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  1. A long time admirer of this thread so keep up the good work lads! Had to restart my Leeds career after already getting to the PL due to stupidly saving over it! So have been using your suggestions and findings on rebuilding my Leeds squad in hope of promotion again first season. Currently I'm mid-way through pre-season and have managed to bring in a few fresh faces: Nicolai Naess - 300k (never used him before but looks promising in the earlier posts, felt like I needed a replacement for Bellusci before I bring in my personal favorite of Balanta) Jose Valencia - Free (Had to jump on this bandwagon!) Rodrigo Bentancur - Loan (3million pound future fee - Didn't have the money to buy him outright so hoping come January or end of the season I can snap him up) I've got a deal for Mammana in the pipeline as well looking to sign on loan with a future fee of 3.6 million so here is hoping that one goes through. Also I have been trying to remove some of the deadwood that I consider won't be getting much game time this season being Doukara (800k to Wolves) and Antenucci (750k to Brighton). Just a question on Tom Adeyemi; what do you guys tend to do? Keep him in and around the squad or just send him back to Cardiff and look to bring in another midfielder? EDIT: 5 games into the season - Valencia is now out for 8-9 months
  2. About to give this a try with a newly started Leeds save. But one question - The corners and the CCdx position. May be a dumb question, but which position are we talking about there (in english speaking terms)?
  3. Hey guys; Just wondering if people have done this before, I'm sure there is people out there. But controlling a teams u/21 or u/18 squad to develop talent through your club and win trophies with them does it have any real benefit or do the trophies you win show up on the achievements page? For example if I win say the Championship in England therefor getting promoted and I win the FA youth Cup; would this show on the page or just the Skybet Championship win?
  4. Would it be wrong to upload a set of short lists with players based on the attributes Mr Rosler has given us?
  5. Triple promotion. Triple league titles with Vauxhall! Now looking to build the squad for League one with 2 new central defenders, a right wingback and a shadow striker! Used the underdog tactic all last season winning the league by 3 points after having a major form slump at the end of the year (again). I am thinking of using team meetings a little bit more to combat the form slumps next season. Hoping for the best
  6. Managed to win the Skrill Premier at the first ask of trying. Had a tough fight with Newport over the last 10 games and I dropped points in about 6 of those however managed to win by 9 points which was a good effort. predominately used the underdog tactic for the final half of the season and fairly happy with what I saw. Into League Two now, in the first 12 games (including 4 friendlies, and 2 cup games) i managed 5 points and thought i was in for a very tough time. Now after 15 games in the actual league i am sitting 3rd, 3 points off Rochdale in first! Been using DOM all this season and hoping it can push me to a 3rd consecutive promotion Just had a great result! Playing Chlemsford in the FA Cup first round, went behind after 24min using FOB, kept with it until just after half time, then had my anchorman sent off after 68min. Switched it up to the overload tactic, dropping the support CM in to the anchorman role, pushing the 2 wing backs to wingers on 80min. One scored after 87min and I returned to the two CWB and scored in the 90th min! Amazing result!
  7. Sitting top of the Skrill Premier with Vauxhall in the second season after winning the Skrill North on the last day of the league! Started using the tactics with about 15 games to go in the season having been just outside of the playoffs and in bad form. Turned around an 11 point gap to beat Solihul Moors on the last day to win the league (they were sitting top). So far in the Skrill Premier I have played 23 games for 50 points with 15wins and a +23 goal difference. Results are very wobbly down here, got beaten 5-3 in one game and then turned things around in another to win 4-0 and things like that, but hey thats lower league football. Loving the tactics! I have been using the overload tactic when favorite to start with for roughly 15-20min and looking for a goal before switching back to the regular favorite tactic and it looks to be doing the goods! Hoping to win the league or at least get up through the playoffs to make professional football and start building a team!
