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    Played Championship Manager and Football Manager since I was 12 years old. Love for the game has never diminished! I've had some truely epic saves, most memorably with Tromsø IL on 14,15 and 17, Nottingham Forest on CM 03-04, Bayern on FM14 and Plymouth on FM12.

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  1. I am managing Seattle U in NCAA. I seem to have a problem with being able to register players for the league, meaning I get to registration and can't go any further.
  2. Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone has or knows of where I can find a database or league update that includes the Greek amateur leagues. I really want to play as Kos as I went on holiday there not long ago and loved the place. Thanks in advance
  3. No matter how long I leave it there are literally no players I can sign and no players in my team. Don't know to get a save going on this datebase
  4. so basically it can be a bit of a ball ache to keep your team filled with enough players?
  5. may have already been asked and answered but I am playing as Seattle U in the NCAA and don't seem to be able to register my players. I can't register them no matter what I do which means I can't play my league games. is there anything I can do?
  6. so basically I need to untick all custom leagues and DBs and have this ticked on it's own?
  7. non of the club logos corresponde with the correc club
  8. this looks amazing. I've played various expansions with the NASL and rarely have they worked. Nor are they this detailed. Looks brilliant
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