).dmp I really hope someone can help me so I can play a little this weekend :-(
  3. OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.2 I updated it yesterday :-) But after reading some of the other posts regarding the same or similar problem I erased every added graphic, editor data and everything else, so I was running a 100% clean FM16 I was able to start a game. So for now my problem is solved, now I just have to play without player faces, etc. But that's fine right now, I'm just praying for this to fixed in the future. My OCD is much better when all the graphics, names, etc. are correct :-D I wish you all a nice evening and some fun hours/days in front of your Mac/PC
  4. Hi guys Bought this years game yesterday through Steam and was looking forward to play it on the brand new iMac which I actually bought just to play FM16 So it was a sad moment when I realized the game wouldn't get past the loading screen. After searching this forum I've tried some solutions but nothing gets me past the loading screen and therefore I turn to you in hope of a miracle :-) But I'm actually not sure what you want me to post. I think it's my Mac's specifications so they are here (if I'm wrong then let me know what else you want to know): Modelnavn: iMac Model-id: iMac16,2 Processornavn: Intel Core i5 Processorhastighed: 2,8 GHz Antal processorer: 1 Antal kerner i alt: 4 L2-buffer (pr. Core): 256 KB L3-buffer: 4 MB Hukommelse: 16 GB Boot ROM-version: IM162.0206.B00 SMC-version (system): 2.32f19 Serienummer (system): XXXXXXXXXXXX Hardware-uuid: B861F375-4CD3-529X-B96C-EAAFF450443X I hope this is the right you need - and of course that you have a solution for me. Thanks in advance, Thomas
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