  8. So far in the few games you have played (if you have) have you noticed any more chances coming from this? I have Oscar and Hazard playing up top with the v2 and not creating a lot of chances. This may be from changing the fluidity from VERY to just FLUID
  9. This did work in a test against Man Utd for me, won 3-1. They scored from a turn over straight from a free-kick we had inside their half, Lampard tried to play a to the RWB, few passes and they scored. The only changes that I did make however was - changing the throw ins from LONG TO SHORT - CROSS MORE OFTEN added onto the WBs with your cross from byline shout.. Not sure if this would work better without the cross from byline shout on. - CDM was an ANCHOR MAN I'm off for the night so people may want to tinker with these changes and hopefully we can contribute!
  10. The tweaks work well but there is a high amount of ball turnover in the middle third which I am not liking the look of at all. With my chelsea squad I am using Lampard and Ramires in there but they are often getting caught with the ball leaving the defence exposed due to the half back pushing out and the defence splitting Currently I have a fixture against Man U that I have been replaying a couple of times just to see the what could be an alternative.. I have lost 3 times already trying different things but looking to toughen the defence without losing some ability going forward
  11. Thought I should finally give some input to this instead of lurking all the time. I played a few games with this tactic as Leeds United but just found it to be a little bit too leaky at the back. My solution was to change: - Fluidity from VERY FLUID to FLUID - Remove TAKE LONG KICKS from the keeper - Added MORE RISKY PASSES to the Shadow Strikers - Added the other fullback to marking the post on corners These changes helped me get the squad promoted with 2 games left in the season. I started using it with about 15 games to go sitting just outside the playoffs I have now changed to Chelsea to see how I could go if I could improve on my previous efforts with them and so far these are my results: EPL - Played 6. won 5, lost 1, scoring 18 and conceding 7 (Had a loss against Aston Villa after leading 1nil, was just a terrible game that I have no idea how we lost) Super cup - got dominated by Bayern but won on Pens 5-4 after a 0-0 Champions League - Beat Napoli 4-1 away from home Capital One Cup - Beat Liverpool 3-0 Hopefully these changes may help a few people and even you Rosler
  12. From my experiences I have only been able to give it to Australians under 23 and it would usually be a contract type option, meaning full time / part time
  13. I just won the Skrill North after 37 games only losing 1 game so far. Predominately used silk & steel only changing over to rainmaker. Also just got offered a new contract which i was starting to worry about not getting so that has finally come to the table. Time to finish the season with a good run before looking into some new talent for next season
  14. Decided to set myself a new challenge after getting Leeds promoted. Went back to Vauxhall who i had previously used with my own tactics before losing the save to an old computer. So far doing an incredible job! 22 games 17 wins 5 draws scoring 49 goals and conceding 22 with 56 points, 12 ahead of second place. Got knocked out of the FA Cup in the first round by Coventry, losing 1nil at home, and about to go into a replay for the FA Trophy 2nd round against Lincoln so will be interesting to see how we go. I have predominately been using S&S and grinding out matches which is looking pretty good. Lets hope the team who were expected to finish 22nd can win the title!
  15. Lets hope Leeds can get everything sorted out for the better ASAP. Back to FM terms Incredibly just won the Championship with Leeds having 3 games in hand after trailing Huddersfield around Christmas. Went with the principle of using Silk away and rainmaker home, only changing them if i fall behind away or leading at half time at home. The real hero of the season has been Aspostolos Vellios on loan from Everton who has scored 28 goals so far with 3 games to go and the squad also have the top 4 average ratings in the league. I've signed Matthew Ryan for next season in the Premier League to replace Kenny. Fingers crossed we can keep ourselves alive in the Premier league with some big signings. Edit: Just finished the season with Vellios being top scorer with 32 goals, Jason Pearce being the top average rating with 7.42 and Warnock coming in 2nd on the assists tally with 16. As a team we finished on 97 points and scoring a massive 104 goals, the closest was Forrest who scored 84. LEEDS ARE GOING UP!
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