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  1. Thanks dave byrd.. Im gonna continue with my Tottenham savegame (im only 5 games into season1) with the tactic you uploaded.. Will get back after 10 games with this tactic
  2. Grrr seem to get this working with my Tottenham team, despite having a quite good team :/
  3. Can someone reupload the tactics? Tried 3 different links now, and it doesnt work :/
  4. This is confusing with all the different links man :/
  5. Im not using any corner cheat. Ive setted up my own corners, so i have no idea what cheat ur talking about. Mr Ronaldo is attacking the ball from deep on corners.. But thats merely 10goals in the entire season - if that can do it.. And yes im using classic, retraind Ronaldo to strike, and Kaka to CM.
  6. This is at the end of season 1 - showing Mr Ronaldo reaching 100 goals in, and theres still matches left.
  7. Thought id give this a try with a new save game with Real Madrid.. Yeah yeah i know, but the fun for me was to try and dominate the league despite Barca's irl good runs the last few years.. Oh well, Mr Ronaldo has scored 28goals in 10 matches.. Insane
  8. Started with this tactic in a new game with Everton.. Looked at what players were recommended and started selling and re-signing.. Got a pretty good squad this first season, and won the Treble.. UEFA, FA and league.. I am using the "home" version, but with some tweaks that suited my team. <--- Happy penguin
  9. Just started a new game with Millwall - in the Coca-Cola league 1 in England. Third best division in england i think. Signed some really quality free transfers, and bought a sweet clinical striker. On the paper (stats wise) - i should bounce to promotion quite easily. After 8 games in the league - im sitting on a third place. Will report back when ive played more matches!
  10. One thing thou, can anyone recommend a tactic to be as a second one? Im nearly done in the season1 now, and its like the AI has getting used to the v1.1 tactic now. Id like to have another one as backup / second one to confuse em abit :/ But the other ones seems a tad weird with all those farrows etc
  11. Do anyone of you change the following sliders? Passing - Closing Down - Tempo - Width - I mean, both in home / away matches.. My savegame : Im Valencia, sitting top of the table with 17 games, won 14 and 3 drawn. Im ofcourse playing with Villa as striker - done 27 games and 22 goals. But the best player HAS to be Van Der Vaart - i play him in the AMC role.. 27 games, 9 goals and 30!!! assists. (Screenshot can be provided). Ive done a few tweaks removing some of the arrows, and made some individual instructions for the 3 attacking midfielders.
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