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  1. I think there is no problem between the clubs.. as you said, your offer to sevilla was accepted.. so the rivalry thing is not an issue. However, there are players who do not want to go to a league rival in respect to his current club. Obviously, Ramos has a different mindset, he may want to join RM to win trophies and like in sevilla, he is a first team regular. If navas will join you, he may have to fight for first team place. Or your wage structure is limited? If you have loads of space in your salary limit, often players would gladly join you.
  2. this method was also proven for previous FM versions. this method is better than setting up high the asking price.since players would be upset if an acceptable offer is rejected.
  3. Who have/do you manage in the game?

    not been a journey man in any of my save..in any fm game of date..have stick to one job and build a dominating squads.hehe.. 1st season (middle) to 4th season - thurrock..League two is underway.Relegation is not an option this season.
  4. just win games.. arrange friendlies for your first team in the middle of the season to improve morale..
  5. Player doesn't want to play

    where's the link?
  6. If you do not want to sell any of your players, just set their value to zero and reject all offers. hehe.. Anyway, great thread, i'm inspired to continue my thurrock game and get a new stadium. Long ways to go though. Keep up the good work!
  7. from corners

    Thank you, I would surely take a look on this one
  8. I have not been in this thread for quite a while now. But I'm wondering what would be the best tactic for defending the corners. I usually concedes my goals from corners. The reason I can see is the lack of bodies during the corners. we are outnumbered by the opponents. Can you help me with this. Thanks!
  9. sell him if you want for the greater good and the future of the club. But if loyalty matters, do not sell one legendary player of the club
  10. MANCHESTER UNITED..way to go chelsea, one more win
  11. My wish.. Just adding small details to the game.. 1. Adding a stadium reputation: some players are in awe when playing in the likes of old trafford, wembley (FA Cup), camp nou, bernabeau, maracana and the likes. Additional reaction from the players would be great such as. a. Player A (played many times to these great stadiums)--"nothing unusual. Just one of those games" b. Player B (will be playing for the first time) -- "I'm excited as hell" I do think playing in these great stadiums has a an effect on players. 2. add some personal life in the game. like relationship, personal belongings like FIFA manager. It will not hurt to add these things. Thanks!
  12. Silly Potential Ability!

    potential ability are just the limit of the players ability..you can have 170 potential ability..but you can be better than a 200 ability if that player do not maximize its potential..even if his ca is 200..you can not assume he is as good as 200.
  13. it is right to think ahead..while you are playing your current season.think ahead for the next transfer window..you might buy players that would upgrade any of your position..try to buy the one that will improve more..spend the budget on one player..then next window/season..another player..plus cheap young players who would replace the one's in decline or soon to decline
  14. Zinedine Zidane

    to see how well he will play against cr9 or messi.comparisson of their primes. i think editing the age is not too much though