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  1. You should go for Sweden
  2. Thank you very much good sir.
  3. BTW mate, what is the skin that you are using. I want to add a bit of variety to my FM after trying out many skins and I really like the look of the skin you are using, especially the stats screen. Thanks again.
  4. Cheers mate. Not bad, happy with the 5 in a row, inconsistant few season though
  5. Good read, keep up the good work. Could you also show a screenshot of Celtic's peformance in the SPL over the seasons?
  6. Love the title, love that song. Good luck !!
  7. Nice start so far, good read. BTW, what is your rating for game speed with all those leagues?
  8. Once again, an enjoyable read from dafuge. Followed your Tooting & Mitcham career and this new journeyman career has inspired me to pick up a copy of FM11 and try a journeyman career after taking a very long hiatus from FM 08 days. Just need to nail down tatical wise and get into the swing of the game again.
  9. Nice read, if only the current Celtic side could win again in Europe, I would be a happy man
  10. Please pick me! Please pick me!
  11. Keep it going make, this was one of the first story that I have read on the Career Updates forum and I am still enjoying it. Thumbs up. P.S C'mon the Hoops
  12. Very good mate, keep it up.
  13. Yes, what a player. His only weakness is he has poor aerial ability but a great passer and creativity.
  14. Henrik Larsson. Did the business for Celtic, Barcelona and Man Utd.
  15. Thanks for the quick respond but that search engine is a nightmare